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An old soul resurrected!


The best of the BREXIT Moments in Pictures



lvn facebook



My answer is an emphatic NO! How can we possibly be dead when we just got started? Wink wink…


Let me use this opportunity to say a very Happy New Year to you, albeit belated. I must confess I have been quite impressed with & grateful for the outpouring of interest & concern from readers, friends & distant people from all walks of life who keep sending mails & messages asking if we are still here. I am proud to announce that we actually didn’t go anywhere; we are still here.


You see, when money doesn’t actually drive your passion for something, it’s difficult for it to just die off like a French rose. LeVitateNaija is part & parcel of my very DNA & I long every single day to get back to the business of doing what I love to do the most: impacting lives. Till date, not a Kobo has come in as revenue from this vision. Not a single Kobo. Yet, I have spent millions of Naira on this site so far to keep the vision going (site development, content development, salaries of staff, allowances of members, hosting, adverts, logistics, sponsorships, support infrastructure, etc.). At a point, the monthly bill for maintaining the site was approximately N250, 000! Incredible you may be whispering to yourself. Well, what if I told you that we once had a staff on the LVN payroll at N150,000 per month, would you quickly believe the gist?


Anyway, I am going to assure you all of one thing: as long as I still take in oxygen, LVN will live on. And my hope is that LVN will inspire a lot of young people who will keep this fire burning long after I must have left the surface of the earth. That’s the goal of LVN; to impact lives positively & create a virtual community of people who will provide a support system for the collective good of all.


So, LVN is NOT dead! We simply went on hibernation. Sadly, the hibernation took longer than I had planned. Everything happened so quickly that I had to make some frantic decisions at short notice. A key member of the team was going to be unavailable at some point & we couldn’t fill the position quickly enough to manage the potential shocks. Plus I also wanted to make out time to rethink the whole LVN strategy as I thought we were gradually drifting away from our main vision. We spent too much time reporting bland news & couldn’t really develop the sort of unique content I had had in mind when I set out on this journey. Then, I got so busy at work that I just couldn’t come back to reboot the site until now…


I am glad to see us come back gradually. As I type this, I am still glued to my desk at work at 8.54pm on a Friday night. But hey, I just had this hunch that sent hot adrenaline pumping through my veins & I quickly realised there was something out there I had been missing. LVN & its readers/followers of course! Incredibly, it has taken me less than 12mins to type out this note! It’s unbelievable how much one can do in a very short period of time when the fire is burning right under one’s belly. LVN will be back, peeps. My heart tells me that strongly. We will not come back with a BIG BANG; but we will slowly get back to the business of striking some chord of positive impact in your lives.


Thanks indeed for your support this far. There will be no LVN without you. Thank you.


Isaac Audu-Usman

 Founder & Owner, LeVitateNaija



From selling tobacco at bus parks to drinking oil & smoking gas at one of the world's biggest oil & gas giants!


Humans love catharsis – that situation which draws pity and fear from you. Pity, for the sad experience, and fear, because somewhere deep down you’re terrified that the same thing may happen to you or a loved one. Far above this love for catharsis, is a dislike for tragedy. Almost everyone loves a good story – the kind of story that leaves your heart bursting with happiness even though it might have started on a sad note. Such a story falls neatly in the ‘from grass to grace’ category. But even grasses may be a luxury in some desperate times when the earth around you boils and vegetations cannot thrive. It can be likened to the scorch of the sun, unrelenting in the sky and no matter where you turn to for shelter, the excruciating bites of the heat follow. Then, suddenly you’re transported onto a calm scenery, where a cool breeze caresses your skin and the wet, titillating scent of nature is inhaled with your every breath. Imagine for a moment, the exhilarating feeling! That was the exact feeling for Collins Ezeocha!


Collins Ezeocha grew up in the rustic setting of old Maroko, where shanties sat on each other’s shoulders and became a floating abyss when the waters overran the banks and flowed freely through the streets. The demolition of the Maroko area in 1990 led to the relocation of his family to Ajegunle. Collins speaks reminiscently of that period: “Our house was not far from the present location of Eti-Osa Local Govt. I have jokingly referred to my background as poor with a lot of ‘shukushuku’ (thorns).” He fondly remembers playing football and rolling tyres, wearing only his underpants with other kids on the streets and the delights of the banal such as drinking garri with fried pork. There was a sense of communal living – a type of togetherness absent in today’s ‘gated’ lifestyle especially among the elites. The Ezeochas were not wealthy, but they were happy.


Then, the vicissitudes of life kicked in and just like the highly famous demand curve in Economics, which is dependent on some near-irrefutable laws, there was indeed a downward-shaped slope. Worse still, the actual situation became more like a scatter-graph. Collins relates:

“My mother died on the 9th of January, 1995. It was a great loss that had a huge impact on my life. It slowed down my academic pursuit; it changed the course of my academic journey. My mother was a petty trader but her income by far surpassed that of my dad. She was determined to give us the best with her limited resources. I recall having at least two textbooks for each of my science subjects. But after her death, this all changed. I had to live with my uncle and my kid brother went to live with our cousin.”



During this trying time after his mother’s death, an incident remains etched in his memory. After a stern warning from his Biology teacher in high school who had threatened fire and brimstone if he missed a practical class, Collins had had to trek from Pako Aguda to Broad Street, Lagos! His uncle had forgotten to drop his transport fare. For a child who grew up under the sheltered wings of his mother, it was very difficult for Collins to beg or ask people for favours. So, he had braced himself and trekked that long distance. He recalls that emotional experience: “I got to school and started crying. My Vice Principal helped to rally around to get some money for me to return home.”




That strenuous trek was to set the pace for varying challenges he had to face headlong as the years trudged by slowly. After Collins finished his secondary school education, he couldn’t proceed for further studies immediately because first, he had to survive. He took to teaching (mainly home coaching) Physics, Chemistry and Maths. He went to the homes of the elites and the middle class – he noticed the quality of life they had; beautiful homes and lovely children provided with luxury & comfort. This observation sometimes left him depressed as he returned to his space of almost nothing but over time, it motivated him to strive harder to make the most of his situation. He was ready to try his hands on anything just to succeed and he recollects vividly: “Let me quickly add that I also stayed with a friend that was selling tobacco and I did sell tobacco (taba) at Maroko bus stop for almost a year.”


While it’s all too common to find young people in need being under immense pressure to crack up & simply find shortcuts out of any undesirable hole, Collins remained resolute & gritty. His humble and disciplined upbringing helped him remain focused, against all odds. Collins says:

“I didn't have to look for quick fixes or corrupt practices. As I said earlier, ‘mo ta taba ati ogogoro’ (I sold tobacco and gin) at Maroko Bus Stop. And there were times when my employer had to introduce me as a graduate to some of the families whose children I taught just to make them feel more comfortable with me. They would look at me with suspicion but after the teaching, they would be so impressed that I often got some additional goodwill compensation. Aside those cases, I can't remember getting involved in any corrupt shortcuts.”


For a period of two years, Collins worked hard to eke out a living. Then, there came a rare opportunity for him to advance with his biggest aspiration – to get an education. The vice principal of the secondary school he attended had introduced him to some old students for their assistance. However, these persons were only interested in assisting him if  & only if he accepted to study medicine in the university. Given the duration of a medical course and his peculiar circumstances, it didn't quite cut the mustard for him; he would possibly not survive such a marathon without firm financial assurances. Instinctively, he knew he was cut out for just one specific area: Engineering. His main reason for this choice was his strong numerical ability and love for the “core” science subjects. He did not have any guidance or mentoring on this and took the decision solely based on his academic prowess in subjects such as physics & mathematics. Collins had heard that the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) was an institution which promoted practical & applied knowledge; and this provided further impetus & a firm assurance of self-empowerment even without the prospect of a paid job after his studies. In no time, his tertiary education adventure kicked off at YABATECH. “The entrance form fee was paid for by my immediate senior at Methodist Boys High School whom I ran into on Marina road. Mohammed Usman, if you get to read this, I say thank you.”


A year passed by and while in a mechanical workshop with more than 100 students gathered around a Lathe machine and with him barely able to see the practical instructions being shown, Collins decided to leave the workshop for the library. On the pages of a book, he learnt what was being taught in the practical class and in the examination, he scored 86 (the highest mark) without any practical or operational knowledge. Collins realised it was time to do something bizarre – “My worst fears stared me in the face. The practical knowledge I had sought was not what I was getting. I took a decision to leave engineering and embark on another course in the university. I bought a GCE form and registered for a few social-science subjects. I also bought a JAMB form to apply to study accounting at the prestigious University of Lagos. It was a tough decision and I didn't discuss it with anyone. I didn't know as of that time that engineering in Nigeria was driven mainly by the industry you eventually got employed into.”


Collins like a diligent farmer did not abandon his tilled crops close to the harvest. He chose to complete his National Diploma in Engineering while he also prepared for his new exploration into the social-science world. Collins recounts proudly: “I left YABATECH as the best engineering student at ND level and months later, got admitted into the University of Lagos on merit to study accounting. Again, the fear of not being able to defend my certificate (practical wise) came into my mind. However, I was determined to give it my best efforts.”




As an Akokite (a UNILAG student), the struggle was unrelenting. Everything on campus was expensive as the general belief, especially among  commodity vendors, was that only rich folks attended UNILAG. This was before private universities took that award away. Would you blame them? Everything on campus supported & cemented that belief; there were rich students, the Yahoo boys & the aristo-babes in Moremi & Fagunwa. So, many folks were either from rich homes or were doing something, albeit illegit, to maintain a lifestyle garnished with luxury.  So, surviving on campus while aiming to top a class filled with some of the most intelligent students out there (many of them with already well-established social-science foundation) with no much financial assistance from anybody was quite daunting. 


To survive, Collins continued with teaching but this time around, within the university environment in Akoka. I was taking Distance Learning Institute (DLI) students, LASU part-time students and private students. I was also on a number of scholarships that no doubt were life-savers.” When he was asked about the strategies he used in maintaining excellence in his studies, this was his inspiring response: “Start with the end in mind. The drive for me was to make a First Class ab initio. The strategy was simple – STUDY, STUDY and STUDY. I tried in most cases to be ahead of the class – I solved lots of questions and went the extra mile. Prioritise your time. Yes, catch some fun but let your primary objective be to leave the school with the best you can.” Indeed, Ejiks (as he was fondly called by his classmates & admirers) became a hot property on campus in no time as his reputation as one of the academic giants in UNILAG soared tremendously. The name of the engineer-turned-accountant phenomenon rang a bell in Newest Hall, Marierie, King Jaja, MTH, Amina, Faculty of Business Admin, even all the way to the Faculty of Engineering where the top dogs there were too glad that he had  swiftly made that switch while entering UNILAG (one less competitor!). At the end of the very first semester of his first year, he was already on First-Class. This, he maintained till the very end; blasting a few records along the way.


Ejiks is, indeed, one of a kind. This was someone who did sciences all through his days in high school. He went to YABATECH & beat everyone to pick up the top award in Engineering. He woke up, had a whim & decided to "cross-carpet" to the other side. After a year or two, he was  not only ahead of the pack in his new field, he was teaching people who had done those same subjects all their lives. He had a singular belief which he held onto: he believed if he attained success in his academics, he would be on a path to success in life. “Absolutely, it makes life’s journey easy especially if you are not leaving straight to run your company. Getting good grades gives you an invite to most job tests. It makes it easier for someone to want to refer you. It is an immediate assessment of your capability without trying you out. It bridges the gap between an elite and a rural guy. In my case, God granted me favour by blessing the work of my hand. Do your bit and let God do the rest.”


Now, to the pressing question on most minds – how did that boy who once sold tobacco at bus parks end up in an IOC (international oil company)? Collins Ezeocha’s response: “Na God! I applied to the IOC via Naijahotjobs during my NYSC in Minna. I was lucky to be among the few that were eventually employed after the rigorous employment process.” According to Collins, his strategy for sustaining excellence and uniqueness in his workplace is simple: “Try to be the best at what you do. Go the extra mile, have a self-propelling drive/passion for excellence. Let your work speak for you and then leave the rest to God.”




It is noteworthy that after all the rigours this young man has passed through, he has retained a boisterous spirit, one which radiates through his lively responses. If Collins Ezeocha had a chance to rewrite his life’s history, what are the things he would change and those he would prefer remained the same? Maybe I should start with hoping I was born into an elite or middle class home (hahahaha). On a more serious note, I think my life actually revolved this way because of my background. I would prefer the discipline, godly instructions from my parents, strong value system, drive for excellence and self-starter traits remained the same.”


For the struggling youths and entry-level staff entering the corporate world in Nigeria, he had this advice: “Be focused. Let the end guide your behaviour, inculcate a penchant for excellence, create an enviable brand for yourself. Ask yourself what you would want to be remembered for. Lastly, don’t lose hope. My God who did it for me, will do much more for you.”


Collins Ezeocha is happily married to his beautiful wife, Diana, whom he met at UNILAG and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters & a lovely son.








Developed Exclusively for LeVitateNaija by: Ife Watson & Isaac Audu-Usman





nigerian american flag


The US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, on Wednesday revealed that the US had concluded plans to send a terrorist expert team to Nigeria in January.


Entwistle said: “We are ready to partner with you (Interior Minister) on "Security". As you know the Security Governance Initiative (SGI), we will be having a team here in January in this regard. It is an attempt to approach the need to reform democracy in order to improve security performance. This project will be done with the Nigerian government.”


By Temitope Bamidele


multichoice logo


MultiChoice Nigeria the DSTV owners have said they will overcome their challenges and difficulties in Nigeria. 

Mr. John Ugbe, Managing Director, MultiChoice Nigeria while speaking at a dinner in honour of Nigerian winners at the 2015 CNN /MultiChoice African Journalism Awards, said: "There is no doubt whatsoever that Nigeria will be great. At MultiChoice, we believe that very strongly. It is the reason why we have kept investing in the country. Without that belief, we wouldn't be doing that. Part of the belief is our support for the media. We are happy to do what we do and we hope to do more," Ugbe said.


By Chika Jones 

cbn gov


The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, on Friday disclosed that Nigeria was losing N256bln ($1.3bn) in foreign exchange inflows each month due to the global decline in the price of crude oil.

Emefiele said that this had consequently resulted in a 2bln naira reduction in the Federal Government allocation to state governments.

Emefiele who spoke at the annual Bankers’ Dinner organised by the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, said: “Given the sharp fall in oil prices, federation allocation to states has dropped by an average of about N2bln for each month.

“Similarly, average inflows of foreign exchange into the CBN have fallen to by about $1.3bn per month; this has led to a sharp decline in our forex reserves from as high as $37bln as at June 2014, to $30bln."

Emefiele added : “Nigeria cannot continue on this path of importing everything and anything. Indeed, it is both unacceptable and unsustainable and that was the reason we decided at the central bank to prohibit items we can produce here from accessing forex from the central bank."

“The last time we had oil prices at $50 per barrel for an extended period of time was in 2005 and our total import bill for that year was only N148bln. Yet, in the first nine months of this year, our total import bill has already risen to N917bn, and by logical extension, it is heading towards N1.2tn by the end of the year.

“The CBN will in due course embark on a national campaign called PAVE which stands for: Produce Locally, Add Value and Export. We definitely cannot survive as a people by importing everything and anything.’’


By: Temitope  Bamidele



According to the 2015 Global Terrorism Index by the Institute for Economics and Peace based on data from the Global Terrorism Database, Nigeria has the most deadly terrorist attacks in the world, 


The report reads in part: “Terrorist attacks are much more lethal in Nigeria than any other country. On average, there were 11 deaths per attack in Nigeria. In contrast, Iraq had an average of three deaths per attack. The 2015 Global Terrorism Index highlights that terrorism continues to rise. The total number of deaths from terrorism in 2014 reached 32,685, constituting an 80 percent increase from 18,111 the previous year."


“This is the highest level ever recorded. The significant majority of these deaths, over 78 per cent, occurred in just five countries; Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria.” 


By Temitope Bamidele




Aliko Dangote, Chairman of the Dangote Group, has said rumors of him being kidnapped are false via his Twitter account:

"Rumour about me being held hostage is false. I was in Mali yesterday.Thank you for your concern. My prayers with those involved."


By: Chika Jones




Four people have been arrested for attempting to kidnap a man. The suspects were reportedly arrested in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital. They are Dua Audo, Mohammed Seriki, Audu Metua and Adamu Ibrahim.


The four men reportedly called the victim to demand that he give them 10mln naira to halt his abduction. An official of the Nigerian Police Force says the victim of the attempted abduction reported the telephone conversation which ensued between him and the suspects to the police.


He said that the suspects were arrested through the telephone line they used to communicate and negotiate with the victim.


The NPF spokesman assured that other fleeing suspects would soon be apprehended and charged to court.


By: Chika Jones 



The People's Democratic Party has alleged that the All Progressives Congress has made plans to rig the Kogi elections with the help of the military. 

The PDP has released the following statement:

"Available intelligence shows that the deployment to Kogi state, of the Army Colonel, who is a known APC sympathizer is part of the fallout of last week's secret meeting coordinated by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), where orders were issued to clamp-down on PDP members and supporters to pave way for some pliable INEC officials to manipulate the election in favour of the APC.

Compromised troops have already been detailed to Dekina Local Government Area, the largest PDP stronghold in the state and home of Governor Idris Wada, where they have been instructed to create panic, strong-arm PDP supporters, frighten and scare away voters, ostensibly to deprive the our party of its expected large votes from the area.

We are also aware of how the head of Security of APC candidate's Campaign Organization, a retired Army General, is coordinating the movement of partisan security operatives into other key local governments, including Igalamela, Ofu, Ankpa and Idah, to harass and frighten PDP supporters and provide a leeway for the APC to manipulate the election.

The PDP also has information of the copious involvement of a retired police officer, who is working with some men of the Directorate of Security Services (DSS) in providing illegal arms, vehicles and cover for APC thugs who have been positioned to attack PDP supporters during the election.

We find it absolutely shocking that President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government, a huge beneficiary of free, fair and credible election conducted by the PDP, would so early in the day, seek to corrupt the electoral system and willfully attempt to subvert the will of the people."


By: Chika Jones


FG Nigeria images


According to a report unveiled on Thursday at the launching of the Nigerian Open Budget Survey 2015 by the International Budget Partnership (IBP), Nigeria scored 24 out of 100 point assessment and a general average expectation of 45. However, Sierra Leone scored 52; Ghana, 51; Liberia, 38; São Tomé and Principe, 24, and Equatorial Guinea scored 4. 


Commenting on the country's poor rating, a representative of IBP, Elena Mundo said: “Nigeria scoring 25 out of 100, against 61 taken as sufficiency level, tells of a pretty bad situation. But it doesn’t mean that there is no opportunity to reverse the ugly development. Government must begin to make its budget document open to the public for input and in a timely manner.


“Of course, making documents and information available can eliminate covering of real issues, even the media will be able to determine how public finances are actually used. Citizens should be in the know, that is the way to go.”


Also, a World Bank’s Senior Governance Specialist, Roland Lomme, who was present at the unveiling said: “Budget transparency is an essential accountability mechanism that will show how resources are spent and for the good of the people. Although the report is poor at 24, but Nigeria increased the budget transparency from 16 in 2012. We only need consistent improvement now. The issue of subsidy, the operations and the cost to the country are challenges. Transparency in public finance is important if the country must rise to the anticipated and accessible potentials.”


By Temitope Bamidele

Buhari- Obama


Minister of Defence, Brigadier General Muhammad Mansur Dan-Ali has said that Nigeria is expected to benefit about $11.6billion from President Muhammadu Buhari's trip to the US in July 2015. How?


He says: "Some of the more immediate benefits of the President's trip to the US include: the proposed USD2.1billion fund from the World Bank for the redevelopment of the Boko Haram battered Northeast; USD5billion from the US investors in Nigeria's agricultural sector; USD1.5billion investment from the US in our country's power sector."

"It may interest you to note that since taking office in May 2015, President Buhari has made efforts to revive the government's campaign against Boko Haram and the Nigerian Army has reclaimed territories from the extremist group," he added.


The meeting held on July 20th, 2015 at the White House.


By Chika Jones




The Nigerian Olympic Team U-23 were on their way to Gambia for final preparations ahead of the African U-23 Championship, via an Arik Flight. They had initially chosen Morroco, but visa issues made them settle for Gambia.


However, getting to Gambia has proven problematic as an official of the team said: "Thank God for his goodness and his mercies we escaped plane crash on our way to Gambia, the pilot had to make an emergency landing in Accra we are still in Accra. We are still stranded here and we are yet to get any news from Arik officials."


There are reports that the team could leave Ghana on Sunday evening depending on any new flight arrangements by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). 

The Africa U-23 Cup of Nations will be played in Senegal from November 28 to December 12. Nigeria is drawn in Group B at the U23 Nations Cup along with Egypt, Mali and Algeria.


By Chika Jones

Lagos, Arik & the Leaky Skies


(Picture Credit: aitonline.tv)


By: Isaac Audu-Usman


“Attention please. This is to announce that the departure time for Arik Air W3 744 to Port Harcourt is hereby delayed for 30mins. This is due to operational…Thank you.” Gbam! I knew I was in for it again. For a while now, I had avoided both Arik & Aero like a plague. The latter especially had forced me to do a serious re-assessment of the economics of flying within Nigeria at some point. Aero ‘don’ punish me ‘wella’. You get to the airport 2 hours before your flight time because you are not always sure how the road is going to look like; & you are thinking seriously about not losing the money you have used to pay for the ticket. This is especially true if you like ‘awoof’ (freebies) & you booked it many weeks ahead. The ticket price on the actual day may well double what you actually paid; so, it’s better to sit it all out at the airport than coughing out some very hard-to-come-by cash for a late-minute ticket, you say reassuringly to yourself. But hey, Aero can make you sit for another 4 hours on a bad day. By the time you get to your destination & spend another half an hour trying to get your luggage, ehhmmmm…you may have ended up spending 8hours on your trip:


From your home to the airport = 1hr


Normal checking & waiting time =2hrs


Delay = 2.5hrs


Flight time = 1hr


Waiting time for luggage = 0.5hr


Time from airport to town/destination = 1hr


Total = 8 hours


Imagine this was a flight from Lagos to Warri. It’s approximately 5 hours by road. Someone who opts to travel by road will definitely get to Warri before you while you sit there deceiving yourself that you are flying! Let’s forget all the deception. The reality is that for very short routes, flying isn’t the fastest means of transportation in Nigeria! Anyway, I am not writing about the economics of flying tonight; I will do that some other time. This is about a leaky Arik flight I found myself on earlier today. But before I leave this point, I must say that I have recently found an airline that does all it can to keep to time. It’s Air Peace. I am not here to do a promo for them at all. They are not advertising on levitatenaija.com, so be rest assured that’s not the case. By the way, talking about adverts, we have never even had one before! LOL. But we will get there…


Back to my flight experience with Arik. You may be wondering, if I find Air Peace that good, why did I opt for Arik then? Well, I was in Lagos on an official assignment last week. We normally use a chartered flight service but once that service is full, we are routed to commercial flights. On this occasion, I booked late & the flight was fully booked at the time. So, that’s the head & tail of how I got here. I checked my wrist-watch; it was 2:34pm. This was Sunday, November 15th. That was shortly after the announcement was made. The flight had been for 3pm. So, departing at 3.30pm wouldn’t be that bad, I quietly hoped. I was very hungry. Yet I was too lazy to climb upstairs with my luggage to go eat. If you use the old Local or MM1 frequently, you will notice that there are far fewer restaurants than the more expansive MM2. I could see an eatery just above me but I didn’t have the energy to do the distance. I had been afraid to eat before I left the house because of my ugly experience the previous night; I couldn’t afford being pressed onboard. I mean the marathon type. 3 BIG bottles of Orijin left me squatting mercilessly at an open bar’s public toilet in Egbeda (Lagos) when the medicinal properties of the aromatic beer seemed to have done serious justice to my stuffed tommy by flushing out all the ‘ejekuje’ (rubbish) I had consumed the days before! I love that beer, quite frankly. But it almost made me have small droppings on my boxers unannounced! When I found myself helplessly rushing to this ‘shalanga’-like toilet, I couldn’t stop thinking that this was a curse from my cousin, Obus, whom I was meant to follow to a Smirnoff House (DJ Spinall’s) party at Oniru but I just couldn’t risk ruining my Sunday morning ahead of my trip back to PH & I frantically backed out only at the 11th hour; much to her chagrin. Errrmmmm...I still haven’t mustered the courage to call her ooo.


Why am I digressing too much? I have a lot to write about this short Lagos trip but I really want to stay focused on this leaky Arik flight experience. Okay, back to my story. The fight was delayed for a little over an hour. I was relieved to say the least. Then we boarded. I normally check my seat number before I climb the stairs so that that often-strategically-placed ‘ITK’ air hostess at the front of the cabin doesn’t think I am one flight JJC & start giving me direction to my seat like those annoying computerised voice-only ladies on GPS apps you see in the US & Europe! But hey, this time around I didn’t even have to bother about my specific seat number. As soon as I climbed onto the cabin, she announced it was free-seating. Momentarily, my mind flashed back to those chaotic Aero days when you could find yourself ‘seatless’ even after checking in because of this notorious free-seating conundrum that was very similar in shape & form to the Darwinian survival of the fittest. Thank God those days are long gone! I walked to the tail of the BOEING 737-800 aircraft & found a few empty seats. But something was quite weird. I noticed many of the window seats were not occupied. This was odd, I thought to myself. Nigerians like window seats. You get to know this because they are the first to get exhausted at the checking-in counter!


