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Tuesday, 16 June 2015 11:34

Perseverance is a Virtue for Success

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If you are going through hell, don’t give up until you get out. When the going gets tough, that is when you realise the true meaning of getting a life. Whether you are trying to pay off an outstanding loan, obtain a university degree, build a start-up company, or stick to a healthier diet, many of life’s most meaningful goals require a lot of perseverance. Have you ever tried to tackle a difficult long-term goal and failed? If so, you might think that there is a special breed of people that have what it takes to successfully achieve such dreams. That is not true! We are all imbued with the capacity to succeed, your success may just depend on how much you are willing to stretch; persevere.


Perseverance is a must-have trait for people with success in mind. Perseverance is simply the ability to keep trying no matter how many failures you encounter. By learning this trait, you will eventually be able to be successful at anything you try your hands on. Especially, if you mix in the right attitude and a good healthy amount of self-confidence, you will have the right formula for success. Even if you fail 100 times with enough perseverance, you will keep trying.


Consider these steps that can help sustain perseverance:

WHAT DO YOU WANT EXACTLY? It is time to have specific goals: there is no need to persevere when there is no reason, so state out your reasons. Do you want to own the largest agricultural chain in the world, stop smoking, or get a better job? Or is it a more general goal; to be a better family member or a happier person? Either way, the path toward meeting your goals will be clearer if you take the time to do some deep thinking and realise you have to keep going no matter what obstacle life presents.


Some benefits of perseverance include:

•You will build more self-confidence.

•You won’t give up easily.

•It will eventually lead to more successes.

•You will get more things done.

•You will learn more.

•You will have more experiences.

•Failures will become less painful.


Tips to learn to help you learn perseverance:

•Keep trying and never give up.

•Develop a high level of self-confidence.

• On purpose, try something you have failed at before. Then, keep trying until you succeed.

•Don’t let anyone change your mind or bring you down. Always remember you have the ability to succeed no matter how many tries it takes.

•Stay positive.

•Learn to develop the right attitude.

•Set long term and short term goals.

•Be in an optimistic mindset.

•Start out small and work your way up.


Individuals who productively persist toward their goals are those who:

1. Set goals that are personally meaningful. It is much easier to move past setbacks when you are working toward something that you value.

2. Pursue goals that are realistic and achievable. This means having or being able to access or acquire the necessary education, skills, or resources.

3. Track progress against pre-established benchmarks. These can identify what is working, and what activities are not producing results.

4. Establish time limits. A deadline for achieving an objective, or a key benchmark, helps you develop an action plan. It also enables you to evaluate whether your actions are getting the desired results. A deadline can be driven by factors such as personal financial resources; education or training requirements; considerations of a spouse or significant other; and unforeseeable changes, such as to the economy, an industry, one’s health, etc.

5. Have realistic expectations of themselves. They are willing to push themselves to try new things, but not to the point where they become overwhelmed. Small steps that you can consistently follow through on will produce faster and better results than sporadic large leaps.


DO NOT FORGET! Nourish your spirituality. Many people find that honing a sense of being part of something bigger is comforting and energising. Having a spiritual life can help you find your purpose again when you don't know where to turn. If you're religious, attend services regularly. If you pray, do it often.


Practice meditation and other forms of spiritual awareness. Spend time in natural places, and let yourself experience the wonder of forests, oceans, rivers and the open sky.


Above all, encourage yourself to be positive every day. In the end that’s what really helps. I try to actively enjoy every single moment; even the tough ones. Joy doesn’t equal happiness. Happiness is a high; joy is your baseline happiness even when things aren’t going well. And you can remind yourself of that happiness anywhere.


By Chidera Okehi.


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