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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 21:16

Between O’Level and 100 Level: 10 Issues to Settle (2) Featured

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0 to 100 level

(Read Part 1 here)


While in the 200 level, at university, I had an acronym on all my notes that read ‘WHGS.’ Some of my friends didn’t bother to ask what it meant but few curious ones did. Somehow, I believe you also are wondering what it means.


WHGS stands for: Working Hard Guarantees Success. You also have to settle this issue thoroughly before climbing the next rung on the academic ladder. 

Some years back, while preparing for my U.M.E, my coach told us that if we were to excel in the examination, we ought to know before that day all things being equal. So most nights, I set my alarm for twelve-fifteen a.m. I usually woke up at midnight just to spend two hours and thirty minutes studying. At the end of the exam, I knew I had already passed. Now, that aspect of working hard had become a part of me such that the acronym on my notes was only a reminder of what guaranteed success.

For me, the opposite of hard work is laziness. I often tell children, even in my articles to hate laziness. If working hard would guarantee success then being lazy only guarantees failure. Frankly, you must make up your mind to be hard working in every area of life. Forget shortcuts, they are decoys; a way of postponing failure.

Let me tell you this: every one of the truly successful students I met in school and I have met even in life generally have been people who made up their minds to be very hard working before they ever began their university education. Is that surprising to you? They had trashed out this matter and made up their minds before beginning 100 level.

One of the joys I get from writing this series is the hope that a young man or woman reading this somewhere will get into the higher institution already knowing who you are and what is expected of you to produce good results.

My dear young ones, I already see you succeeding! You see, between O’Levels and 100 level, the issue of working hard must have been crucially settled in your minds.

By Folaranmi ‘Kunle Omoyeni.

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