Well, I didn’t have to wait that long to find out why the seats were empty. The air conditioners were terribly dripping water. I spent the first few minutes redirecting the water away from my jeans. I just couldn’t risk letting it drip helplessly on a sensitive part of my jeans for another full hour. Not when a pretty lady is sitting beside me. Such a site will leave people’s minds wandering amok as to what exactly may have left so much liquid on such a strategic part of my trousers. Luckily, other passengers began bickering as those leaky seats became the only available seats. I overhead one passenger say this was ‘free onboard shower’! Interestingly, even the AC outlet panels were bad; they were very bad & shaky. I began to question the operational state of the aircraft in my mind. Many ‘why’ & ‘what if’ questions began to spring to life. But I quickly dismissed them; this was just an AC issue, not engine’s. But that said, Arik should not allow the AC outlets in its cabin to get to such a deplorable state as to kill the passenger comfort that is supposed to be integral part of the flying experience value proposition. The NCAA should look into this. And with the highly vivacious Rotimi Amaechi set to pilot the new omnibus Ministry of Transport, one would hope that passengers do not find themselves in leaky aircraft cabins in the future. Anyway, the cabin attendants temporarily fixed the issue by stuffing tissue papers to block the leaky outlets. However, the task was so daunting that one of the attendants whispered to his colleague: “O boy, I don tire ooo”. Laugh ‘wan kill me die’ as that cracked me up madly. I quickly brought out my phone whose battery was already red at 12% and took some snaps as we taxied through the runaway. The leaky flight turned out to be a smooth one after all. Who says ‘leaky’ & ‘smooth’ can’t be in the same sentence? LOL! It’s time to sleep. Monday looms!
















Alison Madueke


Former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, has denied all allegations of financial mismanagement during her tenure, specifically the alleged missing $20billion.


Mrs. Diezani said: “If there is one issue I must pursue in this world, it is the biggest lie of this money. How can $20billion disappear just like that? Where did it disappear to? Is it possible that such an amount would not be traceable? This is more painful coming from someone I considered a good friend who should appreciate the gravity of such allegation. I challenge anyone to come forward with facts showing that I stole government or public money. I’ve never stolen Nigeria’s money…"


“Rather, I worked hard to halt the rampant business of round-tripping. When I brought in Reginald Stanley to clean up the place, I requested for a list of the defaulters. There were about 92 of them and I made sure we sanctioned them. You can imagine the threat to my life, but I was ready to defend the economic interests of my country. In fact, we were able to reduce the oil subsidy by about half. No one applauded our effort."


“There were those who said the then Governor of Central Bank must have been angry at me because of the way the Presidency treated him. In all honesty, he was being blocked from seeing the President by some of Oga’s people (presidential aides) but it had nothing to do with me. I was the one who even told Oga about the development and Oga said he would meet him in London on one of his trips. Unfortunately, my boss fell ill and was rushed to King Edward Hospital and the meeting was aborted."


“Sanusi and I had been friends. There was no way I would have done anything bad to him. He even came to my house to inform me about his interest in heading the African Development Bank and we discussed for about two hours. I promised to support him and I spoke to Oga about it. We were together on the Reconciliation Committee that looked into the accounts of NNPC. Yes there were gaps but not on the alarming scale being circulated. Markafi (former Governor of Kaduna State) did a thorough job. You know he is a very sound accountant."


”She added, saying: “It is so sad that anyone could say such about me. Let me say something to you, I live with my husband in the same house we’ve lived since we married in 1999. Ask anyone who knows us. Our house in Abuja was bought in 2007 by my husband and as an architect and lover of interior décor I did it up to our own taste. It is not over the top because I have good taste and appreciate bargains. I shop in regular shops like B & Q to do up all the places where I live. Anyone who tells you I have houses anywhere should feel free to publish them. That was how they said I bought an expensive property in Vienna. I went to court and I won the case. I never saw the house before except in picture. The house I stay in London is rented. As a woman I love to look good. Some of my dresses and jewelleries are often dumped on me by those I buy from and I pay them when I can."


By Temitope Bamidele





A survey by the United Nations has revealed that by 2050 Nigeria’s population will outgrow that of the United States to become the third most populous country in the globe behind India and China.


The survey, released on Thursday, stated that Nigeria's population is expected to grow from its current 182 million population to 399 million by 2050 and about 752 million by 2100. The survey also showed that the world's population in the past 12years had increased by about one billion people.


The report reads: “The population is forecast to increase by another billion over the next 15 years, exceeding 9.7 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100. The projected increase can be attributed to high-fertility countries, mostly in Africa, or countries with already existing large populations. During the next 35 years, Africa is expected to account for more than half of the world’s population growth, with 28 African nations forecast to more than double their population." 


“Nigeria, currently the seventh largest country in the world, is the nation with the fastest population growth rate and it’s expected to surpass the United States by 2050, becoming the third largest country in the world.”


By Kindness Okoli 




The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on Thursday, has said the country now has a good and focused government following the inauguration of the Federal Executive Council by President Muhammadu Buhari.


Tinubu said: “With the team put together by Buhari, he is set to move Nigeria forward, the government is focused, he is the driver of the bus and we are the followers.”


He added saying, Buhari’s careful method of planning before acting was the same method he employed at the onset of his governorship in 1999, adding that just as they are calling Buhari ‘Baba go slow’ that was how he was tagged 'go-slow'.


He said: “I was complaining then about the paucity of funds just as it is now, it was people like the vice president, Yemi Osinbajo, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and others who were part of the cabinet, then that were part of the dream to reclaim and develop Lagos state and set the tone for infrastructural renewal and today we are seeing evidence of it."


By Temitope Bamidele


The Director-General, of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig. Gen. Johnson Olawumi, on Saturday advised corps members to be change agents of the Federal Government in the communities during their service year.

He said this while addressing the 2015 Batch B Stream 1 corps members at the Lagos State NYSC Orientation Camp, Iyana-Ipaja.

He said that for government to actualise its change agenda, everybody must embrace value re-orientation.

He warned corps members against the use of comments that could damage the good image of the country, especially during these difficult times.

He also urged the Corp members to use their community development service activities to solve community-related problems.

He advised them to be involved in the development of infrastructure, healthcare and human capacity building, to compliment government’s efforts.

Olawumi encouraged the corps members to start small and become big entrepreneurs with the use of the NYSC Skills Acquisition and Empowerment provided in the camps.



By: Kindness Okoli


A Boko Haram kingpin, on the wanted list of the Nigerian Army, identified as Chindo Bello, was nabbed by security agents, at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja.

Bello was arrested, while trying to board an Aero Contractors’ flight, heading to Lagos.

The Nigerian Army has urged all Nigerians living in the country to be more vigilant and assist security agencies with information about the declared wanted terrorists, their sponsors and other criminals in their midst.

The military have expressed their sincere gratitude to those eagle eyed and patriotic security agents and good citizens for the tip off that led to the arrest of the suspect.

Anyone with useful information about any wanted individual could call the following phone numbers 0818155888, 08160030300 and 07053333123.



By: Kindness Okoli


The Nigerian government has been advised by the Asset Management Expert to enact laws for the enforcement of maintenance culture.

Special attention has been put on the recycling of waste products which pollutes the environment.

The experts said Nigeria’s waste are assets waiting to the tapped, especially now that the economy is in need of a boost, with dwindling oil prices.

They pointed out that waste management is a challenge for most developing countries and as such, Nigeria must begin to rethink waste as a resource and create awareness for Nigerians to key into the project.

The experts want Nigerians to rethink waste as a resource and instead of throwing it away, recycle it and reuse to save money and create more resources for the future.

This they said must go hand in hand with the culture of maintenance of existing assets, as good infrastructure they pointed out attracts good investment which Nigeria really needs now.



By: Kindness Okoli


The Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, has disclosed that the corporation is aiming at $20 billion investments next year in other to fund major projects and improve its revenue.

He described 2016 as a crucial year for the NNPC as it is expected to transit from historic loss environment to profit making domain.

In a presentation, titled: “Ongoing reforms in the oil industry: Impact of NNPC reforms on the Nigerian economy”, to the Petroleum Club, Lagos, the Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Mr. Ohi Alegbe, quoted Kachikwu saying: “There are signs from the latest 3D seismic studies that oil may well be very close to being found now in Lake Chad after very many years of trials. I think that this is very key.  It is key both for the geographical balancing of oil production and it is also very key for the purpose of Refinery placement in the North in terms of access to crude. I am optimistic that by the end of the year we should be able to announce something major on this.’’

Dr. Kachikwu further noted that in developing the Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, some vital areas of urgent intervention have been identified: the running of production acreages with transparent and profitable partnerships to bridge capacity and funding gaps; encouraging investment inflow into to Nigeria’s oil and gas industry; engaging with local communities and driving regulation to develop the sector income- via encouragement of the fast track PIB to clarify direction and encouraging long-term investment in the industry.



By: Temitope Bamidele

The Nigerian Golden Eaglets made history yesterday at the FIFA Under 17 World Cup in Chile by winning their fifth title, thereby also becoming the second team to win the championship back to back after Brazil did it in 1997 and 1999.

The Golden Eaglets defeated Mali 2-0 at the final with a 2-0 courtesy Victor Osimhen's 56th minute goal, his 10th goal of the tournament. Osimhen now holds the record for the tournament’s all-time leading goal scorer with 10 goals.

Funsho Bamgboye sealed the trophy for the Eaglet in the 59th minute via his awesome strike.


By: Temitope Bamidele


The Acting Clerk of the Senate, Adedotun Durojaiye, is dead.

Though there was no official confirmation of his death as at the time of filing this report but a source has it that Durojaiye died yesterday.

Sources also have it that he had been ill for a while before he died in an Abuja Hospital.


By: Temitope Bamidele

At least 30 people have been reportedly killed yesterday in Wukari Local Council of Taraba State as a result of the Saturday’s ruling of the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal in Abuja which sacked Governor Darius Shaku of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and declared the All Progressives Congress’ (APC’s) Aisha Alhassan as winner of April 11, 2015 election.

Many more were seriously injured in the riotious aftermath of the tribunal ruling.


By: Temitope Bamidele

The Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, on Friday, disclosed that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the state is now $131bn, making it greater than 42 African countries combined.

He said, “We are committed to creating industrial clusters in the state, which will in turn, go a long way in engaging the people in gainful employment. The market is not only restricted to the Nigerian market, the market is more or less a hub for the West African Sub-Region and when you look at the GDP of Lagos which is at $131bn presently, it is greater than 42 countries combined in Africa.

“So, we stand at the threshold of the opportunities that our new democracy is actually offering us. Lagos is the fourth largest economy in Africa with a population of over 20 million people. The market which the state is blessed with is a great opportunity which can be and must be utilised for the people’s benefits.”


By: Temitope Bamidele

The Students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State protested against the varsity authorities over the exorbitant compulsory laptop fee it allegedly imposed on freshmen.

The students claimed the fee would deprive many of the new students the opportunity to study at the varsity.

It was gathered that the institution collected N25, 000 as acceptance fee and N60, 000 as school fees from the new students, with N10, 000 and N11, 000 being demanded for male and female hostels respectively.

While the addition of N70, 000 as laptop fee, totalled between N165, 000 and N171, 000 for each of the new-intakes.

The students had expressed their grievances against the school imposition and the SUG silence through social media.

However, the SUG has dissociated itself from the policy, saying “We are fully aware that the University of Nigeria is the last hope of the common man in the South East with respect to the pursuit of sound and affordable education. We wish to let you know that the SUG isn’t sleeping on this issue as we have devised measures of handling this problem headlong.

“The N70, 000 is too outrageous and the payment by instalments is cut- throat. We fully understand that the school management wants to upgrade the schooling system but it is very unwise to create a bigger problem trying to solve a smaller one.”

The SUG informed that a meeting is being planned by the union with the school management on the matter.



By: Temitope Bamidele

The Chairman, Governing Council of the Federal University of Dutse, Jigawa, Prof. Taoheed Adedoja, said the council had shortlisted 11 professors out of the 24 who applied for the post of Vice-Chancellor of the institution.

The tenure of the present Vice Chancellor Prof. Jibrila Amin, will end on Feb.16, 2016.

Adedoja said shortlisting the candidates for the post wasn't an easy task, but he was hopeful that at the end of the exercise the best candidate will emerge as the winner.

He noted that the outgoing pioneer Vice-Chancellor had laid a solid foundation which the next VC would build upon, pointing out that the council was particularly happy with the system and the structures in the new university.

The applicants shortlisted include Prof. Abubakar Kundiri of the Federal University Dutse, Prof. Salisu Abdullahi also from the same university, Prof. Muhammad Abubakar of Abubakar from Tafawa Belewa University, Bauchi, and Prof. Haruna Birniwa of Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto.

Others are Prof. Hadi Suberu of Federal University, Lokoja, Prof. Sherifdeen Tella of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun, Prof. Yusuf Alhassan of Bayero University, Kano and Prof. Taiwo Olusegun Omobuwajo also from Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Prof. Okechukwu Ukaga of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Prof. Zakari Muhammad of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and Prof. Zaccheaus Apata of the University of Ilorin also made the list.



By: Kindness Okoli

Prof. Effiong Johnson, a Vice Chancellor aspirant in University of Uyo, has challenged his disqualification by the Governing Council at the Federal High Court.

Johnson, who is a former Dean of Students Affairs, said in Uyo on Sunday that he was surprised that only his name was omitted from the list of those invited for final interview to the office of the vice chancellor.

Johnson said he wasn't treated right by the Governing Council of which he has been a member for three terms.

The advert for the vacant position of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Uyo came out in the Punch Newspaper of April 28, 2015 and criteria for the person of the vice chancellor were clearly stated.

Johnson said he is not a novice, neither does he fall short of the requirements for the vice chancellorship position.

Johnson in his words said, "I clocked ten years as a professor on October 1 2015, and the interview for that job was billed for Oct. 15, 2015.

So, I had to institute a case challenging the process of my not being invited in the Federal High Court.’’

He said that before the interview was conducted, the university was served with an injunction restraining the governing council from conducting the interview.

He said that in spite of the injunction, the university went ahead to conduct the interview without inviting him

Johnson said the fact that he was not invited for the interview was evidence that something was wrong which the court must unravel.


By: Kindness Okoli


According to a Presidency statement, President Muhammadu Buhari will swear in members of his cabinet on Wednesday.

Before now, President Muhammadu Buhari has been criticised for waiting until September to name his ministers, who then underwent a month-long Senate vetting process.

Portfolios will be assigned after ministers have been sworn in.

The Presidency statement reads thus:
“President Muhammadu Buhari will officially inaugurate a new Federal Executive Council on Wednesday, November 11, 2015.”

“Before the commencement of the inaugural session of the council, the ministers-designate will take their oaths of office in the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa.”  This would begin at 10 am local time.



By: Kindness Okoli

Managing Director of Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, DESOPADEC, Chief William Makinde, has been accused of corruption.

He was accused of embezzling N650 million and awarding contracts to Hon Erhitake Ibori, a member of the state House of Assembly and daughter of the former governor of the state, Chief James Ibori, to supply vehicles to the commission.

He has denied both claims.

In a statement, Sunday, by his Special Assistant on Media, Dr. Prince Orhomonokpaye, he said, “I have read through the report and I am surprised that the media could write such frivolous report that is unfounded.”

“The issue sited in the report that DESOPADEC MD paid Daily Independent Newspapers the sum of N350 million as debt from advert publications, squandered N270 million and withdrew N1.5 billion DESOPADEC fund from Sterling Bank are baseless and has no iota of truth.

“No contract was awarded to the daughter of former Governor of Delta state, Chief James Ibori to purchase vehicles for the commission as reported in the print and social media,” he stated.



By: Kindness Okoli

The governorship election petition tribunal of Taraba state sitting in Abuja, on Saturday, has nullified the April 11, 2015 election of the state governor, Darius Dickson Ishaku of the Peoples Democratic Party and declared the All Progressives Congress counterpart, Aisha Alhassan, as the winner.

The tribunal led by Justice Musa Danladi Abubakar in its judgment ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to swiftly withdraw the certificate of return issued to Ishaku as the winner of the election and to issue a fresh one to Alhassan.

The court held that Ishaku was not qualified to contest for the election on basis that there was no proper conduct of the party’s primaries, consequently the court ruled that Ishaku was not duly nominated as PDP candidate in the election as stipulated in the Constitution and the Electoral Act.

Hence, the tribunal ruled that Alhassan off the APC being the candidate who scored the second highest number votes as winner of the election.
By: Temitope Bamidele

South East Progressives Assembly, SEPA, is a group in Nigeria that has threatened to drag the President, Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to court over their refusal to implement the N5,000 stipend for unemployed youths.

In a statement by SEPA, titled “Our Intention to Sue President Buhari And APC Over Non-Payment of N5000 Monthly Stipend to Nigerian Unemployed Youths”, signed by its President, Ebere Uzoukwa, the group said:

“The South East Progressives Assembly(SEPA) wishes to convey its intention to challenge the non-payment of the monthly Five Thousand Naira (N5000) stipend promised to unemployed Nigerian youths by the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) and President Muhammadu Buhari during the campaigns.

“Our decision to explore legal option on this very particular issue is largely hinged on the overriding fact that APC’s manifesto which contains some of its campaign promises and that of President Buhari undoubtedly remains the real bond between Nigerians and the governmental the day.

“President Buhari presented himself to Nigerians as a man of great reputation, sincerity and truth. He promised Change as well as certain programmes and policies that shall drive the expected Change policy. This among others include the monthly payment of 5000 Naira stipend to unemployed Nigerian youths.”



By: Kindness Okoli

Grace Atinuke-Oyelude is 84, and she was the first-ever winner of the Miss Nigeria beauty Pageant in 1987.

Miss Nigeria commenced in 1957 as a photo contest. Contestants posted photographs of themselves to the Daily Times headquarters in Lagos where finalists were shortlisted. Successful finalists were afterwards invited to compete in the live final at the Lagos Island Club.
At that time, the Miss Nigeria contest did not include a swimsuit competition. Oyelude was working at United African Company (UAC) when she represented the then Northern region. 
After winning the contest, she travelled to England where she studied Nursing. Within months of gaining admission to the School of Nursing, Ashford Kent England, she was crowned Miss Nigeria.

She was recently recognized for her contribution to humanity and received a brand new Peugeot car as a gift.



By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The Ikem Bridge is a bridge linking communities in Enugu, Benue and Ebonyi states.

Its recent collapse therefore has led to untold hardship for people in the area as many have to swim to get to their destinations.

The bridge which was built by the Nigerian Army shortly after the civil war, finally caved in when a Dangote truck carrying 900 bags of cement tried to pass through.

Below are pictures:


By: Chika Onwuasoanya


Yesterday, news spread across Nigeria, that for the very first time, a female governor had been elected in Taraba state.

Initially, Senator Aisha Alhassan lost the election, however, the elections petitions tribunal has annulled the result of the April 11 governorship election on Saturday, November 7, on the grounds that PDP’s candidate Darius Ishaku was not validly nominated at the party’s primaries to contest the governorship election, therefore making her the Governor of Taraba state.

Amina Dauda, one of her supporters said:

“It shows that the judiciary is the last hope for aggrieved people. I am happy that a woman is now the governor of Taraba. It is a good encouragement for us and we have made history in Nigeria,” the activist said.

Suleiman Ibrahim, another supporter of Mama Taraba, said:

“The judgment is a confirmation that Taraba is for APC… It is a reflection of the wish of Taraba people.”



By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The President of the Guardian Nations International (GOTNI), Mr Linus Okorie has urged the Federal Government to enact leadership development policy to help mentor young Nigerians for leadership roles.

He made this call during the Leadership Conference of the organisation in Abuja. 

He suggested that the federal government commit a part of its budget for building capacity of young persons.

The conference is a leadership development system that will build a huge network of young people from all over the country who are doing great things.

GOTNI is a non-profit Youth Leadership Capital Development Organisation with a passion to nurture various categories of young people under forty years of age, into transformational leaders who will impact positivelyon the various sectors of our society and economy in the nearest future.


By: Kindness Okoli

At least 23 fuel stations have been shut down in Plateau State for various offences after an inspection exercise was carried out by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).

The DPR's is poised and ready to monitor the sales of petroleum products to ensure that there is strict compliance and adherence to regulations across Nigeria.

DPR Operations Controller in Jos, Caesar Douglas, said that some of the marketers had been engaging in illegal activities ranging from hoarding, selling above government approved prices as well as diverting petroleum products and operating without license.

Mr Douglas maintained that each of the offences committed by the marketers carried different penalties ranging from total closure to fines as well as prosecution.

This unpleasant activities of some of the marketers have resulted to scarcity of the product in the capital city, which has made motorists stay for hours before getting the product.

The raiding exercise will continue by the DPR to curb hoarding especially during the festive seasons and avoid the artificial scarcity that have been associated with the period.



By: Kindness Okoli

Instead of using their wealth to oppress the less privileged, politicians have been urged to cultivate the habit of giving to them.

Mr Paul Adejobi, an activist, made this call in Ikole on Saturday. He said that politicians should realise the need to support those in serious need of assistance in their respective constituencies.

Adejobi said politicians rose to the positions they are occuping through the votes of the masses and should not wait for the needy to beg them for assistance before they do it.

He said politicians only care for the well being of their immediate families.

He added that poverty in the society is very high and this is as a result of the misappropriation of the nation’s wealth by politicians.

He decried the high level of unemployment and urged politicians and wealthy individuals to invest their money through establishment of industries in the country to provide jobs for unemployed graduates.

Adejobi urged youths not to lose hope but be law abiding and not be tempted to involve in criminal activities.



By: Kindness Okoli

Workers of the Nigerian Union of  Petroleum and Natural Gas (NUPENG), Delta chapter have expressed their worries concerning the job insecurities surrounding the sector. The group says other sectors of the economy now face a similar problem.

The State Chairman of the Union, Comrade Igwe Achese, who led other members to the State House noted that the oil and gas sector was being affected by the rapid fall in the price of oil consequently taking its toll on oil workers.

He confirmed that 900 persons have been laid off in Chevron’s operations in Delta State and the same is applicable to other multi-national oil companies.

Mr Achese advised that urgent steps must be taken to address the situation of job insecurity in the industry and its associated effects.

He also requested for additional landed property for tank farms in the state to solve the problem of trucks and tankers parking along the roads thereby, creating undue pressure on the roads.

Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, who also acknowledged the fall in revenue and the major challenge of job insecurity has called  for patience and understanding from Nigerians and urging them to be positively engaged.

He added that the economy could be diversified with Nigerians going back to agriculture, agro-based business as well as small and medium scale enterprise.



By: Kindness Okoli


The battle against the terrorists menace,  Boko Haram is ongoing as Nigerian soldiers reportedly cleared 9 camps belonging to the terrorists in Borno.

Col.Tukur Gusau, the Media Coordinator of Operation Lafiya Dole, said this in a statement in Maiduguri, “In a major boost, troops of 115 Task Force Battalion under 28 Task Force Brigade while on clearance operations between Nov. 4 and 5, cleared nine more terrorists strong holds around Lassa axis.

“The terrorists’ camps include Lassa, Muthavo, Dagukumabza, Isge, Unworozangore, Kilekasa and Pumpum”, Gusau said.

He added: “During the offensive, four Boko Haram terrorists met their waterloo in the hands of gallant troops of the Nigerian Army.

“Some of the terrorists fled, abandoning their weapons.”



By: Kindness Okoli


The Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), Mr. Danladi Umar, has written to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mahmud Mohammed, to beef up the security around him.

He made this request with respect to the increasing number of sensitive cases involving politically exposed persons before the tribunal.

Although the life of the Umar isn't under threat, but his mobile lines has come under intense pressure, leading to call restrictions.

The judge was also said to have restricted his movement to his office and home in order to stave off influence.

The application has been submitted to the Chief Justice of Nigeria for necessary contact with appropriate security agencies.



By: Kindness Okoli

At the recently concluded two-day retreat for Ministers-designate, which was hosted by President Muhammadu Buhari, the ministers came to understand that the President was against a culture of wastefulness and extravagance.

Chris Ngige, a minister-designate from Anambra state, while speaking with the press said that the government will be “running a lean economy” and blocking areas of leakages, hence “retinue of aides, protocol staff and large convoys of cars are things that will not fly in this administration.”

“The important thing is that we want to move our people from where they are now, they are in abject poverty which concerns about 75 percent of the populace. So, we need to actually restructure the political and social moment of the country and that is what we are going to do. That means poverty will reduce.”

Ebonyi minister-designate, Ogbonnaya Onu, said that he was in support of the president’s call for a lean government considering the drop in revenue due to oil price crash. “Government must really run in a way that we will be able to lead the aspirations of our people to make sure that Nigerians are happy,” he said.



By: Chika Onwuasoanya


Yesterday, people took to the streets to show support for Nnamdi Kanu, the Radio Biafra Director who is yet to be released from detention.

In the aftermath of the protest, Nigerian police said they arrested more than 80 members of a Biafran separatist movement.

The 78 men and five women were detained in a motorpark in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa state, "because they want to foment troubles and unleash mayhem" said Bayelsa police spokesman, Anisim Butswat.


By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, (NAFDAC) has emerged the winner of this year’s Global Anti-Counterfeiting award by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG).

This award is indeed a merited one as NAFDAC has being committed to the fight against fake drugs and counterfeiting of regulated products.

The award was presented to the agency at Annual Interpol Ip Crime Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Public Relations Officer  of NAFDAC was in appreciation of the many innovations especially the cutting-edge technologies the Agency has introduced in the fight against counterfeiting.

The Chairman of the GACG, Mr John Anderson while presenting the award to the Director, Investigation and Enforcement, Mr Kingsley Ejiofor on behalf of the Agency extolled NAFDAC’s deployment of TRUSCAN and its global leadership in the Authentication user category.

