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Displaying items by tag: Man faces jail term

King s dog


A Thai man, Thanakorn Siripaiboon, faces up to 37 years in jail over charges of "liking" a Facebook page that is deemed insulting to King Bhumibol Adulyade as well as posting a sarcastic photo of the 88-year-old ruler's pet dog.


The charges in Thailand law contravene notoriously strict laws protecting the monarchy from insults or threats.


Meanwhile, the accused lawyer, Anon Numpa, on Wednesday, who said his client is being charged for violating Article 112 of the criminal code, sedition and computer crimes, said: "This is absurd, in every sense. They can't press charges against people who just click like on a post to express their agreement. This is just a means for the military to stop us from digging up on their corruption."


By Temitope Bamidele

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