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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 21:07

Between O’Level and 100 Level: 10 Issues to Settle (1) Featured

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0 to 100 level


As one climbs up the rungs of the academic ladder, there is a realisation that as you take each step in an attempt to go higher, you are bound to face different or new challenges as well as uncertainties along this path.

Right from kindergarten, getting an education comes with difficulties that emerge from various factors such as: government policies or reforms of the educational system, the type of school one attends, family background, financial capability, etc.

Basically, most individuals do not stop at the primary or elementary stages nor do many stop upon completing high school. In my perspective, the whole essence of the desire to get an education is to fit into the society; a society that is changing so fast by the day; a society that once vied for students who had completed ‘O’ levels but now finds it difficult to even accommodate B.Sc. holders.  A society where holders of MBA, M.Sc. etc. beg to ‘fit’ into the society. This fitting into the society is also what I call the desire to be relevant.

Having gone through this chain myself and having had the privilege of relating with students who desire to step on that rung that will usher them into tertiary institutions or universities (most students I have spoken with prefer a university experience), I came to the conclusion that any student who desires an education, must have settled some issues thoroughly, between the completion of the O’Levels and the entry into the 100 level.

I chose to dwell on issues that a student must settle between Ordinary Level and 100 Level because at the end of this book and upon thoroughly evaluating yourself there might probably be no need to proceed to the tertiary institution.

It is necessary that we remind ourselves of the fact that many challenges and uncertainties abound as we push up the academic ladder but with the help of God, we will understand how to handle them.


I am sure many would have heard the statement - “be careful what you wish for because you may certainly get it.” The issue of desire is a vital one that every student must settle.

Do you desire a university education?

Basically, one has passion for what one desires. The picture you affix constantly on your mind is that which you desire. Pay attention to what I am about to reveal to you:

One major reason most students don’t get into tertiary institutions is that they allow themselves to drift. Their entire primary and secondary school experience was just 'the normal routine'. They had no clear picture affixed on their minds as regards this area of life.

Remember that in the introduction, I mentioned that the reason why most people don’t stop climbing the academic ladder is just to fit into the society; this ought to be true for everyone. If this is not true for you, you might as well stop reading right now and scrap the idea of getting a university or tertiary education.

A young, vibrant lady walked up to me one day. She just got admitted into the 100 level and she began telling me how her financial challenges were affecting her. I understood her quite frankly but I wanted her to recognise something that was more important. Something I believed she already had but could lose. I asked her if she really desired to study in the university. She said; 'yes.' However, she didn’t seem to understand why I asked her that question so she kept focusing on her financial challenges. But fortunately, she is still in school and doing fine.


Be reminded of the fact that challenges would come as one strives to attain academic heights but certain questions like “do you truly have the desire to further your education beyond high school?” must be resolved.

You must make up your mind and like that young, vibrant lady say a resounding ‘yes!’ Desire an education and you will be motivated to get one!

By Folaranmi ‘Kunle Omoyeni

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