During the conference, NAFDAC used the opportunity to showcase its anti-counterfeiting initiatives and activities which were well received and commended by the participants who were particularly interested in the arrests and prosecution of the counterfeiters of various pharmaceuticals worth over N10 billion.



By: Kindness Okoli

Golden Eaglets Coach Emmanuel Amuneke says, defending the FIFA U17 World Cup against Mali is  going to be an interesting challenge.

Amuneke said: “It was a difficult match against Mexico in which both teams did their best. We give credit to them (Mexico) because of their performance and its level of play.

“We are happy to be in the final and have the chance to defend the world title. Mali is a good team, Africa’s champion. This is going to be a tough but interesting challenge.”

Meanwhile Nigeria Football Federation President, Amaju Pinnick said: “These boys have done Nigeria proud. They will go up against Mali on Sunday with great confidence and discipline and emerge victorious.

“I’m very excited, not only with the result, but the way the boys came fighting back after that early goal by Mexico. I keep saying that we have the potential to be world champions in several areas of endeavour.”



By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Plans to revitalize and expand the nation's vocational training centres is ongoing as the President Muhammadu Buhari has directed some Ministries to implement their plans for approval.

The President issued the directive to the Federal Ministries of Works and Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

A meeting was held with the Board of Directors of a leading construction company in Nigeria. At the meeting, President Buhari was told that the shortage of competent construction workers and artisans had forced construction companies to bring in skilled workers from abroad.

Observing that the practice was very detrimental to his administration’s commitment to boosting employment opportunities for young Nigerians, President Buhari pledged that his administration would move quickly to address the shortage of skilled construction workers.

The President demanded a report on the current status of existing vocational training centres established by the Federal Government.

He said that his administration would take all necessary action to rapidly reposition them as efficient producers of skilled workers for Nigeria’s building and construction industry.

President Buhari assured members of the Board of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc that his administration would act swiftly to ensure that the Building Craft Training School and Skill Improvement Centre in Lagos are fully revamped, staffed and equipped to produce more skilled electricians, brick and block layers, carpenters, painters, welders, fabricators, plumbers and other artisans.



By: Kindness Okoli


Abia State Senator, Nkechi Nwaogu has dumped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the All Progressives Congress(APC).

Nwaogu said:
“l am here to fraternise myself once again with my party, APC, to identify myself, to associate myself with the change train and anybody today in this country who does not realise that this is a divine mandate given to APC to usher in change, to sustain change, to bring about change in all endeavours of our lives, especially in our economic lives, is not realistic.”



By: Kindness Okoli


In a solidarity march for the detained Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are currently protesting on the streets of Onitsha and Delta, reports say.

They reportedly made attempts to block access to the bridge but were stopped by teargas-throwing soldiers.

They called it the 'million man march'.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to Pulse, Stella Dimokorkus:

"Stella, on my way from Enugu to Benin and met protest in Onitsha. They are matching towards Onitsha head-bridge. They want to block it.”

“I snapped through the bus window with fear. Thank God we scaled through but soldiers have thrown teargas so my ears are peppering me…”


By: Kindness Okoli


The Golden Eaglets of Nigeria, are through to the finals of the U-17 World cup in Chile. They will face off against Mali on Sunday 8th of November, and ahead of the match, the Malian coach is showing confidence.

He said: “For the final, I do not care if it’s Mexico or Nigeria. I just want to face a team that we can beat.

“We faced a very good team (Belgium) that has tired us.

“We conceded a quick opening goal, and we had to react quickly. It was very hard tactically and we ran a lot to get the win. We had a bad start in this game, which does not happen often to my players despite their young age,” Baye Ba explained.


By: Kindness Okoli


The Inspector General of police has warned the organizers of a planned violent march to desist from such.

This is because there have been intelligence reports that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have concluded modalities to embark on a violent protest in parts of the country to drive home their agitation.

Making the disclosure through the Force Public Relations Officer, Acting ACP Olabisi Kolawole, Arase said, “Information available to the Nigeria Police indicates plans by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to embark on ill-advised protest using dangerous weapon across some South Eastern States.

“The Nigeria Police Force reminds the brains behind this security threat that the law prohibiting the unlawful possession of firearms is still in-force.

“Therefore any attempt to unleash mayhem on innocent and law abiding Nigerians under any guise by this group will be met with stiff resistance from the Police and other security agencies, the actors will be brought to justice in line with extant criminal laws.

“Citizens in the South-Eastern States are hereby assured of adequate protection, as appropriate Police deployment has been put together to deal decisively with any group or persons who might be bent on breaching public peace and threatening national security.”



By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The National President of Trade Union Congress, TUC, Comrade Bobboi Kaigama, who spoke while addressing construction workers at the 10th Triennial National Delegates Conference of the Construction and Civil Engineering Senior Staff Association, CCESSA, in Abuja, said Nigerians are yet to feel the change mantra that was the APC campaign promise.

According to him, for the change mantra to be meaningful in the country, there should be job security in the companies and security of lives and property. He said it was only when these were done that Nigerians would know that change had started.

He also said security should not be left to security agencies alone as everybody had roles to play in ensuring that lives and property were protected.



By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The Nigerian Golden Eaglets beat Mexico 4-2 to book a place in the finals. It is their eighth time at the U-17 World cup final.

Although the Mexicans grabbed an early goal in the eight minute through Kevin Magana, the Eaglets were able to outmatch them with goals from Kelechi Nwakali and Victor Osimhen, also, Okonkwo O. and Ebere.

They will now go on to meet Mali who were able to edge out Belgium 3-1.



By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The Golden Eaglets of Nigeria will face off Mexico at midnight.

The Nigerian Kick off time is 12:00am, the semi final match is a crucial one for the brilliant U-17 team.

Nigeria has staggered many people’s expectations by reaching the last four with the youngest squad to Chile 2015.

Their dependence on a large number of players who failed to glitter at the African U17 Championship was thought to be a weakness; the impact of some of their star names has however been a real asset in their run to the semi-finals.



By: Kindness Okoli




It has been reported that construction firms operating in Nigeria, under the auspices of Federation of Construction Industries (FOCI), recently laid off about 65,000 workers. The companies announced on Wednesday that they have sacked 65,000 of their over 85,000 workforce, following their inability to meet up with their obligations to them.


This they said was due to the recent recession that has hit the sector following a debt of over N600billion which the Federal, State and Local Governments were owing its members.


The president of the body, Solomon Ogunbusola said: "Some of us took loans which we have not been able to pay back and interest is accumulating on the loans daily. This isn't helping us and that is why we want the government to look into this issue to see how the situation can be salvaged." They also said that a letter written to the Presidency has not been replied.


By Chika Jones

Nigeria  tunisia


Unlike conventional football, Futsal is a variant of Association Football and a modified form of football, which is played on a smaller field and mainly played indoors with five players per side. Nigeria will face Tunisia in their next match as they battle to qualify for the tournament in 2016. 



The first leg scheduled for Dec. 12, and will host the North African side on Dec. 13. The other qualifier matches are;  Cameroon against Angola, Equatorial Guinea against Zambia, Cote D'Ivoire against Morocco, Madagascar against Mozambique, and Sudan against Libya.


The six winners will join hosts South Africa and defending champions Egypt, who drew a bye from the qualifiers.


By Kindness Okoli




Nigeria is expected to export at least 56.29 million barrels of oil in December despite the current excesses of product in the international market. The provisional loading programs translate the figure to 1.82 million barrels per day.


All the products might likely not be sold as market watchers say the outlook for Nigeria's crude was not fantastic. They said that 19 million barrels of the country's November loading remained stranded in the market as at the last week of October.


One trader said, "West African crude is beginning to look pretty shaky."  Some refineries in North-West Europe may cut down production in the coming week because oil products are not being exported to them.


Recent reports indicate that surplus cargoes of Nigerian crude oil were slow to clear on the international market. About 19 million barrels of November loading Nigerian oil are struggling to find buyers as Asian refiners start looking further ahead and Europe turned to the closer and increasingly cheap, North Sea and Mediterranean grades.


By Kindness Okoli


The National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in its Financial and Operations Report for the month of August has stated that the country earned $3.423 billion, about N684.6 billion, from the export of crude oil and gas.

The report also stated that Nigeria's domestic crude sales proceed into the country at N1.164 trillion; N723.824 billion was received, while N774.47 billion was remitted to the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC)inclusive of a debt repayment of N50.64 billion.

It added that the country spent N231.04 billion on subsidy; N4.17 billion and N41.65 billion incurred on crude and petroleum product losses respectively, while repairs and management cost was stated at N69.41 billion.

In total, the NNPC stated that the country earned $25.105 billion (about N5.021 trillion) from the sale of crude oil between January and July 2015.

A careful breakdown showed that the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and the Department for Petroleum Resources (DPR) earned $1.966 billion (about N393.2 billion) and $229.668 million (about N45.93 billion) respectively from the Production Sharing Contract revenue.

Also, the NNPC earned $7.156 billion (about N1.43 trillion) in the period under review, while the amount given to the Federal Government was $9.351 billion (about N1.87 trillion).

However, oil companies, including the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), earned $15.077 billion (about N3.02 trillion), while Alternative Finance received $676.287 million (about N135.257 billion).

By Temitope Bamidele Credit: The Guardian



The World Health Organisation (WHO) has formally de-listed Nigeria from the list of polio-endemic countries, which means that the African continent is free of the crippling disease. This is after Nigeria has reported no cases of polio for the last 15 months.

History has it that 20 years ago, Nigeria recorded 1,000 polio cases a year – making it the highest in the world. Pakistan and Afghanistan are the two countries left on the list of polio-endemic countries.

In light of this, the WHO Director-General, Dr. Margaret Chan, on Monday, showed concern that: “Lately, there has been growing concern among partners that the financial commitment at the State level appears to be declining and I hope it is not because we have achieved this landmark. Some States did not release funds for the recent vaccination roundsand we know that this will negatively affect the quality of the programme.”

She added that: “I would request and encourage Federal and State governments to continue meeting the financial commitments to sustain the momentum at polio eradication efforts. We have come a long way and we must until next two years when the country will have been certified free and we can turn attention to other things.”

A week ago, the Rotary International donated $26.8 million to African countries to ensuring that the disease doesn’t return, including $6.9 million to Nigeria.


By Temitope Bamidele



A former United Nations (UN) war crimes prosecutor, Charles Adeogun-Phillip, disclosed that Nigeria is now ranked third among countries with the highest Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), accounting for about 1.5 million out of 38 million persons displaced globally.




He disclosed this at the 13th anniversary and yearly lecture of a rights group, the Crusade for Justice (C4J), held in Lagos. He called for increased welfare allocation for IDPs. "For instance, IDPs need adequate security and legal protection of their fundamental human rights. They need full rights and should not be discriminated against. The protection of the most vulnerable members of the society should be  given," he added.


By Chika Jones


The Rivers State Governorship Election Tribunal sitting in Abuja has, on Saturday, nullified the state's April 11 elections which declared Nyesom Wike as winner.

According to the tribunal, the election was nullified on grounds that it didn’t comply with electoral guidelines.

Hence, the tribunal has directed the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC) to conduct fresh elections within the next 90 days.




By: Temitope Bamidele

nwabueze images


The Igbo Leaders of Thought had emphasised that President Muhammadu Buhari should not only fight against corruption, but that he should equally battle other important problems such as poverty, illiteracy and security etc.

Nwabueze who is a member of the Thought group said this: “Everybody is thinking that all that we need is to fight corruption; it is important, but it is not our primary problem. There are other issues that are even more important than corruption. We have the question of illiteracy, the question of poverty, the question ofsecurity. As important as the war against corruption is, we are of the view that there are other issues that overshadow corruption."

“Another issue is what we call the national question. The national question means the problem of evolving Nigeria into a nation. Nigeria is not a "nation"; it is a "state." We all want to belong to that state but we deceive ourselves always by thinking and painting the picture that we are already a nation; we are not.”

Nwabueze went further urging Buhari to continue fighting corruption, saying: “Fight corruption; fight it relentlessly but that fight should be subject to constitutionallimitations, especially limitations arising from the Federal system.

“The Federal system is a conspicuous device to limit power. If you do away with the limitations on power arising from the Federal system, we will be in trouble; graver trouble than the trouble of corruption.”

The group which consists of Statemen, (such as Col. Ben Gbulie (rtd.), Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike, Senator Anyim Ude, Evengelist Eliot Uko and Prof. Lawrence Ocho.), also prayed for the immediate relocation of the detained Boko Haram suspects transferred to Ekwulobia prisons in Anambra State.

By Temitope Bamidele





President of the Nigerian Association for Energy Economic (NAEE), Prof Wunmi Iledare, on Wednesday, disclosed that Nigeria will need almost N5.970 trillion($30 billion) to meet its populace's energy need. Kildare stated that of the 170 million Nigerian population, only about 25 percent has access to electricity.



He said: About $1billion is needed to provide 1000 megawatts of electricity, from the gas turbine to the generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure and to the consumer. Government has said it is targeting 20,000 megawatts by 2020. Now, we are doing 5,000 megawatts, it means that we need another 15,000 megawatts by 2020 which translates to new investment of $15billion over the next five years."




“This calculation excludes the rural areas that do not have access to electricity presently. Now, the balance of the additional $15billion will have to be spent on solar and other renewable energy sources for the provision of electricity to the rural areas, which harbours more than 50 percent of the entire population. In all, Nigeria needs fresh investment in the region of about $30billion or N5.970 trillion to achieve stable energy to its entire populace in the next few years.”


By Temitope Bamidele


The Federal Capital Territory Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Director-General, Abbas G. Idriss, has disclosed that more than 500 Internally-Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Borno State would be relocated from Apo Sunshine Estates Camp in Abuja to Maiduguri camps for resettlement.

The DG said: “The relocation of these refugees from Gwoza in Borno State from the Apo Sunshine Estates, Abuja, are about to be concluded, as we have inspected all the Maiduguri camps, including the ones at Bakkasi and Gubio Road 400 Housing Estate for the resettlement of these IDPs. They agreed and are willing to come home before they could return to their respective communities in the affected local councils of Borno State.

“Already, tents are being provided at the Bakkasi and Gubio road camps to accommodate these IDPs from Abuja. And very soon, the willing refugees to be relocated nearer home are also ‘eager and enthusiastic’ of being relocated by FEMA in collaboration with Borno State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and representatives of North East Co-ordinator of NEMA, Alhaji Mohammed Kanar.”

Also, the leader of Gwoza IDPs, Chakule Lawan, commenting on the Maiduguri camp facilities, said: “We have seen the facilities on ground and as the leader of the IDPs in Abuja, I will do everything possible to evacuate and relocate our people to come down. This is because I have seen and experienced the situation we are facing in Abuja camp; and as such, I won’t hesitate to come down to Maiduguri resettlement camps.

“But then, I pray the military quickly liberate our communities from Boko Haram so that we can go back to Gwoza.”



By: Temitope Bamidele

Nigerians celebrated the country's one year Ebola-free declaration by the World Health Organisation on Tuesday.

Also, there was an official launching of Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh Health Trust (DRASA) in Lagos in honour of the late Dr. Adadevoh, the lead physician and endocrinologist at the First Consultants Medical Centre, who died in the wake of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in 2014.

The health trust is aimed at supporting the Nigerian healthcare system in the aspects of education and training; influence patient-friendly policies; promote local researches and in the enhancement of disease control efforts in the country.

At the launching, son of the late Dr. Adadevoh, Bankole Cardoso, said: “The Trust is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees and a four member international Board of Advisors and will focus on four important health areas: education and training; policy; research; and disease control.

“Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh and the other health workers who lost their lives in the battle against Ebola need not die in vain. This Trust is dedicated to preventing another infectious disease outbreak in Nigeria and each one of us can help make this happen.

“DRASA Health Trust is a nonprofit working to improve and advance healthcare in Nigeria, particularly in the areas of infectious diseases and ethics. DRASA bridges the gap between funding and resources, implementing organizations and associations, and the areas of greatest need within the Nigerian health sector.

“DRASA (www.drasatrust.org) is a nonprofit that operates in collaboration with strategic partners, organizations, and associations committed to its main objectives.”

Also in commemoration of the anniversary, the Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Health, Linus Awute, acknowledged the heroic deed of late Dr. Adadevoh, saying: “Indeed, without their efforts our economy, social and political lives will not be the same today. If you look closely at other nations that have been ravaged by this outbreak, you can easily imagine what could have been possible.

“The sacrifice of late Dr. Adadevoh, the entire team at First Consultant Hospital in Lagos, all Health workers and their family members dead and alive, remain one we shall forever cherish. We must recognise the Nigerian Field Epidemiologist Programme Team and the Volunteer Team who worked in contact tracing, social mobilisation and case management.”


Credit: The Guardian

By: Temitope Bamidele


naija ghana


The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has announced that a debt of 33.8 billion naira ($169 million, 150 million euros) owed by the Volta River Authority has been resolved. The debt had led to Nigeria threatening to cut off the power supply.



"The highlight of the agreement is that the total sum of gas supply debt will be cleared by February 2016 at the latest," NNPC spokesman Ohi Alegbe said in a statement.



He added: "It would be recalled that Nigeria had threatened to cut gas supply to Ghana by 70 percent over a $181 million debt that had accumulated over the years."



The agreement followed high-level talks involving the head of the NNPC Ibe Kachikwu and Ghana's President John Dramani Mahama, with his Minister of Power, Kwabena Donkor.

By Chika Jones



Senator Shehu Sani has said that there are 13 factors responsible for the continuous assaults by the dreaded Islamist terror group, Boko Haram.




He said: "Your relevance today is very much needed in terms of finding solutions to the challenges of our era and challenge of our generation. I have been able to identify 13 factors that have seriously contributed to pervasive insecurity and the wave of violence and bloodshed ignited and sustained by insurgency in the North-eastern part of Nigeria."



"We have reached a point in the North where we are not safe in the mosque, not safe in office, not safe in church and in any public gathering."



The points are listed below:


1. The first and very strong factor has to do with manipulation of religion. There is no doubt those who took up the part of extremism sow its seed from manipulating and distorting religious teachings.


2. The second is the disconnect between government and the governed. The growing gap between the leader and the led has created a vacuum, and has made it possible for violent extremists to take over that vacuum and propagate their murderous ideology.



3. The third factor is the prevalence of social and economic injustices. What you refuse to invest in social security, you must spend on national security.



4. The fourth factor is the global terror epidemic – terror contagion. Terrorism in Yemen, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Africa spreads its cancerous effect destroying lives and property.



5. The fifth factor is the collapse of public education. Normal schools that should have provided meaningful education to our children have collapsed, and as such people who cannot find good place to learn, they will go and learn from bad places.



6. Then we have the massive unemployment as the sixth factor. Many of our young people that ought to live decent and responsible life are roaming about in the street. People like these are vulnerable and represent one of the most potent threats to our collective existence, our unity, our peace and our democracy.



7. As the seventh factor, we have the prolification of arms and unguarded boarders. It has become easy for arms to move around our country, so accessible that our boarders are porous and as such extremists find it easier to pick up guns and ammunition to fight.




8. The eighth factor is the Under-development of the North by previous administrations. It is very clear that governments in the past have not used the opportunity of power to educate the region, to develop the region, to lift our people out of poverty. So, there was irresponsibility in governance at that time.



9. The ninth factor is Human right abuses and Extra-judicial killings. This is another very important factor. If you violate the fundamental rights of your citizens, all you are encouraging is act of lawlessness because lawlessness begets lawlessness. The root cause of this insurgency was triggered by the Killing of a leader out of the confines of the law and since then, we never knew peace. This is an issue.



10. Economic collapse of the North is the tenth. Most of our industries have closed down. Our economy is as arid as our weather. Most of our States depend on oil revenues to pay salaries and execute capital project. We have neglected agriculture, we refuse to explore solid minerals, we refuse to use our power, which is the wealth of people we have to advance our region.



11. As eleventh factor, we can also say that capitalism breeds terrorism. Where we have an institutionalized master-servant relationship, where you have a system that is unjust, unfair and unconcerned about the state of the poor, then you have created a ground for people to take desperate measures to survive.



12. Disunity in the North occasioned by intra-fighting between ethnic groups and believes have created a vacuum. So, for us to win a war that has threatened our collective existence, unity is inevitable.



13. And then I can say the distortion of religious realities and facts is the seed of terrorism. That is where the seed is. If you are a preacher and you distort the teachings of religion and bring something that is not supposed to be there, you are creating a monster.



The senator also added: "Therefore, for us to win the war against insurgency, we must break the wall of fear. Our religious clerics should choose the option of either engaging the insurgents or confronting them. The battle against insurgency is the battle for the soul of Islam, for the soul of the North and for the soul of Nigeria."


By Chika Jones




Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN) is targeting low and medium income earners with loans to enable them purchase Peugeot cars and repay in instalments.



In order to kick start this, PAN has gone ahead to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on auto loan alliance with the First City Monument Bank (FCMB) in Abuja last week. This will enable Nigerians who wish to buy Peugeot cars to do so on loan and repay monthly for the maximum of 60 months.



PAN Managing Director Ibrahim Boyi said Peugeot cars are a heritage to Nigerians adding that those bought 30years ago still ply the roads. He also said that those who bought the Peugeot cars came back with testimonies of its comfort, quality, safety and reliability. 



He revealed that the loan facility is accessible at any FCMB branch or any accredited PAN dealer upon meeting the required criteria. He added that there are other repayment plans depending on the model of the vehicle desired and the cash flow of the customer. He said the offer included free vehicle registration, free tracking, three years free maintenance service and discounted free insurance premium.



He urged Nigerians to buy brand new cars at an affordable price rather than buy a fairly used vehicle that is not safety guaranteed.


By Kindness Okoli




According to reports, Nigeria currently has an external debt of $11 billion dollars. However, the Director General of Debt Management Office (DMO), Dr. Abraham Nwankwo, has stated that this cannot lead to a collapse of the economy.



Nwankwo explained: “Presently Nigeria owes domestically about N11 trillion naira and externally about $11 billion dollars. Let me emphasise that debt matter is not just the quantum, what is important is how these resources are deployed to encourage growth, development, generate employment and reduce poverty.”
“Secondly, what matters when you borrow is whether you are in a position to pay back and to service it as at when due. In the case of Nigeria, i want to assure you that Nigeria remains sustainable.”



The DMO boss further stated: “Based on current global economic problems, particularly the collapse of oil prices, all of us should be aware that this is having significant impact on economies all over the world. But even at that I can assure that the Nigerian economy is very resilient because Government is in control, and Nigeria will continue to remain sustainable.”


By Chika Jones


The Obalufe, the second-in-command to the Ooni of Ife and head of Ife kingmakers, Oba Solomon Folorunso Omisakin, is dead. The Obalufe died in a hospital at 85 yesterday.

Speculation has it that the Lowa of Ife, Oba Joseph Ijaodola, may be the next replacement for the Obalufe.




By: Temitope Bamidele

The Acting Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Prof Umar Dambatta, represented by the Assistant Director, Public Relations in the commission, Mr. Reuben Muoka, in Abuja International Trade Fair on Wednesday, has warned telecommunication subscribers in the country not to use phone lines that do not bear their identity for reasons that the line(s) may have been registered by a criminal.

He shed light on the directive for the disconnection of all invalid or improperly registered SIM cards was, saying it is for collective and individual security.

He said, “Our monitoring activities have revealed in some locations across the country that some people are still patronising agents selling pre-registered SIM cards. We have severally informed subscribers that it is dangerous to use phone lines that do not bear your identity because it may have been registered by criminals. The commission is determined to wipe the issue of pre-registered SIMs."





By: Temitope Bamidele

The Lagos State Coordinator of the National Youth Service Corps, (NYSC), Mr. Cyril Akhanameh, on Wednesday disclosed that 45 corps members will repeat the service.

According to him: “45 corps members will repeat their service year due to physical absence from their places of primary assignments.”

He added that: "Many of the corps members left their places of primary assignments for over three months without. permission, adding that when queried, they could not give any genuine reason for being absent.”

“The level of their punishments, he noted, will be determined by the level of their offences, stating that many of them will repeat, serve for three or four months in any part of the states that NYSC Authorities will choose.”





By: Temitope Bamidele

The Lagos State House of Assembly, on Wednesday, has confirmed the list of 36 commissioner nominees submitted by Governor Ambode on the 21st of September.

The approved commissioners are expected to be sworn into the state's Executive Council anytime soon.




By: Temitope Bamidele

Senate Suspends Screening till Tuesday


The Nigerian Senate has via its twitter handle announced that the screening of ministerial nominees has been postponed till Tuesday.
Below is the announcement:
By: Chika Onwuasoanya

There was a robbery attack that occurred in one of the new generation banks located at Trans Amadi in Portharcourt Rivers State.

According to the Police Public Relations Officer, Ahmed Mohammed, the police responded after they received a distress call and acted immediately.

The robbers were said to be a gang of eight. They were fleeing with two utility vehicles when the police engaged them in a gun battle and over-powered them.

The main vehicle used for the operation was recovered and was found to be carrying the stolen bags of money which amounted to 130 million naira.




By: Kindness Okoli

Osinbajo meets with Governors

Nigerian Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, is currently meeting with Governors of some Nigerian States in Aso Rock.

States whose governors were present for the National Economic Council (NEC) meeting are – Delta, Adamawa, Lagos, Zamfara, Kwara, Anambra, Rivers (Deputy), Plateua, Nasarawa, Kano, Bauchi, Sokoto and Ogun.

