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Saturday, 05 September 2015 11:44

Is Buhari the King of the North or of Nigeria? Featured

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(Photo Credit:#BTCaricature)


The above question has been on the minds of a few Nigerians, especially given the manner in which the appointments of key officials of the Federal Govt. has panned out so far. I say a few because for those who have already taken hard lines, it is either a diametrical YES or a NO; it's just pointless pondering over it for this group.


For those in the APC and those who believe President Muhammadu Buhari is the perfect choice for our ailing country, they do not wish to think over any of his actions. They believe, barring any type of common sense or second-guessing, that anything the President does is right. So if he selects the entire cabinet from one region of the country, it matters not, as long as they deliver on the job.



For those on the other side (i.e. PDP loyalists), nothing the President does is right. Therefore, they have latched onto this supposed show of favoritism for one part of the country as a sign that Nigeria is headed either for a civil war or doom. For the average PDP member, Buhari is the King of the North alone.


However, we need to consider two very important things here:

  1. Buhari has only made three key appointments so far, representing a miniscule part of all the appointments he will still make into his cabinet. So, it's only fair to just give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Let us wait and see how the rest of the appointments will pan out, before tagging him the King of anything.
  2. Merit is also a very important thing to consider. While the President will endeavor to factor in other variables such as wider ethic representation while doing his calculations around whom to appoint, the main overriding criterion in this new chapter of our political journey should definitely be merit, over & above any other tenable consderations & dynamics.


I reckon that my political lens may be very well different from yours. So, I would like to read your own views as well. Please feel free to leave your comments below...


By: Chika Onwuasoanya 


Edited By: Isaac Audu-Usman

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