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About Us


Welcome to LeVitateNaija (LVN)!

For a while, we had thought about creating a platform for young people in Nigeria that we felt could impact lives positively. We wanted to develop a sort of content that was fun yet rich in things of real substance in everyday life.

We wanted to read about outstanding students blazing a trail in schools & creative minds bringing new inventions & ideas to life , in different parts of the country. We wanted to read about young entrepreneurs & aspiring business leaders    who would be shaping tomorrow's world.


We thought about many young Nigerians out there craving to have mentors and life-coaches who could help them through the different stages of life. We thought about a news portal where only substantive or important news could be summarised for the ever-busy, average Nigerian who had to hustle round the clock to make ends meet.

We thought about an online community where Nigeria’s best and brightest minds could converge to help shape the future of our dear and only country. We thought about all the negative news about Nigeria being packaged and sold to the rest of the world daily by the international media…


Then we asked ourselves: “Okay, now that we don’t have such a platform, what do we do? Do we just wait idly like a sitting duck for someone to make it happen or we take the bull by the horns to set in motion the change we want to see?” That was how the dream was conceived. We wanted to change something; we wanted to make an impact.


We wanted to help plug the obvious gaps in this niche; to cater to the needs of Nigerians who were starved for this sort of content that we felt was missing. Thus, we set out on a quest to levitate Nigeria in this respect. That was how the name, LeVitateNaija, came about!   


All the sections have been developed with just one goal in mind: to plug the gaps mentioned above. The HotPotatoes section gives you a summary of topical news in a way that saves you valuable time.


The LVNSphere is our online community where you can share your thoughts, learn and network with Nigerians from all walks of life. We have an instant messaging tool  you can use to chat with other registered users and share files in a jiffy. On the LVN MM3600, we invite you to either mentor young Nigerians in any area you have excelled in or find mentors who can help  you grow in a chosen field of interest to you.


The NaijaYouth  section caters to the needs of Nigeria’s future leaders. The NaijaCorporate section gives you a peep into the corporate & entrepreneurial world. The DVillage Square is our open parliament where opinions are shared on topical issues of public importance. When you watch international media stations, all you see about Nigeria is gloom and doom. We want to show the world that we are beautiful, peaceful and fun-loving people who are predominantly educated and lead quality lives. We want to show the world, using our CelebrateNaija section, the positive side of Nigeria that international media houses are too prejudiced to admit, let alone show.


Once again, welcome to LeVitateNaija! We are absolutely delighted to have you here. You are the reason we are here in the first place. We do sincerely hope that our vision strikes a chord of resonance with you.


 Together, we can co-own this virtual community and build it with a view to making our lives even better, while meeting new people & having fun along the way. Kindly register and enjoy the scintillating experience that  lies in wait...


Please do not hesitate to give us a nudge once in a while by giving us feedback on how we can make the LVN experience better for you.


Isaac Audu-Usman

Founder, LeVitateNaija


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