Others are – Yobe, Ondo, Imo, Niger, Borno, Benue, Taraba, Oyo, Ebonyi, Abia, Cross River, Kaduna, Osun, Edo, Kebbi and Kogi States.

It has been revealed that it is a closed door meeting to deliberate on the remaining aspect of bailout for states, refund of money spent on Federal roads by state governments and updates on the investigation of excess crude account under last administration.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The bad flooding incidence in Delta State has claimed two lives and displayed numerous households and forced many to seek temporary shelter in the special camps opened by the state government.

The Chairman of the state's special committee on flood and the state's Deputy Governor, Mr Kingsley Otuaro,  confirmed the death of the two persons in Asaba and Ukuani areas.


Credit: This Day

By: Temitope Bamidele


The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at Kuchingoro camp in Abuja on Wednesday lynched two un-identified persons over unconfirmed allegations and suspicion of motorcycle theft.

The duo were burnt to death as a result of the rampant theft common in the camp.





By: Temitope Bamidele


The Court of Appeal in Ibadan has dismissed the petition filed by the accord governorship candidate in Oyo State, Rashidi Ladoja against Governor Ajimobi.

The Appeal Court which upheld the decision of the Election Tribunal which has earlier dismissed Ladoja's claim against Governor Ajimoba as winner of the April 11 governorship election.

The court led by Justice M. Saulawa, said: “Handing a different ruling will be an exercise in futility.

“The appeal is dismissed in its entirety and the ruling of the lower tribunal on August 18 is upheld.”





By: Temitope Bamidele


A new investigative report by the Tax Justice and Governance Platform has revealed that between 2010 and 2014, Nigeria lost $2.1billion as revenue as a result of pioneering status scheme granted to oil and gas companies.

In breakdown, the report unveiled that between 2009 and 2014, 22 oil and gas companies were given pioneer status from which Nigeria lost $54.1million in 2010, $147.2million in 2011, $728.3million in 2012, $1billion in 2013 and $179.3million in 2014.

The pioneer status means a legally tax holiday incentive by government to encourage and promote some industries, products and services identified as priority areas and growth drivers of the economy.




By: Temitope Bamidele


The Director General of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Chris Onyemenam, on Wednesday officially presented President Muhammadu Buhari's National Identity card to him in the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

At the presentation, Onyemenam, revealed that the commission has already captured about 20million in its database.

Onyemenam added that: “We did two things. First we demonstrated to the President how the national identification number can be used to confirm the identity of an individual even if the person is not present. That is the reason why we said the identification number is a security number. Because if you have access to our data base, you can confirm the identity of an individual.

“Secondly we presented the electronic card to the President and we demonstrated to him how it will be taken round. This is one Rome that was not built in a day, slow and steady with the help of harmonization and integration. We are getting rapidly far more than we ever did before, in trying to unite our data base, and I demonstrated that.”





By: Temitope Bamidele


President Muhammadu Buhari, in a letter to Senate President,  Bukola Saraki, on Wednesday has withdrawn the nomination of Mr Musa Ibeto of Niger State as ministers for confirmation by the Senate.

The letter read: “I write to withdraw the nomination of Ahmed, earlier submitted for confirmation as a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

The president replaced Ibeto with Abubakar Bawa (also from Niger state).

No reason was given for the replacement.





By: Temitope Bamidele

The Nigerian Senate has cleared immediate past Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola; the current Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr Ibe Kachikwu; Abubakar Malami, SAN;  the former Governor of Anambra State, Dr Chris Ngige; and Senator Aisha Jumai Alhassan as ministers.

However, the screening of Rotimi Amaechi was postponed by the Senate.


By: Temitope Bamidele


The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has disclosed that the 2016 African Nations Championship (CHAN) final round first leg qualifier match between Nigeria and Burkina Faso which was earlier scheduled on Sunday, 18th of October, will now hold on Saturday, the 17th of October.

The NFF website also added that the match will begin 4pm at Adokiye Amiesieamaka Stadium in Port Harcourt.

The winner of the two leg matches shall qualify for the next African Nations Championship in Rwanda, next year.





By: Temitope Bamidele


The immediate ex-Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, during his screening before the Senate, disclosed that he did not corruptly enrich himself in the controversial N78 million personal website deal executed during his governorship tenure.

Fashola on Wednesday said: “I don’t award contracts because there is a tenders board in place. They do market survey to get the price benchmark for these things. There is a process and we have consultants who check these things periodically. Nobody has alleged that I have corruptly enriched myself.”




By: Temitope Bamidele

President Muhammadu Buhari has withdrawn the name of one of the ministerial nominees he had sent to the Senate for confirmation.

President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki announced that the name of Ahmed Isa Ibeto who was representing Niger State had been screened out by the President on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday.

No reason was given for the withdrawal of Ibeto who is currently the Deputy Governor of Niger State. The Senate continues screening of the ministerial nominees today. Ten nominees were cleared after Tuesday’s exercise.

Among the ten nominees to be screened today being Wednesday are former governors of Lagos, Rivers and Anambra states, Babatunde Fashola, Rotimi Amaechi and Chris Ngige, respectively.




By: Kindness Okoli

Nigeria has been ranked the largest exporters of football players and the 5th in the world.

A report released by CIES football observatory showed that only Brazil, France, Argentina and Serbia are ahead of Nigeria in the rating.

In the report, Nigeria is arguably Africans best supplier of football talent across the country having about 596 players scattered across the world. Brazil exports about 1,784 players across the world.

Among the 15 countries exporting the most players, six are Europeans, five are Africans and four south American Nations.

In the African countries, after Nigeria comes Senegal with a total of 377 exports, Cote d'ivoire with 370 exports, Cameron 366 and Ghana with 365.




By: Kindness Okoli

PDP Rivers Senators lose bid against Amaechi

Former Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi has come under intense opposition from PDP Senators in Rivers.

The three lawmakers from Rivers state, George Sekibo, Olaka Nwogu and Osinachukwu Ideozu had last week opposed the clearance of Amaechi with a petition laid before the Senate by Sekibo.

However, it was revealed that their petition might not stop the former Governor from been screened.

"Our colleagues from Rivers State are not comfortable with this development because the knife to cut Amaechi’s bid has already been sharpened if we had not waved the rule that a ministerial candidate must have the support of his home senators,” A Senator from one of the Southern States said, demanding anonymity because the sensitivity of the matter.

The screening which began yesterday will continue for two more days.
By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The Red Cross and a vigilante group has confirmed the death of seven people in a recent explosion that rocked Maiduguri on Tuesday.

Three suicide bombers detonated explosives at Sajeri, a community on the outskirts of the city centre, around 8:30 PM. The seven dead bodies have since been evacuated from the blast.

Sadly, the red cross has recorded that 54 people have been killed and 90 injured in bombings in three weeks in the same state.




By: Kindness Okoli


In honour of the first civilian governor of the state, Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, the Bayelsa state government has declared a seven days of mourning.

Chief Alamieyeseigha died as a result of cardiac arrest at the University Teaching Hospital portharcourt.

During this period, all flags in all public buildings and premises across the state will not be flown.

Condolence registers have been opened at the Government house, the State secretariat complex.





By: Kindness Okoli

The Kwara State House of Assembly has revealed the names of the ten commissioner nominees submitted by Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed had last week.

The nominees are: Engr Musa Yeketi (Asa local government), Engr Idris Garba (Baruteen), Taiwo Joseph (Ekiti), Aro Yahaya (Ifelodun),  Rasaq Sheu Akorede (Ilorin East), Bolakale Ayo (Ilorin West local government), Demola Banu (Irepodun), Hajia Funmilayo Isiaka Oniwa (Moro local government) and Mahmud Babatunde Ajeigbe (Offa local government).

The nominees are directed by the Speaker, Dr Ali Ahmadto, to appear before the House for screening at 10 am, on Tuesday next week.

Ahmadto also urged the public to forward their issues, queries, questions and petitions, if any, to the Clerk to the House, Mr. Simon Ayodele Okedare latest by Sunday, the 18th of this month.




By: Temitope Bamidele


The Senate in its proceedings on Tuesday has cleared ten ministerial nominees submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Those cleared are: Senator Udoma Udo Udoma; former governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi; ex-National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Audu Ogbeh; ex-National Chairman of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu; Dr. Osagie Ehanire; the National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Alhaji Lai Mohammed; a former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen.Abdulrahman Danbazzau (rtd); a former Special Assistant to the United Nations Secretary General on Post 2015 Development Planning, Amina Ibrahim Mohammed; Suleiman Adamu; and Ibrahim Jubril Adamu from Jigawa State.

Also, the second ministerial nominee list sent to the Senate by on Monday was revealed. The list, which contains 16 names, completes the constitutional representation of all the states of the federation in the federal cabinet.




By: Temitope Bamidele

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has said it will start issuing certificates of national service with the passport photographs of corps members from the 15th of October.

The Director-General of NYSC, Brig.-Gen. Johnson Olawumi, who was represented by Alhaji Aliu Daura, NYSC’s Director of Certification disclosed this on Tuesday in Abuja at the unveiling of the newly improved-on certificate of national service.

He said: “In our concerted effort to make the operation of the NYSC conform with global best practices, the scheme engaged in the holistic “e-nysc solution” with effect from batch ‘C’ 2014, where prospective corps members register online before proceeding to the orientation camps.

“This resulted in the enhancement of issuance of NYSC certificates namely: Certificate of National Service, Certificate of Exemptions, and Letters of Exclusion.

“With effect from Batch ‘C’ 2014, all certificates of national service bear passport photographs of the corps member at the upper right hand corner of the certificate.

“This is to guarantee the security of our certificates from forgery and to block all chances of impersonation.

“Therefore, Batch ‘C’ 2014 corps members, who are due to pass-out on Thursday, 15 October 2015, will have their certificates embossed with their photograph.

“Employers are encouraged to forward any certificate purportedly issued by the scheme for verification of its authenticity or otherwise.

“Effort is being made by the scheme to also make the verification of all NYSC certificates to be automated for easy access by the general public."

Also, NYSC Director of Press Earlier, Mrs Bose Aderibigbe, addressing the public particularly employers said: “You do not have to come to the headquarters just go online and verify the authenticity of the certificate. This will ensure that the people you are recruiting are the real owners of the document.

“Those who qualify for the certificate of national service are those who participated in the youth service right from the orientation till passing out.

“Those who qualify for the certificate of exemption are graduates who are above 30 years at the time of graduation or recipients of the National Presidential Honours Award.

“Persons who have joined the Armed Forces, Police, National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the Department of State Security (DSS) are also issued certificates of exemption.

“Letters of exclusion are issued to part-time and distance learning students and those who have not been able to pass through the normal university or polytechnic system.”





By: Temitope Bamidele


The Area E Command of the Nigeria Police force has recovered 27 million naira from over fleeing 40 armed robbers after they robbed Diamond and Access Banks at 4th Avenue, FESTAC Town, Lagos state.

The Area E Commander, ACP Frank Mba disclosed this, saying the recovered money has been deposited in another Diamond bank. He added that the force also recovered about 240 rounds of  AK47 live ammunition.





By: Temitope Bamidele

The wife of the Abia State governor, Mrs.Nkechi Ikpeazu has distributed nutritional food supplements to pregnant and nursing mothers at the Federal Medical Center Umuahia in Abia State.

During the distribution of the food items, Mrs. ikpeazu urged the women to use the items wisely adding that they must at all times listen to the advice of the medical personnel assigned to them for the growth of their babies and safe delivery.

She also used the opportunity to pay the bills of some patients who could not afford it.

Those who benefited didn't hide their excitement as they thanked and rendered prayers for the government for coming to their aid.




By: KIndness Okoli

Meet Mr and Miss Nigeria UK

The Mr and Miss Nigeria UK cultural beauty pageant is an international christian child development and child advocacy ministry project.

The contestants are British-born Nigerian youths and the winners for 2015 are: Jane Ezeanaka and Theo Ogundipe.

Below are their pictures:

Jane Ezeanaka
Theo Ogundipe
By:  Chika Onwuasoanya

The Nigerian Navy has warned it's officers against the abuse of civilian rights within or outside their environment.

The Rear Admiral Abdulkadir made this known while addressing the officers of his command during a tour of units under his command in Cross River state. He said the act was implemented to develop a cordial relationship between the military and the civilian.

Any navy officer who is found wanting or caught in illegal act will not be spared.




By: Kindness Okoli

Residents of Adiabo in Odukapni, a community in Cross River state are currently benefiting from the free medical service set up by the members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). About a thousand of them have been medically checked by the medical and health care group of the NYSC.

The Group provided the residents with blood pressure checks, sugar level checks, malaria parasite, de-worming and it's treatment. They also distributed mosquito nets.

The NYSC group said that the exercise was done to help the less privileged ones and physically impaired in the community.

The Corp members said they chose the community because it's one of the communities that lacked adequate health care service.

Some of those who benefited couldn’t hide their excitement as one of them said it's a live changing exercise and called on other Nigerians to emulate the same.




By: Kindness Okoli

Senator Obinna Ogba, a former member of the executive committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), has implored Super Eagles Coach, Sunday Oliseh, to tread with care.

He stated that he was not happy with the way Vincent Enyeama was treated, adding that, “We appreciate that Oliseh has said he is building a new team but he should also remember that he must not destroy what he met on ground.

“Both the coach and the NFF must remember that we still need Enyeama, there are no two ways about it. Afterall, most of his mates are still playing.

He continued: “Enyeama is very much relevant in the national team, and I want to state that I don’t support Oliseh for that decision.

“Anything that should be done to bring back the first choice goalkeeper must be done because we cannot afford to miss out of the next Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).”




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The Imo State Government has recovered two inactive factories which was sold out to the Nigeria Deposit Insurance company, NDIC.

The governor of the state said this at the handing over ceremony held at the Trade Investment Centre located at the capital of the state.

An NDIC representative, Obaji Obaji, who was present at the ceremony said that the Imo State Government has completed all the necessary transactions needed to fully own the two factories.

The governor was commended by the Chairman of the Trade Investment Center, Mr Rex Anunobi, for this achievement.

The governor however expressed hope that the recovery of the two factories would create job opportunities for Imo youths and at the same time increase the internal revenue of the state.

Meanwhile the masses of Imo have been urged to support the government on its industrialization plan.




By: Kindness Okoli

Nigeria's former vice president, Namadi Sambo has reportedly been hospitalized in the US, after leaving office.

Mohammed Namadi Sambo was the Vice President in the Goodluck Jonathan-led administration, which handed over to President Muhammadu Buhari on May 29 2015

Above, he is pictured in his residence, recovering from the knee surgery he underwent.




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Victoria Yohanna, a 15 year old Nigerian schoolgirl who escaped Boko Haram clutches has been invited by the United Kingdom Parliament, to tell her story.

She was one of more than 400 people abducted by the terrorists during an attack on the north-east Nigerian town of Baga in January.

Victoria has been accompanied to the UK by Father Gideon Obasogie, a priest from Maiduguri, where she is now living.

She told the press, “We heard shooting and the sound of bombs in the early hours of the morning, and at first I thought it was the Nigerian army trying to protect us. Then I realised it was Boko Haram. Those Boko Haram members whose duty is to take women and children for their caliphate took our entire family and made us walk on foot to one of their camps.”

One night, when terrorists went out to kidnap more people, Victoria and the rest of her family managed to escape from the camp.

“I knew what had happened to the Chibok schoolgirls and was very scared. Were it not for God we would probably all be dead by now,” she said.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

According to Amnesty International, an international human rights regulatory body, there are various human rights violations in the fight against insurgency in Nigeria.

Salil Shetty, the Secretary General of Amnesty International explained that establishing the new office would send a clear message that the body stands in solidarity with the victims of human rights violations, alongside the individuals and organizations already fighting abuses.

He said, "The new government has made promises of accountability, and we welcome that. Now, we must hold them to their words.”

The body has now opened a new office in Abuja, Nigeria, to be headed by Ambassador M. K. Ibrahim.




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Youngest Ministerial Nominee's Profile

At 48, Abubakar Malami  is the youngest ministerial nominee on President Buhari's list.

Below is his profile:

*He was an aspirant for the office of Governor of Kebbi State in 2015 on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, but lost the ticket to Atiku Bagudu.

*He was born in Birnin Kebbi of Birnin Kebbi Local Government Area of Kebbi State on 17th April, 1967 to Late Hon. Khadi Malami Nasarawa and his loving wife Halima Malami.

*Attended Nassarawa Primary School Birnin Kebbi (1973 – 1979), College of Arts and Arabic Studies (1979-1984), College of Legal and Islamic Studies Sokoto (1984-1987), Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (1987-1991)Nigerian Law School , Lagos (1992)University of Maiduguri where he earned Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) in 1994.

*Abubakar has an impressive venture in the political arena. As politician Abubakar rose to become the:-National Legal Adviser of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC).

*Chairman Legal Team of the CPC Presidential Campaign Organization, 2011

*Member of the PDP Legal Team for Election Petition, 2003

*Member Kano State Local Government Election Tribunal, 2004

*Resource Person to the Manifesto Drafting Sub-Committee of Inter Joint Party Merger Committees between the CPC, ACN & ANPP towards the formation of the All Progressives Congress (APC), 2013.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has debunked reports of a purported reduction in the current pump price of petrol from N87 per litre to N57.

The NNPC’s Group General Manger, Group Public Affairs Division, Mr Ohi Alegbe has said the reports are false and misleading.

Members of the public are advised to ignore such false reports as the price of fuel still remains N87.

Meanwhile, various steps are being put in place to ensure that there are no fuel queues throughout the country ahead of the forthcoming yuletide.




By: Kindness Okoli

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, on Monday, has received President Muhammadu Buhari's second list of ministerial nominees.

The second list was submitted by the Chief of Staff to the President, Alhaji Abba Kari, in company of two Senior Special Assistants to the President on National Assembly Matters, Senator Ita Enang and Hon. Abdulrahman Kawu Sumaila, to the Senate President around 4:20pm today.

The Senate screening process which is expected to take three days shall begin on Tuesday.

No disclosure has been made on the names of the submitted list yet.




By: Temitope Bamidele

The Sokoto State Governor, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal has given directive on Monday on the swift payment of scholarship to all Sokoto indigenes studying in various schools across the world.

This was disclosed in a statement by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Public Affairs, Malam Imam Imam; saying N387,990,012.00 has been approved for students studying in schools in Europe, United States, Asia and some African countries, excluding Uganda, Sudan, Niger Republic and Bangladesh.

He added that the government had set aside the sum of N503,590,856,00 for payment to Sokoto indigenes studying in schools across Nigeria.

Imam further stressed that this development is inline with the governor's promise on bettering the educational sector.


Credit: This Day

By: Temitope Bamidele

The National Assembly Elections Tribunal in Ilorin, Kwara State, will pronounce its judgment in the petition against Senate President, Bukola Saraki, today on Tuesday.

The petitioner, Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq, challenged Dr. Saraki as the winner of the March 28th elections in Kwara Central.




By: Temitope Bamidele

The National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has sued the National Publicity Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP), Olisa Metuh, for alleged libel at the Lagos State High Court.

Mohammed is demanding for N500 million as damages from  Metuh for issuing a malicious press statement that was harmful to Mohammed's reputation.

The press statement in concerned was titled "Assault on democracy: Address issues" and was issued on September 20.

In the press release, Mohammed is described as “being ethically challenged” and “embezzling funds meant for fencing of an airport in an APC-led Southwest state”.

Metuh also accused the APC spokesman of “fraudulently refusing to supply ambulances after collecting money from another APC Southwest state,” Metuh added that: “It is then a comedy of roles when Alhaji Lai Mohammed speaks on corruption, a topic he practices and has well learnt, being personal aide to one of the most corrupt politicians to ever bestride the political landscape of the country.”




Credit: The Nation

By: Temitope Bamidele

The Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions has suspended its consideration of the petitions against the nominations of former Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, and Amina Ibrahim Mohammed as ministers.

Amaechi was alleged by a Port Harcourt based group, The Integrity Group, of financial irregularities worth N70 billion while he was Rivers state governor.

However, the Senate committee, after a brief meeting with Amaechi at the National Assembly, said the subject matter of the petition which is related to the white paper on a report of a Judicial Panel of Inquiry is already a subject of court case.

The former Rivers governor, who appeared before the committee in company with his former Commissioner for Information, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari and two members of the House of Representatives, told the panelists that the matter upon which the committee invited him is pending before a court of competent jurisdiction.

The Chairman of the committee, Senator Samuel Anyanwu, suspended the petitions in line with Section 7 of the Senate Standing Rules when it was learnt that the allegations have been tendered before a legal court and awaits court pronouncement.

Anyanwu stated that the furtherance of the Senate on the petition would lead to sub-judice.

However, Anyanwu said consideration would continue on other aspect of the petition which is not yet before any legal court.

Also, Mohammed's petition was suspended based on the petition against her which stated contrary to her true state, Gombe state, that she is from Kaduna state.




By: Temitope Bamidele


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has arrested former Governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam, on Monday, over alleged corruptions worth billions of naira during his reign as governor of the state.

The arrest was confirmed by EFCC spokesman, Wilson Uwajuren who said Suswam “was invited by the EFCC in connection with ongoing corruption investigation in Benue State.”




By: Temitope Bamidele


The Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Board, on Monday, has confirmed that 16 of the state's pilgrims had so far been confirmed dead during the Hajj stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia.

The Board's Public Relations Officer, Alhaji Nuhu Badamasi, revealed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kano; saying: “As I am talking to you know, 16 of our pilgrims have so far been confirmed dead in the stampede in Mina.'’

He added that the deceased had since been buried in the Holy land with approval of their relations and that  1, 700 pilgrims had returned from the Holy land safely.




By: Temitope Bamidele

The National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal in Awka, Anambra state has upheld the senatorial election of Princess Stella Oduah for Anambra North Senatorial district on Monday.

Also, on Monday, the Cross River Election Petitions Tribunal upheld the elections of Sen. Gershom Bassey of the Peoples Democratic Party in Cross River South.




By: Temitope Bamidele


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Monday visited President Muhammadu Buhari in company of Colombian security experts to share their experiences in the combating of terror.

Obasanjo, who addressed newsmen pointed out that it is necessary for Nigeria to learn for Colombia. He said, “Let me just let you know that I have come to see the President for two reasons. The first one is the one you have just seen. I brought a delegation of those of us who visited Colombia last year under the auspices of a foundation which I am the chairman.

“We went to Colombia to see how all the Colombian authorities were handling the issue of insurgency which had been with them for more than 50 years. “As a result of that visit and the experience we had, a book was produced and I said to them that it will be interesting for us in Nigeria to learn as much as we can learn from the experience of Colombia.”

Speaking on the president's reaction to the visit, Obasanjo said: “He was interested. You know that one thing you can say about the President is that he is anxious to learn and he has listening ears. Of course, nobody knows it all. A good leader must seek every opportunity to learn and to put what he learns into practice,” Obasanjo stated.

Obasanjo also expressed optimism for an end to insurgency, saying, “Oh yes. If we won the civil war, we can win this one. But like the Colombian said, we are not waiting until we kill all the insurgents to say we have won.

“I believe that once the military has the upper hand, other measures that have to be taken will be put in place.”




Credit: The Nation

By: Temitope Bamidele

CV of the Oldest Ministerial Nominee

Below is the CV of the oldest nominee in the list, former Peoples Democratic Party chairman, Chief Audu Ogbeh from Benue state.

*Ogbeh was born on July 28, 1947, in Otukpo, Benue state. He studied at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (1969 – 1972) and the University of Toulouse, France (1973 – 1974)

*Ogbeh who also tried his hands in lecturing, lectured at the Institute of Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (1972 – 1976) and also headed the Department of Humanities, Murtala College of Arts, Science and Technology (1977 – 1979).

*He became the deputy speaker of the Benue state house of assembly on the platform of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) in 1979.

*He was appointed federal Minister of Communications and later became Minister of Steel Development in 1982.

*He was appointed National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2001.

*Ogbeh is the chairman and managing director of Efugo Farms in Makurdi

*He is a member of Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships Incorporated, based in Philadelphia, United States of America.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

UNICAL shuts down over students protest


The University of Calabar (UNICAL) was in chaos earlier today, as students of the institution trooped out en masse to protest.

While the bone of contention is not immediately clear, we gathered that part of the problem was with the living conditions inside the school hostel,

The School authorities have reacted by announcing  a Two Week Mid Semester Break for all students of the University with effect from today 12th October, 2015.

Students are expected to vacate the Hostels on or before 6:00pm to enable Management address the issues raised by the students.

Normal academic activities would resume on Friday, 30th October, 2015.




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Senator Dino Melaye's Election Upheld

Reports are coming in that Senator Dino Melaye of APC, Kogi State has had his election upheld by the tribunal.

The decision was taken this morning by the tribunal after being challenged by the former holder of the seat, Smart Adeyemi, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The elated Senator went on twitter to celebrate, tweeting:

"Praise God.Sen Dino Melaye's election upheld and Sen. Smart Adeyemi's petition dismissed for lack of merit."




By: Chika Onwuasoanya


According to a report by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the revenue from oil sales for Nigeria decreased sharply from September 2014 - July 2015.

The fall in global oil prices over the last year has affected the revenue of the oil-dependent nation, which derives more than 90 percent of its foreign exchange earnings from crude sales.

The NNPC’s monthly publication of provisional financial and operational data is an innovation introduced by the new boss of the organisation, Ibe Kachikwu, aimed at opening its books to public scrutiny, the statement said.




By: Kindness Okoli

The Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, has disclosed that the Federal Government has earned $3.420 billion in eight months (January-August) from sale of oil and gas.

Out of the earned revenue, $0.61billion was remitted to the Federation Account as dollar proceeds while $2.815billion was used to fund the NNPC Joint Venture (JV) cash call (counterpart funding) within the period.

