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Friday, 11 March 2016 20:53


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My answer is an emphatic NO! How can we possibly be dead when we just got started? Wink wink…


Let me use this opportunity to say a very Happy New Year to you, albeit belated. I must confess I have been quite impressed with & grateful for the outpouring of interest & concern from readers, friends & distant people from all walks of life who keep sending mails & messages asking if we are still here. I am proud to announce that we actually didn’t go anywhere; we are still here.


You see, when money doesn’t actually drive your passion for something, it’s difficult for it to just die off like a French rose. LeVitateNaija is part & parcel of my very DNA & I long every single day to get back to the business of doing what I love to do the most: impacting lives. Till date, not a Kobo has come in as revenue from this vision. Not a single Kobo. Yet, I have spent millions of Naira on this site so far to keep the vision going (site development, content development, salaries of staff, allowances of members, hosting, adverts, logistics, sponsorships, support infrastructure, etc.). At a point, the monthly bill for maintaining the site was approximately N250, 000! Incredible you may be whispering to yourself. Well, what if I told you that we once had a staff on the LVN payroll at N150,000 per month, would you quickly believe the gist?


Anyway, I am going to assure you all of one thing: as long as I still take in oxygen, LVN will live on. And my hope is that LVN will inspire a lot of young people who will keep this fire burning long after I must have left the surface of the earth. That’s the goal of LVN; to impact lives positively & create a virtual community of people who will provide a support system for the collective good of all.


So, LVN is NOT dead! We simply went on hibernation. Sadly, the hibernation took longer than I had planned. Everything happened so quickly that I had to make some frantic decisions at short notice. A key member of the team was going to be unavailable at some point & we couldn’t fill the position quickly enough to manage the potential shocks. Plus I also wanted to make out time to rethink the whole LVN strategy as I thought we were gradually drifting away from our main vision. We spent too much time reporting bland news & couldn’t really develop the sort of unique content I had had in mind when I set out on this journey. Then, I got so busy at work that I just couldn’t come back to reboot the site until now…


I am glad to see us come back gradually. As I type this, I am still glued to my desk at work at 8.54pm on a Friday night. But hey, I just had this hunch that sent hot adrenaline pumping through my veins & I quickly realised there was something out there I had been missing. LVN & its readers/followers of course! Incredibly, it has taken me less than 12mins to type out this note! It’s unbelievable how much one can do in a very short period of time when the fire is burning right under one’s belly. LVN will be back, peeps. My heart tells me that strongly. We will not come back with a BIG BANG; but we will slowly get back to the business of striking some chord of positive impact in your lives.


Thanks indeed for your support this far. There will be no LVN without you. Thank you.


Isaac Audu-Usman

 Founder & Owner, LeVitateNaija

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