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Saturday, 05 September 2015 14:49

VIDEO: Incredible Things Nigerians Will Do To Leave this Country Featured

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This video was originally posted from Youtube by Atutupoyoyo on the LeVitateNaija's LVNSphere here.


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It's simply fascinating to see how many Nigerians will be desperately ready to jump at any slightest opportunity to seek pastures new in Europe, the US or in any other country for that matter as long as the country doesnt carry the name, Nigeria. It's quite ironic especially if you have been following events in the developed world, most notably in Europe where many countries such as Greece are even in far worse shape than Nigeria...


Then the current refugee crisis that is tearing European nations into a state of utter chaos. Plus the fact that most Nigerians who travel abroad without the requisite paperwork & educational qualifications or real talent just end up constituting a nuisance out there. Even a handful of the so-called educated ones barely keep their heads afloat after paying huge tax, utility & overhead bills...


I saw this video & I felt really embarrassed as to the demeaning level someone can go just to leave our dear & only country where people are thriving & making loads of fortune by being creative, dligent & hard working. It cannot be that bad in my opinion; unless the dude was living in another Nigeria!


Do you honestly think this dude can be excused for embarrasing  Nigeria so ignominiously in this manner?


By: Isaac Audu-Usman



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