The corporation spokesman, Ohi Alegbe, said Kachikwu disclosed the news in his report on the Corporation’s operations for the year — which is in line with his promise to keep the books of transaction of NNPC in the oil gas industry open to Nigerians.




By: Temitope Bamidele

The Ijaw National Congress (INC) has declared a 7-day mourning in all Ijaw communities in honour of the late former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, who died on Saturday.

This was said in a statement by the INC president, Boma Obuoforibo, who said: “The Ijaw nation was thrown into grief by the death of Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, the Governor General of the Ijaw nation, on October 10, at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, following a cardiac arrest. On behalf of the Ijaw National Congress, INC, Worldwide, we commiserate with his widow, Mrs Margaret Alamieyeseigha, the entire Alamieyeiseigha family of Amassoma, the Ogboin Clan, Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State and the government and people of Bayelsa State on this great tragedy that has befallen the Ijaw Nation.”

The APC also mourns the former Bayelsa State governor, commiserating with his family, friends and the Bayelsa State Government.

Also, the Peoples Democratic Party grieved for the deceased describing him as an outstanding party-man despite his travails.




By: Temitope Bamidele

Police nabs suspects in Olu Falae's kidnap


The police have reported that they have made five arrests in connection with the kidnap of the Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation Chief Olu Falae.

According to Sun Newspaper, the suspects were arrested with the balance of N800,000, out of the alleged N5m ransom money.

They also said the suspects will be paraded soon.




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Two Obas engage in a fight in Ogun state

The village head of Alagbe community in Imeko Afon local government area of Ogun state, Joseph Ogunrinde, and Oba Samuel Adeluyi of Oloola of Ilara in the same local government are at logger heads. Joseph Ogunrinde the village head claimed to have been beaten to a coma by the monarch’s wife and son.

He said: “It was around 5:00pm that fateful day, Kabiyesi,Oba Samuel Adeluyi called me to his palace and gave me a letter from the Paramount ruler of Yewaland,who is also the Olu of Ilaro,Oba Kehinde Olugbenle. After reading the letter, I requested from Kabiyesi to allow me do some photocopy of the letter, so that he can show his people at Alagbe community, and the monarch granted the request.

“As I was descending from the stairs, Kabiyesi called me back and demanded for the letter. I was shocked and was going back to meet with him and enquired what has happened.

“Before moving back, Kabiyesi’s younger wife held me by my neck and asked me to run whenever Kabiyesi called me. Not too long again, one of his son,Prince Sola came out from a room, forcefully collected the letter from me and pounced on me till I became unconscious.

“Some youths in the area also joined them in the beating me. When my driver came in to rescue me, he was also beaten and sent away. They attempted to throw me down from the stairs, if not for the quick intervention of the policemen from Ilara, who rescued me. My car was at that moment turned to and was badly damaged.”

Reacting to the allegation, the Oba said:

“He told a lie, he came to my house to beat me. I have never seen this before, that Baale would beat a monarch. People saw him when he was beating me and they wanted to beat him back,but I did not allow them to beat him.

“Infact, it was a mechanic who came to repair my car that separated two of us, the incident occurred in the veranda of my house.My people wanted to beat him and I quickly stopped them because they may beat him to death. It was later that police arrived and whisked him away.

 “I was hospitalised for three days. I saw a vehicle that was destroyed, I was informed that the car belong to him, I never knew and I was not in the house when the car was destroyed and neither my wife nor my son beat him as he alleged.

“I have been invited by the Police and they have obtained statement from me.He was the one that harassed my wife, he rough-handled her cloth. Infact, he has committed an offence by harassing the ‘Olori’ . If I had allowed the people to beat him he would have died.”

Efforts to contact the State police public relations officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi to comment on the matter was not successful as his mobile lines were not connecting.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Finally the standoff between Sunday Oliseh and Vincent Enyeama might be at an end as it was reported that the Nigerian goalkeeper met with top NFF members and has decided to bury the hatchet and return to the national team.
However the new captain in his stead is Ahmed Musa and they may need to fight for captaincy of the national team.

The players also have another score to settle as the CAF player of the year award has pitched them against each other.




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Nigeria defeats Cameroon 3-0

Even with the brewing bad blood between the Super Eagle's Coach, Sunday Oliseh and Vincent Enyeama the former captain, the Super Eagles put on an impressive display against the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon.

Goals by Efe Ambrose, Simon Moses and super-sub, Odion Ighalo were all the resurgent Eagles required to ensure Oliseh has not lost two games back-to-back since he took over as the team’s coach.






By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The National Emergency Management Agency has confirmed an explosion inside a locked beer parlour today at L&K Street, Oworonsoki, in Lagos State, stating that four people were injured in the explosion.

This was confirmed by the agency's South West Coordinator, Mr. Ibrahim, on Sunday.

He said: “Fire service and police are trying to find out the cause of the explosion as the shop was locked at the time of explosion.

“Crowd are greatly impeding emergency works. We call on the crowd to leave the area entirely. The explosion partly affected building next to the beer parlour. The partly affected collapsed building do not pose any danger to the people.”





By: Temitope Bamidele

The president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Amaju Pinnick, has disclosed that a testimonial match will be organised in honour of Lille goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama who recently retired from the Super Eagles.

During a meeting between Enyeama and Pinnick, in Belgium on Sunday, the NFF president revealed that he told the ex-Super Eagle goalkeeper: “I told him that he did so well for Nigeria over the past 13 and-half years that he had been there, and by all means, is deserving of a honourable exit.”

Pinnick, addressing the journalists added that: “Whatever the situation, whether he decides to return to the team or not, the NFF will organise a worthy testimonial match in his honour because he served the nation so well.

“However, the head coach is in full charge of the team and the camp at all times, and that fact must be respected. The NFF will support and respect the decision of the head coach of any of the national teams at all times.

“Both Oliseh and Enyeama are true heroes of Nigeria football, if you look at what they achieved at different times. But Oliseh is head coach now and in charge of the team. We will continue to respect his contract, our role as a federation is advisory.”




By: Temitope Bamidele

Edo Fire Service has saved 1,228 Lives

According to the Edo State Fire Service Department, Public Relations Officer, Mr Franklyn Agbolahor, the department has saved not less than 1,228 lives between January and June 2015.

Breaking down the figures, he said that 531 persons were rescued in January, 172 in February, 122 in March, 116 in April, 177 in May, and 111 in June.

He said that although no life was lost during the incidents, property worth millions of Naira, including buildings, were destroyed.

He said that some of the lost property would have been saved but for the lack of access to the incidents sites.

The spokesman attributed some of the incidents to electrical faults, and advised residents to disconnect all their electrical appliances when leaving home and clear the grasses near their fences.

He urged the people to always ensure easy access to their buildings in case of emergencies.

He stated that the department had challenges, including inadequate personnel size and lack of fire-fighting equipment, which were hampering its operation.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

APC mourns Alamieyeseigha

Former Bayelsa Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha was reported dead on Saturday. The All Progressives Congress, has expressed their feelings about his death and tried to comfort the family.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party also condoled with the Bayelsa State Government over the death of its former governor.

It said it received the news of the former Governor’s demise with great shock, considering that he was not publicly reported to have been gravely ill.

APC prayed that the family would find comfort in their moment of sadness, as well as the strength to bear the loss of their loved one.

”May the soul of the departed also rest in perfect peace,” the party said.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


Following the latest scare of the news on Ebola after a patient died with symptoms likened to viral hemorrhagic fever, the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) has announced on Saturday that their staff that were quarantined for Ebola virus have been released.

Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee of the UCTH, Dr. Queeneth Kalu, who represented the hospital’s chief medical director, Dr. Thomas Agan, said:

“On Wednesday 7th of October there was an Ebola scare following a patient we managed who died after presenting with symptoms mimicking viral haemorrhagic fever. We are pleased to inform you that preliminary tests have excluded Ebola and Lassa fever. Further tests are being done for confirmation in line with international standards.”

He added that a temporary accident and emergency ward has been created while the main one which has been fumigated still remains closed.





By: Temitope Bamidele

Report has it that first executive governor of Bayelsa state, Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, is dead.

He died at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital in Rivers State.


Credit: The Nation

By: Temitope Bamidele

Akinlola Adegbite was reportedly killed by police when he attempted to kidnap one Bode Micheal at Angwan Tama area of the state on September 17, 2015. However his father tells a different version  of events:

The bereaved father said, “On September 17, 2015, I got a strange call from the polytechnic that the police had shot my son. I asked the person what could have possibly led to that. I just could not believe it because I knew my son could not have been involved in any violence.

“I asked the caller whether there was any riot in the school but the person said no. Many calls kept coming in but I just could not wait any longer, so I had to rush to the school campus to see what happened for myself.

“Just few meters away from the school gate where my son was allegedly killed by the police, I saw a huge crowd of students and residents. In the middle was my son, lying in the pool of his blood.”

It was at this point that the shocked father slumped and fainted.

He said he only found himself in the hospital the next day, wondering what happened.

“I was told that I had been unconscious since the previous day,” he said.

According to the bereaved father, Akinola was neither a kidnapper nor a cultist and he was sure he never joined any other bad gang.

With nowhere else to turn to, Adegbite has called on the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, and the National Human Rights Commission to intervene in the matter and fish out the policeman that killed his son.

“Almighty God will fight for me, but anybody who has a hand in my son’s death will surely pay for it. My family members will decide the next line of action,” he said.

The deceased’s elder brother, Damilola, who accompanied his father when he first went to the school campus to see Akinola’s body, told our correspondent “When we arrived at the school an eyewitness told us that someone came to his house while he was washing his clothes few metres from the school gate that his friend was engaged in a fight with some students and he immediately drove off to the scene of the event and upon arrival he saw a huge crowd of students gathered and trying to separate the fight.

“But he said at the moment he was about to leave with his friend, a team of armed policemen in a Hilux van arrived at the scene and started shooting sporadically in the air. We learnt Akinola was shot in the process.”

Damilola said the sudden death of his brother was like a bad dream. He said the deceased was being expected back home because he had just finished his ND programme.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

99 Nigerians have been confirmed dead and 215 missing in the recent Hajj stampede. The National Youth Service Corps has started contacting members of the 100 Corps members that received permission to go to Mecca. 

The NYSC Director, Press and Public Relations, Mrs. Bose Aderibigbe, who spoke in an interview, said, “We have started contacting their next-of-kin to let us know what is happening. So far, they have not told us anyone was missing.

“About 100 corps members got permission from us to go (for Hajj) and we have contacted their next-of-kin to find out whether they are in link with them. We have contacted our various states to contact their next-of-kin on the phone.

“The management of NYSC has compiled a list of those who applied and sent to the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria; until the reply comes that we can know. Also, their next-of-kin have been contacted. No one has gotten back to us that their wards were involved.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


According to a statement signed by makers of La Casera Apple drink, The La Casera Company, has announced that has fully resumed operations with immediate effect.

The company also disclosed that it had resolved all the issues that led to the dispute between it and its workers.

The statement stated: “The La Casera Company (TLCC) is delighted to announce the full resumption of all its activities with immediate effect.

“The dispute that had affected its operations over the last 2 weeks has now been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. Consequently, full scale production has re-commenced at its large factory on the Apapa – Oshodi Expressway near Mile 2.

“We would like to thank all our stakeholders who have worked together with us through this difficult period and trust that, as a result, our relationship will grow yet stronger over the coming months and years.”





By: Temitope Bamidele

Following the alleged N3.7 billion fraud in Kano state, the state's government through its commissioner of Information, Malam Mohammed Garba, has disclosed that it is ready to cooperate with ‘any investigation agency’ in connection with the fraud.

He added that the state government was “ready to expose all its records to any agency investigating the issue.

"As you know, there was a petition which prompted the ICPC to invite some government officials for questioning.

"To the best of our knowledge, nobody was indicted or found wanting as far as this issue is concerned.

"So, government is ready to expose all our records to any agency investigating the issue.’’





By: Temitope Bamidele


Unidentified gunmen today killed an oil worker at the Kolo Creek Oilfields operated by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in Ogbia local government area of Bayelsa. The armed security team stationed to guard the oil installation became alerted when they heard the sound of the gun.

The remains of the victim who was attacked Mr Austin Igwe, was evacuated by policemen from Ogbia Division and troops of Operation Pulo Shield (OPPS), the Joint Military outfit deployed to the field.

The relatives of the victim wailed uncontrollably at the crime scene.

Investigations are on going.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the deceased were urged to remain calm.




By: Kindness Okoli

A member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was declared missing when he could not be found in his place of primary assignment.
Akeem Adekunle, was deployed to Akwa Ibom State and posted to Itam Secondary School in Itu Local Government Area, however he has been missing for months.
The Director of Press and Public Relations in NYSC, Mrs. Bose Aderibigbe, alleged that Adekunle abandoned his place of primary assignment three months ago and since then had been with his family members without reporting to the authorities.
According to her, the team set up by the Director-General of NYSC, Brig.-Gen. Johnson Olawumi, visited the family of the missing corps member to unravel the circumstances leading to his disappearance only to discover that he was with his family members.
The leader of the team, Mr. Micheal Ahile and Director (Corps Welfare and Inspectorate) confirmed that Akeem Adekunle “abandoned his place of primary assignment some three months ago in Akwa Ibom State and since then has been with his family members without reporting to the team.”
Apparently the family had been hiding him all the while.
NYSC authorities have threatened to prosecute people involved in such acts.
By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Aremo Adekoya Adesegun Abdel-Majid, for the March 28 House of Representatives election in Ogun state, has lost his seat. He represented Ijebu East, Ijebu North and Ogun Waterside constituency.

The election was cancelled today by the  Election Petition Tribunal in a sitting held in Ogun State.

Irregularities were noticed in 222 units and this made Justice Tobi Ebimowei order for a fresh election. The tribunal stated that the petitioner presented 21 witnesses while the respondent called 15 witnesses.

The petitioner adduced that many irregularities and non compliance marred the election and thereby called for the annulment of the election.

Total votes adduced to the respondent after deduction was 14,371 while the respondent had 14,234. With the majority votes being a slim 137 votes the Judge said it was much lower than the cancelled votes.

This resulted to the victory on the part of the All Progressives Congress APC.





Credit: PM News

By: Kindness Okoli

Ebola is not in Nigeria - FG


The recent Ebola scare at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital might not actually be Ebola.

Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health, Mr. Linus Awute, who made the clarification at a press briefing on Friday in Abuja, said the EVD scare in the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital resulted from the death of a patient, who was said to have manifested the symptoms of the killer disease.

He said, “It has been investigated clinically, also using laboratory tests. The young man was down with symptoms that are similar with that of Ebola. His temperature was 37 degrees. But he had not traveled outside Calabar. His family has a case of chicken pox.

“Our experiences in Ebola containment were used. The blood samples that were collected before his death were taken to Irrua Specialist Hospital in Edo State and necessary tests were conducted to ascertain if he had Lasser Fever or Ebola.

"As we speak, it has nothing to do with Lasser Fever and Ebola as results confirmed that it was negative. But the results of what actually killed him would be ready on Monday.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps operatives in Imo State have rescued 17 babies and some pregnant teenage girls from an orphanage which was being used as a baby factory in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State. 
The State Commandant, Pedro Idiba explained:
“That place was used as an orphanage home in disguise, when the licence we saw there has since expired since 2007 and not renewed.
“The place was used as both maternity and other thing as confirmed by the girls we saw there; it was an unhealthy environment. The girls are teenagers, the oldest among them is 19.”
The orphanage named Jehovah Jireh was raided and Idiba gave the names of the teenage girls as Onyedikachi Obialor, Oluchi Uzoma, Hope Ndukwu and Ogechi Njoku, adding that a two weeks old baby, belonging to one Kasarachi, was among the babies rescued from the supposed orphanage home.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Nigeria Loses $966m to crude oil swap deal


Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) on Friday revealed that the Nigerian Federal Government have lost up to $966m to the Crude Oil Swap, between 2009 - 2012.
Crude Oil Swap is an arrangement by the Federal Government whereby the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC) supervises the trading of the nation’s crude oil for refined products.

The NEITI Communications Director, Ogbonnaya Orji, revealed the following:

In 2012 alone, the cost of crude oil swapped was $6.4bn, while value of refined products returned to Nigeria was $6.3 bn.

This, he said, left the sum of $100m as revenue loss incurred by government.

He maintained that similar concerns were raised with subsidy payment, noting that NEITI’s audit reports disclosed that N4tn was oil subsidy payments between 2006 and 2012.

Ogbonnaya-Orji said that in 2006, N219.72bn was spent on subsidy, in 2007 N236.64bn; 2008 N360.18bn; 2009 N198.110bn; 2010 N416.45bn, 2011 N1.9tn and in‎ 2012 N690bn.

“The subsidy payments in 2012 amounting to N690bn when compared with N1.9tn paid in 2011 showed a 29 per cent reduction.

“This reduction may be due to the January 2012 national protest against oil subsidy,” Orji said
He went on to explain:

“NNPC deducted this sum directly from domestic crude oil proceeds before remitting the balance to the federation account.

“Subsidy deductions by NNPC increased by 110 per cent from 198bn in 2009 to N416bn in 2010, and 89 per cent in 2011 from N416bn to N786bn.

“The increase between 2009 and 2011 alone was 186 per cent from N198bn to N786bn.”

He said that government needed to conduct an indepth investigation into the management of subsidy payments and ensure that NNPC followed due process in the PSF scheme.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The Vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, who was at the Annual General Meeting of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, has called for the reduction of electricity tariffs. He stated that electricity tariffs cannot remain at the levels they are currently except there is stability of power.

In his words he said “At this point, if we wanted to have a cost effective tariff, the only way is to service that core value chain, the only way is to ensure that we are paying and compensating the value chain -from generation down to distribution- a cost effective tariff.”



By: Kindness Okoli


Ten people have been quarantined in the city of Calabar for contacting Ebola.

A staff of the University of Calabar said that a patient came into the hospital with Ebola-like symptoms.

The hospital’s chief medical director, Queeneth Kalu, has said that blood samples have been sent for a test and those who came in contact with the patient have been quarantined.





By: Kindness Okoli

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in a statement issued by its Head of Media and Publicity of the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, has disclosed that the Commission has arrested two Nigerians in possession of 556 banking instruments used to commit unsuspecting large scale fraud.

The arrested men are Jonathan Odu Isikwei and Paschal Onuora Udeh for the illicit possession of  448 travellers’ cheques and 108 Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/Debit cards respectively.

The statement read in part: “The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is set to arraign one Jonathan Odu Isikwei for unlawful possession of 448 travelers’ cheques.

“Isikwei 51, a native of Igbodo in Aniocha local government area of Delta State, was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, by the Operatives of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) during the outward clearance of passengers on a Belgium- bound flight.

“The case was transferred to the EFCC for further investigation.”

Adding that: “The 448 travelers’ Cheques recovered from Isikwei were discovered to purportedly belong to four banks in America, Europe and Canada.

“The banks and the travelers’ cheques are - Gun Nebo Inc. (Bank of Nova Scotia)- 117 pieces, Postbank Frankfurt -258 pieces, Safe Federal Credit Union -41 pieces and RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) -32 pieces.

“All the travellers’  cheques were signed, with some having monetary value written on them. Among the cheques belonging to Safe Federal Credit Union, 27 pieces were blank, while 14 pieces of the cheques have monetary value worth 322,800 US Dollars.

“(27) pieces of the travellers’ cheques belonging to Gun Nebo Canada Inc. were blank, while 90 pieces of the cheques have monetary value worth 354,300 Canadian Dollars.

“The suspect who claimed he exports dried fish from Nigeria to Belgium, told investigators that he collected the parcel for onward delivery to a friend without any knowledge of the content.”

It also added that: “In a related development, the EFCC is investigating the activities of one Pascal Onuora Udeh.

“The 34-year-old was arrested for being in possession of 108 pieces of Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/Debit cards.

“The suspect, who claimed to be a trader and an undergraduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, is a native of Umudim Village of Obibi, Ochasi Ato, in Orlu local government area of Imo State.”





By: Temitope Bamidele


The Director-General and CEO of the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD), Onyeka Onwenu, has disclosed that the population of the Internally-Displaced Persons (IDPs) is about 2.1 million.

Speaking at a visit to an IDP camp in Yola, Adamawa State, Onwenu urged Nigerians not to be indifferent to their plights.

She has also helped in releasing a song titled, “Not Alone” which she composed for the IDPs.




By: Temitope Bamidele

Following the high toll of death rate at the Hajj stampede, the wife of the President, Hajiya Aisha Buhari, via a statement issued by the spokesman to Sokoto governor, Imam Imam, has condoled with the people of Sokoto state over the state's loss of its indigenes.

The statement also included a condolence call from the Governor Rochas Okorocha who led a delegation of Imo state officials to meet with Tambuwal.

Tambuwal in return, thanked the duo.




By: Temitope Bamidele

The Permanent Secretary in the Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMoH), Dr. Modele Osunkiyesi, in a statement signed by the LSMoH Director of Information, Mrs. Adeola Salako, has disclosed that the third round of the Wellness Week programme, will on begin Monday October 12, 2015. Osunkiyesi urged Lagosians to make themselves available for the programme which will spanned from Monday to Friday.

The programme which will be free will offer screening exercise for hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cancers of the breast, cervix and prostate.

The statement read in part:
“Screening for hypertension and diabetes for adults 18 years and above will take place simultaneously in the 13 Local Government Areas (LGAs) and appurtenant Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) in the Lagos Central Senatorial District.

“The LGAs and LCDAs concerned are: Apapa LGA, Apapa-Iganmu LCDA, Lagos Mainland LGA, Yaba LCDA, Surulere LGA, Itire-Ikate LCDA, Coker-Aguda LCDA, Lagos Island LGA, Lagos Island East LCDA, Etiosa LGA, Etiosa East LCDA, Iru-VI LCDA and Ikoyi Obalende LCDA.”

Also, Osunkiyesi, said the screening for cancers of the breast and cervix for women and prostate for men aged 45 years and above will take place in Apapa-Iganmu LCDA in conjunction to screening for diabetes and hypertension in the LCDA.




By: Temitope Bamidele


The Abuja Court of Appeal in Abuja on Thursday said it will hear the appeal by Senate President, Dr. Bukola Abubakar Saraki, on October 16.

Saraki who is arraigned before the Code of Conduct Tribunal based on a 13-count charge of false assets declaration by the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) appealed to challenge the jurisdiction of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) to try him.

Hence, the appeal court promised to render its judgement before Saraki's next appearance before the CCT on October 21.





By: Temitope Bamidele

The British government has offered to assist Nigeria in more ways to end the Boko Haram menace.

The British Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Nicholas Houghton was in a closed door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, when he disclosed this.

He said he was in the country to see how the UK could give the necessary support to the government and the President to ensure that the country optimises whatever support it could give Nigeria.

He said, “My concern is in the security situation, in particular the war being waged by Boko Haram.

“I think that Nigerian armed forces have made some remarkable progress in the last few months in pushing Boko Haram back.

“But as it comes to the end of the rainy season, I know the President has got a very strong ambitions  to what he can achieve by Christmas, it shows because the UK has a strong support for your troops training just to make sure we optimise our support and that is the best way we can.”

When he was asked, why the help was coming now, he said:

"I think most of the conversations on security in the recent UN General Assembly was about the threat posed by extremism and terrorism.

“We share within the UK and Europe concerns about the destabilising effect of ISIL in Iraq, Syria in North Africa and also the threat the Boko Haram poses here.

“Therefore,  in many respects, the security in places such as Nigeria, the security concerns are shared by many in the global community, which is why we do need to intensify the nature and type of support we offer.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Mr Alan Yarrow, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, has expressed the readiness of the UK business group to partner and support high valued projects in Lagos State.
Yarrow said, ”In view of the strategic importance of Lagos to the Nigerian and African economy, the UK business group is ready to identify with the new administration in terms of public and private partnership.

”This will help us explore different areas of business collaboration and investment opportunities available as well as support some high value projects in the state.

”Our investors are willing to collaborate in the areas of maritime, alternative and renewable energy, film industry as well as infrastructural development in the area of health and education.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Work at Benin Electricity Distribution Company ground to a halt today as protesters from the surrounding community came out enmasse.
The protesters also shut out some staff of BEDC, many of whom hid their identity cards for fear of being identified by the angry youths.
"We have not had power for about four months. This is our fourth time here; they had said that they would fix the problem but after some time, they refused to come and fix it.
“There is no functional refrigerator in the area. So, we have come for a peaceful demonstration. We used to pair with Airport road but we were later taken to Evbuotubu. We need our light restored,” one of the residents, Mr. Benson Imasuen, said.

The BEDC spokesman, Mr. Curtis Nwadei  said, "It is not true that they are not owing. The entire area is owing the ‎sum of N28,140,962.20k‎.‎ They want to be fed from a particular location, which is not possible‎; the location they want is grossly overloaded.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The daughter of the late Brig. Benjamin Adekunle, Mrs. Busola Olagunju has alleged that she has been receiving death threats from people who are sympathetic with the Biafran struggle.
This happened after she said the following in an interview:

“There is a historical fact about who ended the Civil War, there is no rift or debate about that. The debate is about who contributed the most between my father and Obasanjo. That is however subjective.

"Some say my father had already conquered the whole of Biafra and that Biafra was already like a tablet of soap when Obasanjo took over from my father. But even if it was a size of postage stamp, the truth is that Obasanjo took over when the war was still on,”

“Some people attacked me over my comment in the interview. They said I must die for my comment on Biafra. I will not take the threat for granted, I will report to security agencies,” she said.

