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Friday, 04 September 2015 15:33


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William was beyond exhausted. He had taken a new job because it had promised greater prestige and more income than his previous role. But now he was working late at nights as well as at weekends, sometimes up to 70 hours a week. 'If I dont make a change, l'm dead', he said. He was rapidly burning out.


Workplace burnout is more than mere tiredness, and it goes beyond the ordinary stress of everyday work. Burnout is characterized by chronic exhaustion and strong feelings of frustration. Those suffering from burnout tend to withdraw emotionally from their work, lose motivation, and become less productive.


What causes burnout? Work-overload is often a factor. Because of economic  pressures, some employers demand that employees work longer hours, at times for less money. For some, job insercurity, lack of control over their work, or feelings of being treated unfairly contribute to burnout.


If you experience workplace burnout, how can you recover? Granted, change may feel impossible if you feel you find yourself in circumstances beyond your control. The following four steps, however, could help you deal with work burnout.


1. SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE : to reduce stress and gain time for what you truly value, you may consider working fewer hours. You may determine that you need to change jobs. To prepare for such a change, reduce expenses and save money. Try to lower or eliminate debt.


2. EVALUATE YOUR PRIORITIES : what is most important to you? Many people will likely put family, relationships and good health near the top of their list. These are the things that may likely suffer if you are burned out. By clarifying your priorities, you prepare yourself to make difficult decisions and accept trade-offs.


3. LEARN WHEN TO SAY NO TO WORK :If you face an unrealistic workload or some other pressure at your workplace, discuss your situation with your employer. Reassure your employer of your commitment to your work, and explain what you are willing to do. But be firm and clear on what you are not able to do.


4. RENEW YOURSELF : Even when your work is free of major problems, you may still have your share of stress, difficult people, and unpleasant situations to deal with. So make time for sufficient rest and balanced recreation. Avoid defining yourself by the type or amount of work that you do. This is because who you are is far greater than what you do for money.


You can really make changes needed to deal successfully with work burnout. Just be POSITIVE.


By: Kindness Okoli

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