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Displaying items by tag: Britain

The best of the BREXIT Moments in Pictures


David Cameron


In a bid to make Britain join air strikes, attacks against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria, the Prime Minister David Cameron tried persuading the parliament for their support.


He argued that before the parliament that the US President Barack Obama as well as the French President Francois Hollande had both urged Britain to join in the military campaign.


Cameron said: "These are our closest allies and they want our help," adding that if Britain did not join after the Paris attacks, their allies might well ask, "If not now, when?"


Cameron continued, saying: "We can't wait for a political transition. We have to hit these terrorists in their heartlands right now. And we must not shirk our responsibility for security or hand it to others,


"Throughout our history the United Kingdom has stood up to defend our values and our way of life. We can and we must do so again, and I commend this statement to the House."


By Temitope Bamidele

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