In one of the messages sent, Richard Onyema wrote, “U will die soon watch and see”.

Another message posted by Christian Rowland suggested that children of all Nigerian soldiers should be tracked and killed.

“It’s now time to kill all the Nigerian army children, track them and kill them all, kill, kill, kill, kill them, since their parents don’t want other parents to enjoy their own children, then all the Nigeria armed forces children must be tracked and killed. It’s time we started making our own statement and let’s keep the scores. The zoo called Nigeria must fall.

“This goes out to all the Biafrans in Port Harcourt, track her down, she will be used as a scapegoat to all others in the force, if they kill any of us, we will kill three to four. It’s time we started doing what the director, Nnamdi Kanu, said we should do…Her father must see how burials taste like.”

In another message, Chimezie Williams said, “She (Olagunju) should consider herself dead. I have informed her.”

T. Mayor Edeh said Biafra would return while saying that Olagunju would join her dead father while Anyiamite Iscariot called for her hanging.

Christian Anyamele said, “Busola Olagunju the daughter of Black Scorpion, your father killed Biafrans and you are happy about it.”

Brig. Adekunle, popularly known as the Black Scorpion, died on September 13, 2014 at the age of 78. He retired from the Nigerian Army in 1974 after 16 years in service.




By: Kindness Okoli

I do not want Enyeama as Captain - Oliseh

The recent feud between Sunday Oliseh and the Former Eagles captain, Vincent Enyeama has continued to fester.
In a recent statement, Oliseh gives an entire new reason for removing Enyeama as captain. He said:

“A lot is built around the captain and the way he carries on with the job means a lot to the team. A captain (Vincent Enyeama) who has said many times that he was retiring. From the onset he told me that and he has continued to say that. Now we are rebuilding a team to last over a long period of time.

“In his absence Musa stepped in and he did the job perfectly. Vincent has done his bit and I felt we could start a transition period but instead he tried to make it his right to remain as the captain. But it is not his prerogative to decide who leads the team. It does not happen anywhere.”

Enyeama has responded by saying, he holds no grudge against the new captain, but the Coach should have explained his reasons before taking the decision.
By: Kindness Okoli

Lagos Night Guard Accidentally Kills Himself

A night guard who has been identified as Ogundare Ekundayo in Lagos reportedly shot into the air after a night of work, but the bullet struck an object and ricocheted hitting him in the head and killing him instantly.
According to his assistant Fatai Raimi:

“I have known the deceased for some time now. He was my boss; he recruited me into the vigilance group, but we were employed by the community.

“There were three of us guarding Osholanke Street, but the third person did not come that day because he was ill.

“My master (Ekundayo) and I were together, but when it was getting to 4am, he went down the street alone.

“I suddenly heard a shot from his gun and I rushed there only to see he had mistakenly shot himself dead.”

The police have launched and investigation into the matter.




By: Kindness Okoli

Enyeama quits Eagles via Instagram

The feud between Sunday Oliseh and Vincent Enyeama has finally come to an end, as Vincent Enyeama has quit the Super Eagles.
The former Skipper and keeper announced this on his instagram page:

''I have fought a good fight for more than 13years. I have finished my course, I have kept the faith and sang the anthem with passion. Henceforth,there is laid for me a crown which only GOD can reward me for my 13 years of national service. God bless NIGERIA.from HENCEFORTH,I am no more the captain of the NIGERIAN senior football team, I am no more the goalie of the team,I am out of the team. I am no more available for international duties. I want to say thank you to every Nigerian fan and supporter world wide.its been the most trying period of my life but I know that Nigerian are there for me and God is with me..God bless NIGERIA.#ENDOFANERA.''





By: Kindness Okoli

Nigerian Army to partner with South Korea

The Nigerian Army has revealed an upcoming partnership with the South Korean military in the training of personnel.
The Chief of Army staff, Lt Gen TY Buratai, said he was "satisfied the training exchange programme between the two armies which have spanned for decades and promised to maintain the excellent relationship existing between them."
South Korean Defence attaché (DA) to Nigeria, Navy Captain Shin Jae Sung, said his visit was aimed at "seeking for an improved military collaboration as regards training and capacity building."
He added, "The present security challenges in Nigeria are not peculiar to the country, adding that countries are faced with various challenges."
He also said "the situation in Nigeria is similar to Korea’s and as such, there is need to enhance combat strategies between the two nations."
By: Kindness Okoli


The Borno police command has confirmed the death of five persons after the latest attack that occurred on Wednesday in Gubio, in Borno.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr Aderemi Opadokun confirmed this in his words when he said, “There was an explosion in Gubio about 85 Km to Maiduguri at about 0550 hours on Wednesday when four suspected suicide bombers in military uniform infiltrated Gubio town in Gubio Local Government Area ( LGA).

“Two of the suspected bombers were said to have detonated Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) strapped on their bodies in two near empty mosques killing themselves and three locals.”

While trying to escape to Sabon-Gari, two of the suicide bombers were killed by the troops. Meanwhile, security agencies have visited the scene of the bomb blast and calm has been restored.




By: Kindness Okoli

Senate President Bukola Saraki has said that during his meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, the main focus was the better governing of Nigeria and not his recent trial.

He said, “The meeting was an initiative of the President for an interaction with the leadership of the National Assembly.

“It was a very useful session, being the first one. This kind of interaction helps in ensuring smooth relationship between the two arms of government.

“We discussed a number of issues: some of the plans. The general commitment is that yes, the National Assembly has legislators from different parties but now we are representing Nigeria. We have a common goal to see that we work together for the interest of the country as a whole.”

When asked whether his ongoing trial by the Code of Conduct Tribunal over alleged false declaration of assets came up during the meeting, Saraki said, “We are talking about what will make Nigeria work, we are talking about the promises we made during elections.

“Those are the big issues we are talking about and to ensure that there are no distractions. The focus is to ensure that the executive arm does things in the interest of the county.

“It is normal in democratic setting, from time to time, you see the parliament talking with the executive. That is how to make things work.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee and Deputy Chief Medical Director of University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), Dr. Queenet Kalu confirmed, on Wednesday, that a patient suspected to be suffering from Ebola Virus Disease(EVD) died on Tuesday.

Dr. Kalu said: “Yes we had a patient that was suspected to have died of Haemorrhagic fever but it does not call for panic as everything is under control. There is no need for the public to be scared of EVD as it is not confirmed.”

The speculation of the presence of the virus has resulted to the closure of the Emergency Department to patients and to the public.

However, the medical personnels who attended to the suspected patient have been quarantined and suspected patients are being kept in a special room.


Credit: Guardian

By: Temitope Bamidele


The trial of the five former directors of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs alleged by the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC) for N605m fraud charges began on Wednesday at an Abuja High Court.

The accused persons are a former Director in the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs and Nasarawa State Peoples Democratic Party candidate in the 2015 governorship election, Mohammed Agabi; ex-Deputy Director in the ministry, Akpore Okeroghene; former director and Agabi’s successor, Abibu Ayinla; ex-Deputy Directors, Idowu Adewale; and Ntu Ngozi.

The first witness against the accused persons, Kabiru Kaloma, who was a personal assistant to Agabi, admitted his accounts were used for the illegal transfer of the ministry’s fund.

The trial was later adjourned till November 27.




By: Temitope Bamidele


The Nigeria Army has compulsorily retired a former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha, Maj. Hamza al-Mustapha.

Al-Mustapha, who has been unavailable in the force for over 14years for the period while he was facing trial over the murder of Chief M.K.O. Abiola, Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, was arrested in October 1998, for the murder of Kudirat, tried for 14years before being sentenced to death by a Lagos High Court in Igbosere on January 30, 2012.

However, he was later discharged and acquitted by a superior judgment of the Court of Appeal in Lagos on July 12, 2013.

According to the compulsory retirement letter with reference number, AHQ MS/G1/300/226, dated July 14, 2014, it stated nine reasons for the Army decision which include “undeployability arising from restructuring and/or lack of establishment,”.

Also, it stated that Al-Mustapha has served in the army for a period of 33 years and 11 days and commended him for demonstrating “good conduct in the discharge of your duties”, stating that: “You are authorised to retain your substantive rank of Major. You are also entitled to gratuity and pension as well as Certificate of Military Service and Retired Officers’ Identity Card.

“You are entitled to your ceremonial dress, service dress and mess kit. However, you should wear uniforms corresponding to your rank at the time of retirement only when you are invited for military ceremonies; military weddings; memorial services of National Day celebration and Regimental dinners.”



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By: Temitope Bamidele


An 11-year-old boy was killed by flood that occurred in Okpai community in Delta state on Monday.

This would be the first time a flood incident would be reported in the community. The little boy drowned when the water gushed into the community.

The state commissioner for information, Patrick Ukah has said that the state flood committee has already started work to ensure that those areas already impacted were relocated to higher grounds and IDP camps to avoid further casualties.

Also IDP camps will be set up for those relocating from the flood impacted communities.




By: Kindness Okoli


A 75-year-old by name Hajiya Fatima Mohammed who was kidnapped a week ago in Kebbe Local Government Area of Sokoto has been set free by her kidnappers.

The woman is the mother of Alhaji Yusha’u Kebbe, the All Nigeria People’s Party governorship candidate in the state during the 2011 polls. She has reunited with her family.  No ransom was paid for her release.

All efforts to speak to Kebbe on the release of his mother proved abortive.




By: Kindness Okoli

Bomb blasts at Buhari Housing Estate; 15 dead

Reports are coming in multiple bomb blasts at Buhari housing estate located in Damaturu, Yobe state.

15 people have been confirmed dead.

Sources say the bombing was carried out by young teenage male suicide bombers.... More reports later.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Recently the senator representing Ogun-East Senatorial District, Buruji Kashamu was given a 'Golden Man of the Year' award by the National association of Nigerian Students, (NANS). This move caused widespread outcry.

The National Association of Nigerian Students in Ogun State has criticised the national leadership of the student body for the award.

While presenting the award, the NANS President Usman Tijani said, "We are fascinated by his large-heartedness even in the face of needless distractions.

"We reckon that if all wealthy Nigerians are like Senator Kashamu, the country will be a better place for us all. That is why we decided to encourage him by giving him this award.”

But in a statement criticising the award on Tuesday, the Chairman of NANS in Ogun State, Dotun Opaleye said:

“Our attention has been drawn to an ignominious NANS award presented to Senator Buruji Kashamu representing Ogun-East Senatorial District by our National President, Usman.

“This incidence is terribly disturbing to all sane minds and is capable of drawing the anti-corruption crusade of President Muhammadu Buhari backwards when men of questionable character who are wanted by American authorities for drug crimes are celebrated by the apex student body.

"We sincerely ask: What is so golden about Kashamu? Is it because he destroyed the Peoples Democratic Party in the South-West?

“What has Kashamu done for Nigerian students domiciled in Ogun State to merit such award? Even in his immediate environment, he hasn’t been able to donate a single toilet to schools like Olabisi Onabanjo University or Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, not to mention other schools in his senatorial district like Tai Solarin University of Education.”






By: Chika Onwuasoanya


House Of Reps seek creation of more refineries

The members of the House of Representatives have thrown their support behind a bill that will lead to licensing of more refineries and likely ease fuel shortages in the country.

The long title of the bill reads, “A Bill for an Act to Provide for the Licensing, Regulation and Incentives to Petroleum Refineries in Nigeria and for other Matters Connected Therewith.” It was backed by a member from Abia State, Mr. Uzoma Nkem-Abonta.

He told his colleagues that with more refineries operating in the oil industry, Nigeria, a leading crude oil producer, would not need to import petroleum products to meet domestic requirements again.

He stated, “The bill seeks to provide a framework of licensing and regulating the oil sector and its advantage is enormous because it would provide youth employment and save the country some foreign exchange spent on oil import.”

While the bill has failed to pass twice, House Minority Leader, Mr. Leo Ogor, said the bill could help address unemployment in the country if passed.

“There are huge opportunities the refineries can provide in the area of employment.

“Unfortunately, all of that is being wasted as we are not even thinking or looking in that direction”, he added.

On his part, Mr. Oghene Emma-Egoh faulted the destruction of illegal refineries in the Niger Delta.

He argued that if Nigerians had the “ingenuity” to refine crude oil locally, there was no point spending foreign currency to import refined products.

“Recently about 57 refineries were destroyed in the region.

“What we should do is to license the operators, regulate them and ask them to pay some revenue to government.

“In that way, they will not have to operate in hiding or in breach of the law because they have been licensed,” Oghene-Egoh said.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, has announced that his administration has been able to save 3 billion monthly in governance.

He said, “This has provided us with more funds to inject into capital projects and the initial funds to establish the Employment Trust Fund which we promised our youths. Today, a major landmark of our administration is the reduction in the cost of governance. We want a lean government with quality service delivery.

“The Lagos State Government is also proud to declare that it has consistently met its obligations, especially prompt payment of workers’ salaries without seeking any bailout from the Federal Government.”

“We have also provided additional 26 transport ambulances at the cost of N257m. We have created ambulance points across the states for easy access to our people. The ambulance service can be reached by calling the Toll-Free Line 112.

“Our administration in the last three months has installed 22 generators to act as back-ups in the general hospitals at the cost of N270m. This will ensure 24-hour power supply. In addition, 26 Mobile X-Ray machines, costing N519.7m are being installed at all our general hospitals across the state.

“Similarly, we have granted approval for the recruitment of more paramedic staff and special medical coordinators to ensure 24-hour service in our health facilities,” Ambode said.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) has confirmed the one person, an adult male, has died in a petrol tanker explosion accident around NAFDAC office in Oshodi yesterday at 2am.

The tanker which registration number was FST 936 SJ was carrying 33,000 litres of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS).




By: Temitope Bamidele

The acting Army spokesman, Col. Sani Usman, in a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday, has said the Nigeria Army has arrested a suspected Boko Haram financier in Bama Local Government Area of Borno.

Col. Usman stated that: Troops have intercepted and arrested a suspected Boko Haram financier and stimulants dealer … in Bama, Bama Local Government Area of Borno.

“The suspect, a native of Ngurosoye from Shuari village in Bama, was arrested with the sum of one million naira cash and some items. Investigation revealed that Mohammed supplies the terrorists with Kolanuts and other items, especially stimulants.

“It has also been revealed that kolanuts are in high demand among the terrorists as it keeps them active at night.

“It is apparent also that he plies Maiduguri- Dikwa-Kulli axis where he gathers monetary and other material contributions from Boko Haram sympathisers along that axis and sends same to the terrorists camps."





By: Temitope Bamidele

The Kebbi state governor, Abubakar Bagudu on Tuesday has said that the state would create 500,000 jobs through the state’s self-sufficiency programme in rice production.

Speaking on this development, Bagudu said“The President has approved the idea and CBN has put restrictions on foreign exchange to rice importers, which has led to all rice producing states coming together.”





By: Temitope Bamidele


The Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, has submitted additional three Commissioner nominees to the earlier submited 16 nominee names to the state House of Assembly for screening and approval.

The names of the nominees were Mr. Rotimi Durojaye, Adebola Adeife and Mrs. Nike Osoba.

According to the state's Speaker, all the 19 nominees would appear on Wednesday for screening.




By: Temitope Bamidele


The Benue State Tribunal in Makurdi, on Tuesday, has upheld the declaration of former Senate President David Mark as the winner of the Benue South Senatorial election.

The tribunal led by Justice Mosumola Dipeolu dismissed the petition against Mark by the All Progressives Congress candidate, Daniel Onjeh, stating that petitioner failed to prove his case against Mark’s election.


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By: Temitope Bamidele

The Fiscal Responsibility Commission chairman, Mr. Victor Muruako, on Tuesday declared that the commission has recovered over N366bn from Ministries, Departments and Agencies since its inception eight years ago.

The chairman said, “We have been able to set a lot of rules and standards upon which the MDAs under the schedule of our commission have been able to account for the profit they made. We have been able to attract well over N366bn as of June to the consolidated revenue fund. The facts and records are there.

“We have also monitored Federal Government capital projects. This is despite the serious challenges we have along that line because monitoring of projects across all parts of the country requires certain wherewithal. We have not always had it; for instance, this year, we didn’t have anything on the budget on that.

“Despite this challenge, we have been going ahead. We have used every opportunity we have had to see how we can continue to ensure that we discharge our mandate. We have been able to encourage other stakeholders like the states and local governments to embrace fiscal responsibility. We have encouraged 15 states to buy into this.”





By: Temitope Bamidele


A 35-year-old man identified as Nelson Oamen, who was said to have killed his 75-year-old father, Sunday Ehiremen Oamen, has appeared before an Ebute Metta Chief Magistrates’ Court, Lagos State, SouthWest Nigeria.

He was said to have stabbed his father on the chest and stomach while the old man was asleep, with broken bottle on 18th of  September, 2015, at about 11.30 am, at their residence at Abesan Estate, Ipaja, Lagos.

He was remanded in prison custody for the first 30 days, while his case file will be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP, for advice.

However, the suit was adjourned till 5 November, for the outcome of DPP’s advice on the matter.





By: Kindness Okoli







Credit:The Nation

By: Temitope Bamidele


A 36-year-old woman named Precious Osas has been arrested and charged before Isolo Magistrates’ court for biting off a 25-year-old man’s ear, Chikwado Omokwa, over sex in Lagos State, Western Nigeria. This happened in a popular hotel in Okota where they lodged for the night.

The suspect who is believed to be a commercial sex worker, allegedly collected N3,500 from Omokwa for an all night sex romp and failed to fulfill her own part of the bargain. Trouble started after Precious allowed Omokwa a round of sex and told him she wasn’t ready for another round until he paid her more money.

This resulted in exchange of words and a fight ensued between the sex partners.

During the fight, Precious allegedly grabbed Omokwa’s right ear and bit off part of it.

Omokwa, who was bleeding profusely, raised an alarm which attracted the attention of the hotel workers.

Both of them were handed over to the police at Ikota division.

At the the station, Omokwa told the police how he paid Precious N3,500 for sex throughout the night and equally paid extra N350 for registration.

He said Precious allowed him to have sex only once and told him if he wanted another round, he should pay extra money.

On her part, Precious admitted that Omokwa paid the amount and she allowed him to have sex with her as agreed.

She said after the first round, he was demanding for extra round which she refused.

She said Omokwa had high libido because he was drunk and was vomiting in the room.

The police charged Precious with conducting herself in a disorderly manner by inflicting grievous harm on Omokwa’s ear.

She pleaded not guilty and the presiding Magistrate, Mrs O. A. Adebayo, granted her bail in the sum of N50,000 with one surety in like sum.

Precious was remanded in prison custody at Kirikiri pending when she will perfect her bail.

The matter was adjourned till 19 October, 2015.






Credit: PM News

By: Kindness Okoli

Abductors of UNIPORT VC’s Son Nabbed

The police in Rivers State yesterday paraded four suspects, who allegedly kidnapped the son of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT).

Ejire, the first child of Prof Ndowa Lale, was abducted at Eleme last month and held for four days.

Two of the suspects are Samuel Osaro, a Senior Secondary School (SSS) 2 pupil and Wisdom Godfrey.

They confessed to the police that  they took part in the abduction.

The police also paraded 12 others for alleged cultism, robbery and kidnapping.

The police chief said seven kidnap victims, including a 76-year-old woman, 68-year-old Prof Iheanyi S. Nzeneri of UNIPORT, among others, were rescued.

He also said one of the abductors was killed.

Police Commissioner Musa Kimo named other rescued victims as Bunmi Shoneye, Theresa Nwosu Osimoke Itu, Judah Ayoade, Ogochukwu Duru and Friday Ozogo.

He assured residents that the command would rid the state of hoodlums.




By: Kindness Okoli

The names of the ministerial nominees have been read out by the Senate president, they are:

Abubakar Malami (SAN):  Abdurahman Bello Dambazzau; Aisha Jumai Al Hassan;  Alhaji Lai Mohammed; Babatunde Raji Fashola; Adebayo Shittu;  Solomon Dalong; Senator Chris Ngige; Rotimi Amaechi; and Chief Audu Ogbeh.

Others are, Mrs. Amina Ibrahim; Dr. Osagie  Ehaneri; Emmanuel Kachukwu;  Dr. Kayode Fayemi; Eng. Suleiman Adamu; Mrs. Kemi Adeosun;  Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu;  Hon. Ahmed Musa Bello; Ibrahim Usman Jubrin; Senator Hadi Serika; Senator Udo Udoma.

Senate President, Bukola Saraki said that subsequent names would be announced shortly.




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has said that over 600 teachers were killed by suspected Boko Haram terrorists in  the North-Eastern part of the country.

This was confirmed by the NUT president, Michael Olukoya, in the celebration of the 2015 world's Teachers day.

Olukoya said 19,000 of these  teachers were among the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Northeast ravaged by insurgency.

He therefore called on federal and state governments to tighten security in schools to prevent further attacks.





By: Kindness Okoli

The head coach of Congo Florent ,Ibenge and his assistant, Mwinyi Zahera will not be involved in the friendly against Nigeria in Belgium on Thursday.

Both coaches have stayed back in Kinshasa for a league clash between As Vita, coached by Ibenge and DC Motema Pembe, coached by Zahera.

The coaches have also been tasked with preparing the country’s team for a 2016 CHAN qualifier against Central African Republic, africanFootball.com reports.

The 53-year-old Ibenge led DRC to a third-placed finish at this year’s African Nations Cup in Equatorial Guinea.

Former U-23 coach, Christian Nsengi and former U17 coach Eric Tshibasu have therefore been mandated by FECOFA to lead the Leopards against Nigeria on Thursday and against Gabon four days later.





Credit: The Nation

By: Kindness Okoli

As part of the celebration of the 2015 world's Teachers day, a cross section of teachers has urged the Federal Government to review the present secondary school curriculum as it narrows the scope of students’ knowledge.

The first vice chairman of the Nigerian Union of Teachers in Benue State, Mr Kaaor Simon, has said that the removal of some former core subjects from the present curriculum was a limitation to the knowledge of students.

Mrs Joy Uchidiuno, the Supervisor of the Local Education Authority, Delta State, called for the restoration of Biology and History as core subjects for both science and social science students.

She stressed the importance of History as a subject, saying that without it, students would never know what happened in the past or how their country came into existence.

Uchidiuno however commended the government for its efforts so far in teachers development, adding that it was very necessary for teachers to be given a good place in the nation by financing and empowering them.

She also called for regular training which would upgrade teachers and enable them to teach with new technologies.




By: Kindness Okoli

Mr Stephen Oronsaye, the Former Head of Service of the Federation is on trial for an alleged N1.18bn fraud on Monday.

Oronsaye and his co-accused, Osarenkhoe Afe, were on July 13 arraigned on 24 counts of fraud before Justice Kolawole, and granted bail on July 21.

However when the case resumed in court, the residing Judge indicated that he would like to withdraw from the case due to a statement made by the prosecutor, Mr Rotimi Jacob.

Jacob’s complaint was that the court had technically granted bail to Oronsaye when he was allowed to go home after his arraignment on July 13 even before his bail application was argued by his lawyer, on July 21.

However, the defence counsel, Chief Kanu Agabi (SAN) and the prosecuting counsel, who represented Jacob on Monday, Mr. Leke Atolagbe, pleaded with him to overlook the lead prosecutor’s comment and he agreed to continue.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, the party’s candidate in the Kogi State governorship election, Abubakar Audu, and the Chairman, Senate Committee on Information, Dino Melaye, on Monday met behind closed doors.

A party source said, “The former governor was here to put in a word for Melaye, you know the tribunal matter is still there and judgment is only a few days away.

“Also note that some of our leaders are not taking the “threat” to make things difficult for our nominees lightly. For now, the party leadership cannot meet with the Senate President for obvious reasons.”

Dino Melaye however said the meeting had nothing to do with his case at the tribunal.

He said, “What has the party got to go with the tribunal case? This is my party’s national secretariat and I can come here anytime. As for the election petition, God go win.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The Ogun State teachers on Monday begged Governor, Ibikunle Amosun, to recall sacked Mr. Jolaolu Adegbenro and five others.

This plea was made by Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools, Ogun State chapter, Mr. Akeem Lasisi, at 2015 World Teachers’ Day celebration held at

Mr. Adebenro was sacked by the state civil service commission two months ago on allegation of setting an offensive English question: comprehension passage which catalogued the rot in the state’s education sector.

Mr. Lasisi said “We beg you sir in the spirit of World Teachers’ Day, in the name of Allah which you serve, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and in the name of all our fathers, to please forgive him.

“We are marking Teacher’s Day today but one of our own, a grade level 14 teacher who has served the state for over 20 years, wrote an offensive question which we are not happy with and presently he is suffering.

“We are not asking for salaries or deductions this time around but we are asking for forgiveness on the part of one of our own.”

Also, Lasisi appreciated the governor for the payment of their over eight months’ salaries deductions.



Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele

The government of Enugu State has started renovation of neglected schools in the state. Most of the schools in the state are in deplorable states.

To mark the world's Teachers day, the governor of the state, Ifeanyi Ugwuanya, promised the teachers that his administration would sustain the regular payment of their salaries and allowances as at when due.

He also promised that the government would also train and retrain the teachers to enable them to perform well on their jobs, as education is the bed rock of every society.

The Chairman of the teachers union has called for the recruitment of teachers for primary, post primary and technical schools to fill the vacuum created by death and retirement of teachers.

He also appealed to the governor to review the retirements initiated by the state universal basic education board since 2011 to reinstate those wrongfully retired.




By: Kindness Okoli


The Benue House of Assembly speaker, Terkimbir Ikyange has urged the people of his constituency to report criminal elements in their midst in order to end the persistent rape and robbery attacks on them.

