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Friday, 03 July 2015 16:32

Between O’Level and 100 Level: 10 Issues to Settle (3) Featured

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0 to 100 level

(Read part 2 here)



Someone once said: “No external discouragement can discourage a man who is not internally discouraged.” Along the road as your desires soar and your hard work intensifies, there may be feelings of fear or doubt. Here is the antidote – believe in your dreams. Don’t give in to internal discouragement. Frankly, this is much easier to write or say than to do but it is indeed needful and it is the truth.


We were in the lecture room back in my sophomore days and as we awaited a lecturer, a fellow student said something that I overheard. In his words, (which I have to translate from Yoruba) he said: “I am getting fed up of school. I would rather go into football and earn some big money.”


Well, I knew this young man desired to further his education (he had only said that as a pacifier, so to say) but he was gradually allowing external discouragements to get at him. You see why I made mention of challenges and uncertainties one would face on the academic route? When the storms of uncertainties blow, only the strong conviction of one’s mind which I term BELIEF can withstand such storms. Personally, I have had it really hard along this journey but I just continued to believe.


One way by which I kept my belief strong was telling myself that – “other people studied this course and came out fine; they didn’t have two heads. Why should mine be an exception?” So, I reminded myself that I was not the first person to excel or succeed in that field and will not be the last. I sustained my belief through statements like that. And of course, with God on one’s side, success will come through.


Persons may come and tell you – 100 Level is hundred times more difficult than O’levels. Say to yourself: “I am not the only one in 100 level, and I will not be the first to scale 100 Level. People have passed through successfully, I can and will too.”

Just keep your BELIEF strong! Remember, “no external discouragement can discourage a man who is not internally discouraged.”



By Folaranmi 'Kunle Omoyeni


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