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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 21:31

Too Much Screen Time? Find out!

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screen addiction

For a moment let me get into your explosively creative mind. What are the weird possibilities? How mad would you be? Would your life grind to a screeching halt for a little while or longer if your phone or computer crashed or got missing? Of course, just the thought of it gives you the creeps already. Here's some good news - you're not alone, practically everyone who owns and functionally operates one is on the same side of the divide.

Misplacing or totally losing gadgets disposes one to extreme, unimaginable and to an extent life-altering levels of inconvenience.

Lately, many have gotten too accustomed to chronicling every step on social media and have failed to notice how over-reliant on technology their lives have become. If you find yourself constantly guilty of this, you might need to cut down on your screen time and guard against some pitfalls which may be attributed to the habit.


Quick scenario here, the die-hard Lionel Messi fan gets a once in a lifetime chance to watch him play live. Of course you would have paid in blood, water or some other bodily fluids. A free kick from shooting distance ensues in favour of Messi's team. Messi steps up to take it [the probability he would score is 8/10]. Instead of this fan to watch and digest every moment, he's caught up with holding some rectangular metal, trying to watch through the eyes of a device. Most likely, he's recording from a phone or a camera.

It’s a mind boggling trend how everyone wants to witness every moment through the eyes of technology. Yes, you're probably guilty too. For the reason of technology, many moments are actually not being experienced but captured.

One might raise a valid argument that while we are caught too often watching moments rather than experiencing it live, courtesy of technology, the same technology is responsible for helping us witness many moments and events across various venues in the world live.

Of course it’s your prerogative, which is better – live or camera?


It’s more like 'no use for a phone book or a brain'. These days, only minute percentiles of phone users have a collection of contacts up in their residual memories - thank you technology! So much space is available on these devices that there is no use for a hand written phone book – it is deemed too much stress by many. Quite natural uh? I tell you what – some actually have the codes to request for their account balance saved up on their contact list as well. The lazy would be flattered. Aside very close loved ones, it’s a big possibility you would be lost and unable to contact anyone if you lost your phone.


This does not only apply to those who are members of the work force. Students are a huge culprit also. This is one of the hallmarks of a body which is over dependent on the internet (computer and /or phone). Many organisations and jobs are 'mail / report' driven. Whether it’s a report, a bid or a memo or correspondence - it usually involves mail sending / receiving or using search engines to accomplish some of these tasks.

These are just to mention but a few. There are many signs and symptoms that lead to a diagnosis that you, (we), are too dependent on technology. Emails can be checked multiple times in a minute. Without technology - phones to be precise here - many feel utterly naked.

Technology is beautiful, but like many other innovations, quickly turns out to be an addiction - an unsafe one I must add. It is one of the main factors responsible for poor work-life balance amongst many today. Technology - really convenient, but it is quietly committing mutiny to necessary conversation.

In the end, the choice is - as always, ours. The world needs to strike a balance between utilising and appreciating technology. You need to identify when to take a deep breath, hands off and experience life in its abundance. It is advised that you let off these offspring of technology [even when not forced to] and enjoy the world as it is.

By Paterson Mgbeoji

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