The criminals torture and inflict injuries on the men in the community and rape the women.

The speaker urged the people to feel free to give him any information on criminals in their midst and promised to pass such information to the relevant security agencies.

He also promised them appointments and job opportunities to live a better life.




By: Kindness Okoli

The deputy national organising secretary of APGA, Campbell Umeh-Nzekwe, has said that 2019 is the best time for the South-East region to produce the country's next president.

His reason was that the North will be divided as a result of APC and PDP zoning of the presidency to the north. Hence, he stated that his party will utilise the division of the north as a better opportunity to winning the next presidential poll.

He said: “The PDP has zoned its presidency to the North while the national chairman slot has been zoned to the South-West. APGA has thus zoned the presidency to the South-East. Hence, the PDP will be buried in the South East in 2019.

“Those Igbo who used the PDP to destabilise the Igbo race will naturally rejoin their brothers and sisters in APGA to work towards the Nigerian presidency.

“Since we helped a Yoruba man, Olusegun Obasanjo, to become President; a Fulani man, Umaru Yar’Adua, to become President and an Ijaw man, Goodluck Jonathan, to also become President, no self-respecting Igbo man will deny his fellow Igbo the opportunity of becoming the President in 2019."





By: Temitope Bamidele

According to a statement by President Muhammadu Buhari's Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, the President on Monday promised that the 2016 budget will focus specifically on encouraging the diversification of the nation’s economy from its present dependence on crude oil.

Speaking to the President of the Movement of the Enterprises of France, Mr. Pierre Gattaz, and a delegation of French investors, the president said: “Our government came into office at a time when many people had abandoned the country’s manufacturing, agricultural and mining sectors.

“We are doing  our utmost best to encourage diversification into these sectors, which can employ a lot of people and we will welcome your support in this regard.

“Ultimately, reducing unemployment will also help to improve security because unemployment and insecurity are inseparable.”




By: Temitope Bamidele

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), via a bulletin, on Monday disclosed that it has approved 50 groups to observe the forthcoming gubernatorial elections in Kogi and Bayelsa states which are scheduled for Nov. 21 and Dec. 5 respectively.

The bulletin detailed the groups as 43 and 7 local and foreign organisations respectively. It also directed the approved groups to obtain, complete and return Form EPMC 002 for the two elections from the Elections and Party Monitoring Department, INEC national Headquarters, Abuja.

The bulletin read in part: “The photographs of members of staff to be deployed by approved groups in the two states along with their names should be submitted in hard and soft copies to the said department latest Oct. 23. Late submission will not be entertained.”

“Further enquiries should be directed to the Director, Elections and Party Monitoring Department.”


Credit: The Guardian

By: Temitope Bamidele

The dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram have taken credit for the multiple bombings in Abuja over the weekend, which left several dead and hundreds injured.
Via a tweet by the terrorist monitor, the following was released:
By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Manitoba agrees to payments in Naira

Manitoba Hydro International Nigeria Limited (MHINL) is the Canadian firm contracted by the Federal Government to manage the electricity Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

For months it insisted that that its outstanding invoices be paid in U.S. Dollars. But now, they have finally agreed to collect payments in Naira.

The firm however, said it's request to be paid in Naira is a one-time exception as they will still pursue it's bid to be paid in dollars.




By: Kindness Okoli


5,020 cartons of smuggled frozen poultry products worth N30.1 million has been seized by the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Federal Operations Unit, Ikeja, Lagos. The poultry products were concealed in 2,016 packages of bottled water.

The Comptroller Amade Abdul in a statement said “The vehicle was immediately driven to the Federal Operations Unit, Ikeja, where a 100-per-cent examination was conducted, which revealed the contraband.

“The unit would continue to confront smugglers." He added that he had anticipated that smugglers might want to take advantage of the Eid el-Kabir celebration to perpetrate their crime.
He has enjoined all the team leaders in his squad to adopt a pro-active approach in the fight against smuggling.




By: Kindness Okoli

Ecobank Sues CBN Governor for Contempt


Ecobank Nigeria has been granted permission to proceed in a court case against the CBN Governor, Emefiele for contempt.

The bank reportedly said that the CBN Governor had used his position to continually frustrate their efforts to recover  money from First Deepwater Discovery Limited.

The counsel for Ecobank, Mr. Kunle Ogunba (SAN), on Friday said “There is an urgent need to proceed against the individuals whose job description at the Central Bank of Nigeria resulted into gross disregard and flagrant disobedience of the order of this honourable court."

Adding that “It would be in the interest of justice to direct the service of Form 48, which is a Notice of Consequence of Disobedience to Order of Court, on the cited persons in view of the various positions they occupy in the CBN.”

Also mentioned in the suit were: Mr. A.O. Ogundana, CBN Director of Legal Services, and Mr. Dipo Fatokun, CBN Director of Banking and Payment Systems Department, despite a court order issued on July 1, 2015.
By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka and the former Governor of Osun State, Olagunsoye Oyinlola have been caught in a bitter war of words, which has resulted in a court suit.

Oyinlola, who was the governor of Osun State at the time the centre was established, was the chairman of the board, but Governor Rauf Aregbesola, who took over from Oyinlola after the judgment of the Court of Appeal of November 26, 2010, appointed Soyinka as the chairman of another board of the centre.

Soyinka recently accused the former governor of illegally acting as the chairman of the board of the UNESCO-affiliated centre but Oyinlola, who showed documents which authorised him to be the permanent chairman of the board, countered this.

The case has been filed with the court and will be heard on October 12, 2015.
By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The United States (US), through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Federal Government signed a $2.3 billion developmental assistance agreement covering the next five years has been signed by the United States (US), through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Federal Government.

The agreement was signed by Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, and USAID/Nigeria Director, Michael T. Harvey, at a ceremony at Aso Rock Villa with U.S. Embassy Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Shawn E. Flatt also present.

The agreement was a fruit from President Muhammadu Buhari’s July visit to Washington, D.C.



Credit: The Nation

By: Temitope Bamidele


The famous juju musician, Yinka Ayefele, was reported attacked by thugs on Saturday in Ijare town in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State during a performance.

At least 15 people have been said to be injured with Ayefele escaping safely from the attack. However, some of his band-mates were beaten and injured, as well as some of the guests by the thugs.

The controversy was said to be due to a 'settlement' request from the thug leader to Ayefele out of the rumoured N3million he collected for the show. Upon Ayefele declining to pay the 'settlement', the thug resulted to disrupting the event.



Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele

The Giesi Ruling House of Ife has disclosed that the family will present Prince Adeyeye Ogunwusi as the next Ooni.

This was disclosed by the secretary of the Giesi Ruling House in Ife, Prince Adelowo Ogunleye, on Saturday.

However, Ogunwusi, is currently being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for allegations of fraud and forgery to the kingmakers; hence, if he is found qualified for the throne he will be presented.

Speaking on the allegations against Ogunwusi, Ogunleye said: “That allegation is between him (Ogunwusi) and the petitioners. We are not aware of it. We read the petition in The PUNCH just like other members of the public.

“We interviewed him (Ogunwusi) just like we did other candidates and he did not mention the case. Nobody raised any matter against him. If they had written formally to us, we would have investigated.

“If he is qualified, we will present him to the kingmakers. Nobody informed us of any case against him.”

Furthermore, a statement issued by the President of Ife Concerned Citizens (ICC), Leke Ijiyode, desvribed the allegations as a “calculated and deliberate attempt to smear, malign and assassinate the character of the prince.”



Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele

Speaking on the latest bombings of the Boko Haram sect, the president of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Mr. Ayuba Wabba, has urged the Federal Government to re-investigate the cases of people alleged to be sponsors of the terrorist sect in the country.

Wabba said, “For us at the Nigeria Labour Congress, we believe this latest attacks should not weaken the morale of the forces involved in the battle against terrorism in our country, rather it should reinvigorate their fighting spirit and should be seen by the Federal Government as a challenge to arm our forces with more sophisticated and superior weapons both for intelligence gathering and combat.

“Beyond this, we urge our government to order the immediate re-investigation, arrest and prosecution of all those previously indicted of sponsoring terror gangs, especially the Boko Haram sect and other such violent groups in any part of the country.

“The freedom of those who sponsor deadly violence put the entire country seated on time bomb that can explode at will. No matter how highly placed, whoever have been indicted should immediately be apprehended and reinvestigated now.”




Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele

President Muhammadu Buhari , today visited the survivors of Friday night bomb attacks on Nyanya and Kuje in the Federal Capital Territory.

The survivors of the blast who are receiving treatment at the Trauma Centre of the National Hospital were wished a speedy recovery by the president. He also reassured them that the Federal Government will take full responsibility in settling their medical bills.

Among the survivors was a young girl kept in the pediatric ward of the hospital. Her mother, on seeing the president gave way to tears. The woman explained to him that her daughter had been shot by armed robbers who raided their home and that the family could not afford the medical bills.

The Chief Medical Director of the National Hospital, Dr Jafaru Momoh thanked the president for his visit adding that it will help the patients to know that they are loved by their country.




By: Kindness Okoli

A South Africa-based firm known as Fred Foot Wear says it produces 12,000 foot wears monthly.

Roland Ogboru who is the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, said that the firm had commenced export of its products to Malawi and Lesotho while it was exploring opportunities in other countries in the Southern African region.

He said the firm was founded in 2001 as a foot wear designing outfit, adding that in 2003 it began manufacturing of shoes. They deal in the design and manufacture of safety shoes, casual and retail shoes for men, women and children.

Ogboru urged entrepreneurs interested in foot wear design and manufacturing to take up the challenge to create employment and wealth.




By: Kindness Okoli


Femi Bamisile a former Ex-speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly has said that Ayo Fayose, the Ekiti state governor is trying to loot the state with the proposed 17bn Airport.

He said, “What we have now is unfortunate. It is clear that Ekiti owes N18.8b courtesy of what came from Debt Management Office. It is a sign that the present government has lost figure or is looking for a way to inflate the figure.”

The former speaker also asked the governor to stop complaining about the N9.6billion bailout loan approved for the state by the Federal Government to settle arrears of workers.

“We are not surprised about the amount released to Ekiti because we have small work force but the amount is enough to settle the deficit. Eleven months were owed in Plateau and the governor has paid. We are surprised our governor has not paid.”

He then went on to say:

We would appeal to the governor to know that the same people he is holding their funds back are the same people that voted him some months back.

“The governor has repeatedly said the state was owing. I’m wondering why he is embarking on a N17billion project. We have an airport in Akure which is 45 km away. What economic value would it have for the state.

“Has the government given out the project? Did Fayose follow the laid down rules? Where is the tender and where was it advertised?

“I see it as a conduit for him to take money out of the state. As a former speaker, I want the governor to tell us the legislative processes that have taken place since he announced the airport project. Is it the state government that clears a contract awarded to another company? Is it a direct labour?”

 The Airport project is under way.
By: Chika Onwuasoanya


69 cattle rustlers including other notorious armed robbers have been arrested by the Kano Police command in the last one month.

The Commissioner Mr Muhammad Katsina, disclosed this when he visited Gidan-Kare village in Sumaila Local Government Area.

 The Commissioner was in the village to assess the security situation and map out strategies to rid the area of the menace. According to him, the 46 suspects who were arrested were among the most wanted armed bandits in the area, while the remaining 23 suspects were arrested for cattle rustling.

Some items were recovered which included 20 goats and sheep, 31 rifles and pistols, 240 cartridges of ammunition and 68 cattle out of which 30 had been returned to their owners.

The Commissioner urged the villagers who fled their villages due to the activities of armed robbers to return as the command has put in place measures to ensure safety of their lives and property. He also said more men will be deployed to ensure that the security has reached its maximum level.




By: Kindness Okoli

Mallam Nasir El-Rufai has claimed that in the past the Jonathan administration spent 64bn on Independence day celebrations. This has been countered by an official in the former administration.

In a statement released on Sunday, the immediate past Minister/Deputy Chairman, National Planning, Dr. Abubakar Sulaiman said that the administration spent N332.6m on the nation’s Independence anniversary celebrations from 2012 to 2014.

The ex-minister stated, “We were taken aback by the recent comment reportedly credited to His Excellency, Governor Nasir El-Rufai, where he claimed that the immediate past President, His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s administration spent N64bn to cover the country’s independence anniversary spendings in five years.

“This tissue of lies was contained on his Facebook comment on Thursday. Ordinarily, we would have allowed this to go as just the ranting of a favour-seeker, but for the sake of ordinary Nigerians, who were abreast of happenings under the administration and also those who never did, we will like to set the record straight.

“It is important to correct the misinformation so that the unsuspecting public would not be misled. For the record, a breakdown of our anniversary spending between 2012 to 2014 amounted to N332.6m. We challenge the Office of the (Secretary to the) Government of the Federation to publish these details for the consumption of the public.

“For the record, a breakdown of our spending for this event between 2012 and 2104 goes thus: 2012-N107.6m; 2013-N45m and 2014 had N180m. So, the question here is where did the billions as claimed by El-Rufai emanate from?

“Even though, those of 2010 and 2011 are not handy now, it should be known that they all fall within the same bracket as the one stated, except  that the 2010 anniversary was a golden one  when the country marked her 50 year of independence. But even then, not such outrageous sum was either budgeted or expended.

“Again, it is germane to explain the increase in the 2013 anniversary spending for the purpose of accountability. The National Honours Award Investiture was incorporated into the celebration, thus making it two events in one, hence the  N174,800,000.00 budget.

“We also want to add that the said award investiture could not hold in 2013 and the approved budget rolled over and was utilised to organise the investiture in 2014.”




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The Lagos state authorities have rescued 63 year old Mrs. Oridota Oladele, from her husband, who has reportedly been abusing her physically for 25 years.

“The Director of Citizens’ Rights, Mrs. Omotilewa Ibirogba, with other team members met with her, and she insisted that all she required was officials of government to talk to her husband to desist from acts of physical, psychological, emotional and verbal abuses which are all crimes contrary to the Prevention Against Domestic Violence Law, 2007.

“A referral letter was subsequently done to Isokoko Police Station, which is a representative of the Police Force in DSVRT and houses a Family Support Unit. Some members of the Team also accompanied the victim to the Station where the matter was duly reported.

“Upon her making her report, police officers in company with DSVRT members went to the couple’s place of residence for the purpose of transporting the husband to the station for questioning and cautioning.”

Vivour-Adeniyi said a Memorandum of Undertaking was signed at the station by the victim’s husband that he would desist from domestic violence or he would be arrested and a Protection Order gotten against him.



By: Chika Onwuasoanya


A 30-year-old civil servant identified as Olaniyi Muyideen, is missing in the Oluseyi Area in Omu-Aran, Kwara.

Muyideen is a staff of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) attached to Irepodun Local Government Education Authority, Omu-Aran office, as a computer operator.

He was said to have left his house around 7.00 a.m on Wednesday, September 30th leaving his door unlocked with his mobile phone and other items inside his room.

His land lord identified as Mr.Femi, said it was on Friday when Muyideen’s parents called from Ilorin to inquire about him that he found out that his door was left unlocked. 

To ascertain his whereabout a search was organized. His slippers, clothes and underwear were found inside an uncompleted building a few metres to the house.

The matter had already been reported to the Divisional Police Command in Omu-Aran.




By: Kindness Okoli

The Commandant-General of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Abdullahi Gana, has urged the corps personnel to be extra vigilant in the discharge of their duties.

This call was made due to the Friday’s bomb attacks in some parts of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The personnels were directed to ensure effective protection of critical infrastructure and national assets.

The commandant, who inspected scenes of the bomb blasts that occurred at Kuje and Nyanya districts of the FCT, urged members of the corps to increase their efforts in ensuring the safety of lives and properties across the country.

In his words he said “We must redouble our efforts in the provision of maximum security by becoming extra vigilant to deny undesirable elements from wrecking havoc on innocent citizens. ”




By: Kindness Okoli


After the elections of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (FCT) on Saturday, Mr Paul Ella of the African Leadership Magazine has emerged as the chairman elect.

Ella garnered 196 votes to win the incumbent chairman and secretary, Mr Chuks Ehirim and Emmanuel Ogbeche respectively who polled 131 votes and 153 votes each.

Meanwhile, Mr Primus Khanoba of the Aso Radio emerged vice chairman with a 190 vote count over Emmanuel Iriogbo of the NewsWatch Time's 157 votes and Osisam Ede of the Press Gallery Newspaper's 130 votes.

Also, Miss Blessing Adewole of the Daily Independent emerged Treasurer with 264 votes to win Miss Catherine Agbo of the Leadership newspaper who has just 204 votes.

However, Mrs Rafat Salami of the Voice of Nigeria and Mrs Dorcas Jonah of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) were both returned unopposed as Secretary and Financial secretary respectively.



Credit: The Guardian

By: Temitope Bamidele


The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) has reported the death of Commissioner of Police and Commandant of the Nigeria Police College in Ikeja, CP Tunde Sobulor.

Confirming his death, the eldest son told NAN that he died in Atlanta, U.S. on Friday after a long protracted illness, saying: "The vacuum my father’s death has created cannot be filled in the family and his profession.

"He was dedicated to the police profession and his family. He was an operational person.

"He usually say to me: think, when you think, you carry out the action.”



Credit: The Guardian

By: Temitope Bamidele

Multiple explosions rips through Maiduguri

Multiple explosions were heard today on the outskirts of Maiduguri, a city in North-Eastern Nigeria that has repeatedly been attacked by Boko Haram insurgents.

The residents said loud explosions were heard from the areas of Kayamla and Dalori, three days after the insurgents attacked Maiduguri, leaving 10 dead and many more injured.

“The sound of bomb explosions is being heard from Kayamla and Dalori along Bama Road since around 7:00 am today,” said Kursi Yusuf, an employee at the nearby University of Maiduguri.

“We are not sure whether the terrorists are planning to invade the town but the sound vibrating is devastating,” he said.

Khadija Mustapha, a resident of Dalori Quarters, 11 kilometres from Maiduguri, said she had fled her home with her three daughters for fear of being caught in the explosions.

A military officer who did not want to be named confirmed the series of blasts but said troops were on top of the situation.




Credit: PM News

By: Kindness Okoli

Imo State new Commissioner of Police, Mr. Taiwo Frederick Lakanu has made it clear that his goal was to make the entire state safe. Adding that in the past 21 days his men have arrested 49 robbery and kidnap suspects and recovered about 41 million naira.

He said, “On September 21, following a tip–off, my men arrested hoodlums that allegedly robbed one Prince Francis Ogbuji of Ukoromi Filling Station, Amakohia, Owerri.”

He added that suspects apprehended in the raid included, Ifeanyi Henry Anyaegbu (36) of Amaimo, Ikeduru Local Council of Imo State; Ogadi Nwaka, (32) of Awo- Mbieri, Mbaitoli Local Council of the state; Chukwuemeka Anyanwu, (35) from Amorji, Isiala Ngwa , Abia State; Ede Ogechukwu Samuel (26), of Enugu

“One Toyota Carina with registration number SPR- 872- PB, allegedly used for the robbery and one Nissan Wagon with registration number FST -897- DY were recovered,” the Commissioner said, adding that same day a three- man syndicate of suspected armed robbers were also arrested at Amy Lodge, Ike Road, Okigwe, Imo State.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, on Friday at the 2015/2016 Legal Year Dinner at the Nigeria Law School in Lagos, pledged that his administration will continue to improve on the achievements in the judicial sector.

Commenting on a recent World Bank ranking of countries on the basis of ease of doing business which rated Nigeria low, he said “It is therefore imperative that as we address the issue of infrastructural deficiency to ease the process and reduce cost of doing business, the issues of rule of law and timely dispensation of justice must also be given priority.”




By: Temitope Bamidele


Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Leye Oyebade, on Friday, disclosed that 13 armed robbery suspects and cult members have been arrested and would be arraigned before a court.

He stated that: “Four suspected armed robbers were arrested in Alakia area of Ibadan as a result of information gathered from our patrol men. After their arrest, we found incriminating exhibits with them and they have confessed to the crime.

“We also arrested a five-man robbery gang in Ogbomoso who specialised in robbing people of their motorcycles. Five of the stolen properties were found in their possession. This command has also apprehended four suspects who broke into a store and stole all the goods in it. They will all be charged to court soon.”

Confessing to the charges, one of the suspects, Kamoru Opeyemi, “I came to Ibadan to celebrate the festival. I was going towards Olodo area of Ibadan with three others, Olayinka Olamide, Michael Emeka and Olaniyi Oyeniyi when we were caught by the police. I belong to eye confraternity in the school. I inherited the gun from senior colleague in the confraternity who was graduating. We also use charms which I prepared for our protection.”

Other suspect, leader of a motorcycle snatching syndicate, Waheed Kareem, admitted :“I specialised in picking pockets and I am from Lagos. I have stolen motorcycles in Ogbomoso in Oyo State and Idofio in Kwara State. We started the ignition with a spanner but after the last operation, we were caught.”


Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele

The students and indigenes  of Ila Orangun, on Saturday, protested against the alleged plan of Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s to merge the College of Education in the town with another state owned College of Education in Ilesa.

The peaceful protest was led by the National President of Ila Orangun Students Association, Mr. Rilwan Sulaiman, as well as the President of the Ila Orangun College of Education, Julius Akinleyin.

Speaking to journalists, “We are against the planned merger of the College of Education, Ila Orangun. We don’t want the college to be merged with any institution. We also do not want the college to be converted to a continuous education centre.

“Ogbeni Aregbesola is not the first governor of Osun State, he should leave the college alone. The college is the mainstay of our economy in the town and merging it with any institution would collapse the economy of the people of the town.”

However, lecturers in the four tertiary institutions (from Polytechnics of Iree and Esa Oke, and the Ilesa and Ila Orangun Colleges of Education) owned by the state government had condemned the allegation, saying: “Council frowns at the clandestine move of the state government to merge the two state polytechnic and the two Colleges of Education and describes it as an ill-advised, laughable, non-progressive and obnoxious policy that will only complicate the sufferings of the masses.”



Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele

Despite the multiple explosions that rocked Abuja yesterday night, President Muhammadu Buhari has again assured the world of his administration’s commitment to putting an end to Boko Haram insurgence in the country.

According to a statement issued by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, the President said: “The defeat of Boko Haram insurgency is in sight but to remove violence and make the country safe, we must tackle the prevalence of violent extremism. In doing this, we will learn from the experience of the international community.”




By: Temitope Bamidele

NAFDAC donates drugs to IDPs camps in Adamawa

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has donated assorted drugs to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps in Adamawa.

The donated drugs were sourced in partnership with Association of Pharmaceuticals. They are also in partnership with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to ensure that drugs and food brought for IDPs consumption meets the required standard.

The Director-General of the agency, Mr Paul Orhii, used the opportunity to educate the IDPs on the role of NAFDAC and the successes recorded by the agency in checking counterfeit drugs nationwide.

He also demonstrated how to use mobile cellphone to confirm the genuineness of drugs through texting. This will help the country to curb some of the health challenges in the camps.





By: Kindness Okoli

ABUJA BLAST UPDATE: 18 killed, 41 injured

Nyanya, Abuja was hit by twin blasts yesterday evening, as at the time of this report, the emergency personnel on ground have said that the number of dead victims has risen to 18 people with 41 injured.

"We have completed evacuation of the victims. What is left now is to allow the special anti-bomb unit of the police to do their job. They are combing the scenes for fragments of explosives for their investigation,” the NEMA spokesman, Sani Datti said.




By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The FRSC Sector Commander in Anambra, Mr Sunday Ajayi, has said that nearly 2,000 regular and special marshals of the commission will oversee the ember-month campaign in the state.

Ajayi said that more than 1,000 regular marshals as well as 1,000 special marshals had been deployed for the exercise.

He also said that tens of patrol vehicles and motorbikes have been deployed; while others were still expected from FRSC headquarters in Abuja for the success of the campaign.

The ember-month campaign is meant to enforce traffic rules and regulations so as to reduce road crashes during the last quarter of the year.

The ember-month campaign was launched by Governor Willie Obiano after  the Onitsha oil tanker disaster in May 31.




By: Kindness Okoli

Absences state associations in South Africa has decided to award 21 scholarships to students.

This was announced by the new president, Chief Onyekachukwu Onyeka, "We are giving priority to education because we see it as a life time investment. After the first set of beneficiaries, the association will continue with the scholarship scheme to ensure that more students in the state are educated,“ he said.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The Deputy Director and Head of Enforcement, Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN), Stephen Esumobi, has announced the closure of 160 drug shops in Akwa Ibom.

He said those whose shops were sealed have earlier been warned.

He said, “Our enforcement teams have been in Akwa Ibom State since the beginning of this week. The teams were in the state capital and 17 local government areas which include Uruan, Itu, Abak, Oruk Anam, Ukanafun, Mkpat Enim, Ikot Abasi, Etim Ekpo, Onna, Etinam, Eket, Esit Eket, Nsit Ibom, Nsit Ibium, Ikot Ekpene, Ibiono Ibom and Ikono.

“While the level of compliance by premises in the state capital is encouraging, this cannot be said of most premises in the local government areas. It was observed that so many premises commenced operations without following the laid down guidelines.

“Many of the premises are located in environments that are not conducive for the sale of medicines, so many others failed to meet minimum requirements for storage and personnel thus exposing members of the public to dangers of consuming medicines whose quality, safety and efficacy cannot be guaranteed.

“At the end of the enforcement exercise, a total number of 284 premises were visited. 160 of them comprising five pharmacies and 155 patent medicine shops were sealed.”

The Deputy Director charged the sealed shops with various offences which include the dispensation of poisons to the publc without the supervision of a pharmacist, poor storage conditions, selling medicines above the approved list for patent medicine vendors, non-registration of premises with the PCN, etc.

He added, stating that “One of the core mandates of the PCN is ensuring rational distribution and dispensing of medicines that are safe, effective and of good quality."

“The PCN is using this medium to sensitise all stakeholders to follow the laws that regulate the sale of medicines in Nigeria as the PCN will not tolerate the sale of medicines without submission to regulatory control.”




Credit: This Day

By: Temitope Bamidele


A one-time Minister for Police Affairs, Mr. Jelili Adesiyan, on Friday, predicted a foul fate for the ruling All Progressive Congress. Stating his reasons, he said: “The APC is an amalgamation of people who are disgruntled here and there. They came together to hijack power."

Stating the unfairness of the last presidential election, he said: “What was free and fair in the election in which a state was given about 1.9 million votes and another one was given about 1.4 million votes? Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, is the biggest town in West Africa and cannot provide such figure.

“Anything that is built on falsehood will crumble and that is what we have seen about this APC thing.

“Muhammadu Buhari wanted to become the President of Nigeria, he needed the amalgamation of some people and he has got it. Bukola Saraki wanted to be the President of the Senate and he has got it. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu wanted to be the leader of the APC, he also got. So, all of them wanted to get their own and they have got it. And that is why they are falling apart.”

However, backing the Peoples Democratic Party, the ex minister said: “The PDP is a party where people can easily express their opinions. There is no cabal and there is no street-fight leadership; the party allows politicians who genuinely wish to express their desire to operate unlike the APC.

“Those who left the PDP have seen the reason why they should not have left in the first instance and the only opportunity for them now is to come back to their original party where they can express their feelings without any ill-feelings and repercussions.”


Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele

A special prayer was held in Sokoto on Friday for victims of the Hajj stampede in Saudi Arabia.The prayer was jointly organised by the Sultanate Council of Sokoto and the Sokoto State Government.

Those in attendance included Gov. Aminu Tambuwal and the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, among other top officials.

According to the governor, the families of the deceased pilgrims will be very well assisted. Also those who were injured will be well taken care of.

The prayer was presided over by the leader of Islamic clerics in the state, Sheikh Buhari Sirridawa.




By: Kindness Okoli

In a bid to boost learning and revamp the educational sector in the state, the Kaduna State Government has said it would provide 770,000 units of furniture and 305,000 sets of uniforms to its public schools.

According to the Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Dr Shehu Adamu, the measure is to ensure that public schools’ infrastructure, tools and teaching standard, are improved significantly within the next six weeks. She explained that out of the 770,000 furniture, 400,000 units would be distributed to primary schools while the remaining 370,000 would be given to junior and senior secondary schools.

The government has also declared free basic education at primary and junior secondary school levels that eliminated fees and levies which parent were burdened with. This has yielded positive result as massive enrolment is being recorded in public schools.




By: Kindness Okoli


Five suspected armed robbers who have been terrorizing the good people of Itele, Ijaba, Iya Iyesi and other places in Ado Odo Ota local government area of Ogun State, have been arrested by the Ogun police command. The arrested suspects are Mohammed Aliu, Ojulari Sakiru, Akinniyi Ademola, Odeh Benedict and Sunday Uche.

One of the suspects, Mohammed Aliu, was arrested in Lafenwa area of Abeokuta on September 20th, 2015 at 12:00 mid night. His arrest later led to the arrest of the other four suspects at various locations in the State.

Items recovered from the suspects include 3 locally made single-barreled guns, a dummy gun, some life cartridges, assorted charms and 13 mobile phones and one Toyota RAV 4 SUV with registration number JJJ 559 BF. The owner of the car recovered was contacted and his car has been handed over to him.

Odeh Benedict, who is from Kogi State, had been in prison custody for another offence and was released recently before he was arrested for armed robbery, while Sunday Uche, who hails from Abia State, was a night guard at Iyana Iyesi community and alleged leader of the robbery gang.

The State Commissioner of Police, CP Abdulmajid Ali has advised members of the public to always screen those to be employed as night guards or maids to avoid such an incident in the state.




By: Kindness Okoli


More than 1600 Internally Displaced  Persons from Borno State who have been taking refuge at the Fufore and Bajabure IDP camps in Yola Adamawa State have been relocated to Borno. This action was done as directed by the the Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima.

The state government has already put in a place other camps in Maiduguri capital of Borno State to accommodate them. Feeding and other human needs are already in place.

These provisions are provided by the state government in partnership with NEMA and other donor organisations.

The sick among the IDPs have also received some treatment to enable them embark on the journey.

Some of the IDPs, however, said that they would miss the camps as they were properly taken care of while there.




By: Kindness Okoli

Nigeria Airways to be brought back to life

The Federal Government of Nigeria has received the report for the proposed National Airline.
The Federal Government said the report contained recommendations that would guide it as it works towards establishing a national airline for the country, adding that it was put together after the committee consulted with local and international partners.
This is coming after past administrations have tried in vain to restore the now defunct Nigeria Airways. 
The Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Binta Bello had this to say, “The committee was inaugurated based on the directive of the President and they are to advise the government appropriately on how to go about the establishment of a national carrier.
"Well, the report has just been submitted to me and I have not even opened it. Until I open the report and see the recommendations, I may not be able to say this is exactly what we are going to come up with.”

“We gave them one month and they were ready with the report within that period. They met the target given them and were diligent in delivering the task. So we look forward to lifting Nigerians again in the air,” she said.




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Mrs. Alison-Madueke who was a former director at Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria before being appointed Minister of Transport by late President Yar’adua, and later head of Mines and Steel Development ministry in December, and later Nigeria’s first female petroleum minister by President Jonathan from February 2010 till May 29, 2015, has been accused with various allegations which include in part:

The missing of  $20 billion in 2014 after an auditory review by two separate firms, KPMG and Pricewaterhousecoopers.

The Senate allegations that she paid N30.9 billion to contractors while she was a transport minister and the transferring of N1.2 billion into a private account of a toll company without due process.

The House of Representatives allegations by the investigations of its Committee on Public Accounts that she squandered N10 billion over a two-year period on the arbitrary charter and maintenance of a Challenger 850 aircraft for her unofficial use.

The House of Representatives also alleged that she spent N3.120 billion into the maintenance of a private jet dedicated to the service of herself and her family.

She has, however, denied all allegations.

Also, after Madueke's arrest yesterday by UK National Crime Agency (NCA) in Britain, she was later released on bail after hours of interrogation.



Credit: Vanguard

By: Temitope Bamidele

Massive multiple explosions shock the Kuje Market, Kuje Police Station and the Nyanya overhead bridge, yesterday night in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

The bombings which was suspected to be perpetuated by Boko Haram terrorists took place at about 10:30pm.

The Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) through its Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mr. Manzo Ezekiel, confirmed the explosions, saying the Nyanya explosion was very close to the place last year's blast.

Speculations have it that 2 persons and 12 persons had died as a result of the Nyanya and Kuje blasts respectively while 32 others were injured.


Credit: This Day

By: Temitope Bamidele


According to the reports are coming in, the victims of the Hajj tragedy were not insured.

Majority of the about 76,000 Nigerians who traveled for the pilgrimage did not have travel health insurance.

The likely reason for this was given by the spokesman for the National Hajj Commission Mr Uba Mana, who explained that in the Islamic religion, insuring a life is not really accepted.

On whether he thinks the Federal Government should pay compensation to the families of the victims, Mana said, “Is it the responsibility of the Federal Government to pay compensation? The Federal Government did not cause the accident which happened in a foreign land. The best the Federal Government can do is to seek compensation from the foreign government.

“It is not the Nigerian government that caused the accident. Of course (there may be), if a pilgrim is travelling and the aircraft is insured, but you don’t insure it because he is going to Mecca, but because insuring a passenger’s life is part of the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

"Every aircraft is responsible for the soul it carries. As a Muslim, if you want to go for Hajj, it is not done in Islam that a pilgrim’s life should be insured.”



By: Chika Onwuasoanya

CACOL Condemns Attack on Ogun Tribunal

A group known as the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL), has decried the recent attack on an Ogun state petition tribunal by politicians.

CACOL Executive Chairman, Mr. Debo Adeniran, said it was saddening that no suspect had been arrested in connection with the attack three days after it occurred.

Adeniran said, “Attack is a national embarrassment that tends to diminish our value and dignity as a people. Such act of barbarism is only capable of debasing our sensibility as humans.

“By the way, what sort of society are we trying to build or what legacy shall we be bequeathing to upcoming generations, when the sanctity of our hallowed chambers of justice is flagrantly desecrated at will by those who have assumed a status of out-laws in our midst?

“Is ours turning into an animal kingdom where laws do not exist at all?

“Since the court is said to be the last hope of the common man in seeking justice, where else could the common man turn to when his last hope has been turned into a scene of jungle behaviour of all sort?”




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Yesterday evening Abuja, the Nigerian capital was thrown once again into confusion as bomb blasts hit Kuje, Nyanya, Jikowyi and Maraba.
Pictures have emerged from some of the blasts, please note that the content below is graphic.
By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The home of the former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, in Abuja has been raided by operatives of the Economic Financial Crimes Commission.

The operatives arrived at her residence fully armed, in two buses shortly after her arrest in London on Friday.

It was reported that the former minister was arrested for offences related to fraud and bribery.

A source said, “It is true that the former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Alison-Maduake, has been arrested by the UK’s National Crimes Agency, not the Metropolitan Police.

“There is an agency within the National Crimes Agency called the Seizures Organised Crimes Agency. She was actually arrested by operatives of SOCA because the agency has a working agreement with the EFCC.

“We have been cooperating with SOCA on a number of issues. I can tell you that Diezani is being quizzed over allegations of bribery and fraud by the UK police.”




Credit: The Punch

By: Pheyie

Bomb Blasts Hits Abuja

There have been two bomb blasts in Abuja resulting in a number of deaths.

The first blast happened near a police station in Kuje, 40km from Abuja, while the second hit a bus stop in Nyanya.

A National Emergency Management Agency official, Manzo Ezekiel, said the explosions happened at about the same time(10:30 pm) on Friday.

He said, "There are a number of dead but we can't say anything about numbers now,"

He also added that the explosives appeared to be "the same kind of explosives used in the insurgency" in the north-east.

The attack is suspected to have been master-minded by the Boko Haram group, though no group has come forward.

The group, Boko Haram, has attacked Abuja before, but its attack has been focused mostly on the North-Eastern part of the country.




By: Pheyie


The Kebbi state governor, Atiku Bagudu, on Friday, disclosed that the state government had provided the sum of N200 million to assist flood victims in 12 Local Government Areas of the state.

He added that the state government would assist the flood victims with fertiliser, water pumping machines and assorted seedlings to be used in dry season farming.

Commending the federal government  for its provision of relief materials through the National Emergency Management Agency, the governor promised a judicious use and distribution of all them items given to the victims.

The Director General of NEMA, Alhaji Muhammad Sidi, also appraised the governor for his swift response to the plight of flood victims in the state. He said: “You have not only demonstrated good governance but also empathy, insight and loving kindness towards the affected people – a legacy I will like to see continue.”




By: Temitope Bamidele


The traditional ruler of Apaa-Bunu community in the Kabba-Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State, Oba Adebisi Obademi, has been reported kidnapped by some suspected Fulani gunmen at about 7.30am on Wednesday, on his way to Odo -Ape, a suburb community close to his domain.


Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele

Diezani Alison-Madueke Arrested

Diezani Alison-Madueke, the former Minister of Petroleum Resources, was arrested in London on Friday.

She was arrested alongside four other people by the British law enforcement agency, although the identities of the four other people could not be immediately ascertained.

The arrest was confirmed by the British High Commission in Nigeria though the identities of those involved was not disclosed.

The Press and Public Affairs Officer, Joseph Abuku, in a statement said, “This morning, five people between the ages of 21 and 60 were arrested on suspicion of bribery and corruption offences. The crimes are being investigated by the National Crime Agency.

“The National Crime Agency does not confirm identity at arrest nor provide information that could be used to corroborate the identity of an arrested individual.”



Credit: Premium Times

By: Pheyie


The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has met with the Saudi Arabian authorities to discuss investigations into the Hajj stampede which claimed the lives of 747 muslims including 64 Nigerians.

The Emir said he had met with Saudi Minister of Hajj Affairs, who promised a thorough investigation.

He noted that although the Saudi authorities had made adequate arrangement to avoid hitches, the exercise had encountered one of the worse stampedes in the history of Hajj operation.

“Vehicular movements were restricted in parts of Mecca on Arafat and Jamarat days all in an effort to have hitch-free movement to the stone throwing site. But unfortunately and as God wishes, there was stampede in one of the road leading to the stoning complex.

“All of us have our time. No one can spend more than a second when it comes. The stampede cannot be stopped by anyone as that is an act of God,’’ he stressed.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Willy Okpara, former Eagles goalkeeper, has urged the Nigerian Golden Eaglets to raise their game ahead of the U-17 World Cup. 

He said with adequate preparation, the Eaglets had the potential to perform well in the tournament.

“Being the defending champions, the Eaglets’ pride is at stake. They have to prove to the world that they are good and deserve to win the trophy.

“I urge the team to put in more than 100 per cent effort in all their games and I believe they will do well. They should keep to their coaches’ instructions and avoid underrating their opponents. Every game should be taken with all the seriousness it deserves,’’ he said.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Ondo State to Begin Chocolate Production

The Ondo Cocoa revolution is well under way and it has been announced that by April 2016, Ondo state will begin producing chocolate.

The Ondo state government said on Friday that it has put plans in place for a modern chocolate factory.

On his part, Dr. Jibayo Oyebade, the Chairman, Ondo Cocoa Revolution project, said the state government had identified the Cocoa Catalytic factory at Idanre for the chocolate factory.

He said “Our technical partner is an internationally recognised chocolate producer, which is an expert in the field.

“We intend to invite officials of the Ministry of Commerce to take inventory of the machines at the catalytic factory in Idanre.

“Already, there is a cocoa factory in Idanre that we can put in proper shape this year.”




By: Kindness Okoli

In a bid to eliminate the problem of ghost pensioners across the country, the Federal Government has planned to conduct a nationwide verification exercise for all military pensioners.

The exercise will be conducted by the Federal Government and the Military Pensions Board from October 6, 2015 to October 20, 2015.

The Chairman, Military Pensions’ Board, AVM Muhammad Dabo, said, “It is important to note that this verification exercise, which is an annual exercise, has not been conducted for the past three years. The exercise is therefore crucial towards effective administration of military pensions, especially as it would enable the board to appropriately update its record.

“The exercise will also provide avenue for pensioners to have access to the Defence Health Maintenance limited for their registration. The purpose of this year’s exercise is therefore to verify all existing pensioners on the current pay roll and update their records accordingly.

“Pensioners who may have died before this exercise will be dropped from the pay roll. The next-of-kins of such deceased pensioners are expected to come to the board to apply for the balance of bulk pension if the pensioner had not earned up to 60 months pension prior to his or her death.

“The exercise will enhance the elimination of fraudulent names otherwise known as ghost pensioners from the pay roll. It will further strengthen the credibility of our database and ensure that all ghost pensioners who had hitherto beaten the system  are weeded out thereby leading to increased savings for the government.”




By: Kindness Okoli


Ekiti State students under the umbrella of Federation of Ekiti State Students Union (FESSU) and the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS), yesterday, condemned Governor Ayo Fayose cancellation of free education.

The student who marched from Ajilosun and stopping at various junctions to address the public showed their grievances, carrying placards which read: “Ekiti students pass vote of no confidence in Fayose”; “Primary/secondary education must be free in Ekiti”; “Ekiti bursary, nothing but a scam”; “Blackout in Ekiti State University”; “College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti fees must be reduced”; “No to N50,000 acceptance fee at College of Health Technology, Ijero”; “Don’t stop payment of WASSCE fees for poor students”; “we reject exclusion from education summit”; amongst others.

Addressing newsmen, the FESSU’s National President, Peter Obayemi, said: “We should let the world know that the government has neglected students. It organised an Education Summit and refused to invite students and instead invited artisans, motorcyclists and traders.

“We are saying no to privatisation of public schools in Ekiti.  We reject all sorts of fees that have been reintroduced in public schools.

“Government used to pay WASSCE fees for pupils before; this government says it will no longer pay. We reject all these anti-education policies.

“Many students have lost the joy of being admitted to the College of Science and Health Technology, Ijero- Ekiti as they were unable to pay the N50,000 acceptance fee before the deadline.

“The Ijero College of Health Science and Technology is the only school in Nigeria paying such an outrageous acceptance fee, which does not guarantee their admission.”

However, the state's commissioner for Information, Lanre Ogunsuyi, has described the protest as an opposition motivated protest which was unnecessary.





By: Temitope Bamidele


After recommendations from PDP Post- Election Review Committee, lead by Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu-led, the national leadership of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has zoned the 2019 Presidency to the North, saying it would also assuage any ill-feelings over any perceived breach of the party’s zoning principle.

The party also said it had drawn a roadmap towards the 2019 general election and for future electoral success.

Addressing reporters on Thursday, the Acting National Chairman of PDP, Prince Uche
Secondus, said: “The National Working Committee, NWC, has agreed to move this party forward. We will obey the principle of zoning and have agreed that in 2019, PDP presidential candidate will come from the north.

“NWC has agreed that we will never repeat the mistake of the past; we will follow the submissions made by this committee.

“By the time it passes through all organs of the party, we will implement the report to the letter. Today marks a turning point in our struggle in the last 16years; we are now a robust opposition and our senators are in control of the National Assembly. We are the best organized party in the country.

“Some interest groups had tried to scuttle the committee. Our NWC will review and implement the recommendations that are very urgent to it. We need sacrifice, not display of inordinate ambition that will destroy us.

“Members must obey the constitution and follow the principle of zoning. With this, the party’s presidential candidate will come from the North. The party must go back to the principle of its founding fathers.”




By: Temitope Bamidele

Amosun urges Nigerians to support Buhari

Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun state during his independence day address, urged all Nigerians to support the President Muhammadu Buhari.

He spoke at the MKO Abiola stadium in Abeokuta on Thursday.

He also urged Nigerians to focus on things that would further bring about peaceful co-existence among the people, irrespective of tribe, religion and language.

He also said that despite the various financial challenges facing the present administration the goals set were still very achievable.





By: Kindness Okoli

Workers in Ondo state who went on strike due to unpaid salaries have decided to resume work and suspend the strike.
According to the  the Chairman of the state Joint Negotiating Council of the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress, Sunday Adeleye, the union took the decision following the intervention of some national bodies of the labour unions in the country.
However, he was said that the union had given the state government a deadline of October 7th, 2015 to pay the salaries in full or the strike would resume.

Adeleye said, “Any worker found guilty of any offence should be made to face the music by following the due process, rather than unjustly removing their names from the payment voucher.

“All salary arrears must be paid in full by Wednesday, October 7, 2015. In order words, the July, August and September salaries must be paid in full by Wednesday, October 7, 2015,” Adeleye insisted.




By: Kindness Okoli

NUPENG donates food items, Cash to IDPs

The National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas workers (NUPENG) has donated food items and about N1 million in cash to Internally Displaced persons in Abuja.
The President, Comrade Igwe Achese said, “We came to express our love and to show our concern to the IDPs who were displaced internally in their home communities and their country Nigeria because of the the insurgency that we are facing today.
"The situation is painful and shocking that for the past four years we have been fighting this issue of insurgency and bringing people out of their communities to safeguard them. You are also putting them in a very hostile environment where anything can happen to them at any time, you can imagine where the school children are learning, they are learning in an open atmosphere that if it rains today, it will be difficult for these children to sit down to learn and read their books.”
By: Kindness Okoli

Buhari thanks Goodluck for accepting defeat

As part of his Independence day speech, President Muhammadu Buhari has thanked his predecessor for accepting defeat.
He said, "Whatever one’s views are, Nigerians must thank former President Jonathan for not digging-in in the face of defeat and thereby saving the country untold consequences."

He also added that he bore no ill will against anyone for past events.

“We have seen in the last few years how huge resources were mismanaged, squandered and wasted. The new APC government is embarking on a clean up, introducing prudence and probity in public financing," he said.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


Ansar-Ud-Deen, a Muslim Society in Nigeria has called for muslims to come together in prayer for the victims of the Hajj stampede.

Alhaji M.A. Adebanjo said the prayer was called by its National president Alhaji Lateef Okunnu (SAN). The statement read in part, “We pray the Almighty Allah to forgive their sins and reward them with Al-janat firdaus and grant those still being hospitalised quick recovery. For those that are still missing, we beseech Allah to grant them safe re-union with their families.”

The prayer is to be held on Sunday,October 4th.




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

NIS arrests Nigerian contacts of ISIS Chief

The ISIS Chief Ahmed Al Assir, who tried to enter Nigeria but was prevented from doing so, generated some controversy as to who he was supposed to visit in Nigeria.
However, the Nigerian Immigration Service has reported that the two Nigerians who were his contacts have been identified and arrested.

The Spokesman of the NIS, King Ekpedeme, said "two men connected to Al Assir, with whom he was supposed to live with in Nigeria, had been arrested in Kano and immediately handed over to the National Security Adviser, General Babagana Monguno (rtd)."

Also, The NIS Comptroller-General,  Martin Abeshi, said “From the records available, the Immigration Service did not issue that visa. It might be the officials of the foreign affairs ministry because they also issue visa on our behalf.”

Adding that “When we were told that Al Assir was heading to Nigeria, the people the man was coming to visit were identified by our men. Our officers in Kano went into action and arrested the two of them immediately and handed them over to the National Security Adviser.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Willie Obiano, the governor of Anambra State celebrated the 55th Independence of Nigeria by releasing about 25 prisoners.
All the prisoners were not jailed for a capital offences. Among those released was a man who has been imprisoned since 1990.
The governor said, “Brothers and sisters, I see hope for Anambra State. I see hope for Nigeria. It is along this line that I have decided to give hope to the hopeless amongst us by exercising my prerogative of mercy and granting amnesty to 25 prisoners serving different terms in the three prisons in Anambra State.

“This special anniversary of our nationhood calls for a sober reflection. 55 years ago, when the Green-White-Green Nigerian flag replaced the British Union Jack, our founding fathers dreamt of a country whose greatness would finally announce to the free world, the rise of a superpower in black Africa.

“They dreamt of a strong country whose inherent potential would outweigh its inborn socio-cultural inhibitions and whose promise would outshine the teething problems of nascent nationhood. Our founding fathers had rightly hoped and prayed for the sun to rise in Nigeria and for a moment, their wishes seemed granted.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

There have been reports that due to the various issues associated with the 2015 budget, that the president will present a supplementary budget to the House of Representatives for 2015. 
“A letter has been written to the National Assembly suggesting a supplementary budget and the President will sign the letter when he returns to Nigeria,” the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, had revealed.
According to the House Leader, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, and the House Minority Leader, Mr. Leo Ogor, this will be entertained by the House.
Mr Ogor said, "This is October, we will welcome a supplementary budget with less than three months to the end of the year.

“This is because, the 1999 Constitution does not spell out a time frame for the submission of a supplementary budget.

“Of course, we will scrutinise the supplementary budget, being our duty to do so.

“There are issues with the 2015 budget and the poor implementation. Naturally, we will ask questions as we welcome the supplementary budget.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Female Suicide bombers bomb Maiduguri

Sageri and Ajilari are two communities on the outskirts of Maiduguri, which were reportedly hit yesterday evening by twin bomb blasts.
Eyewitnesses say, two women were dropped off by a tricycle, popularly called Keke, and they went into the midst of the crowd to detonate their bombs.
As at the time of filing this report, the number of casualties has not been ascertained.
By: Chika Onwuasoanya
The governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Tambuwal has assured Nigerians that all the Nigerians who were in Mecca when the Hajj mishap happened will be accounted for.
As at last count it was said that about 72 Nigerians were reported with several missing. The Governor's spokesman said, "Hajj officials are working round the clock to ensure that all victims are properly identified and documented.
"The areas most affected in Sokoto State are Illela, Binji and Wamakko local government areas."
While Governor Tambuwal himself assured citizens stating, "As Muslims, we are encouraged to have faith in God at all times, especially in our difficult times.
"We will organise prayers for our country men and women for God to heal the injured, bless the dead and bring the missing ones back to us in good health."
By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Amaechi Urges Nigerians to Support Buhari

The immediate past Governor of Rivers State, Governor Rotimi Amaechi has urged Nigerians to support President Muhammadu Buhari, as he takes the country to a better place.
The former governor made made this call in a statement issued in Port Harcourt on Wednesday night, through his Media Office, to mark the nation’s independence anniversary.
He said, “Our problems as a nation can only be successfully dealt with in unity. We need to imbibe patriotism to ensure that the sacrifices of our founding fathers and heroes are not in vain.
“The President Buhari-led government is a very promising one and with the support and cooperation of all of us, Nigerians, the government will achieve its aim and turn the fortunes of our country.
"The people should reflect on the journey of the nation, its transition, gains and many challenges from 1960 till date and think of what can be done to better our lot even as you go all out to celebrate this 55th Independence Anniversary.”
By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Nigeria is not a failed State - NLC

As Nigeria yesterday celebrated her 55th anniversary, the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) both stated in separate independence day addresses that the country is not a failed state.
The TUC President, Mr. Bobboi Kaigama, said that while Nigeria was facing various problems, none of them are insurmountable. Kaigama identified some of the challenges bedevilling the country as ethnicity, nepotism, unemployment, poverty and hunger, widespread corruption, non-ideology based politics, insecurity, insurgency and kidnapping.

According to him, others are mismanaged economy, free-fall of the Naira, high taxation, increase in electricity billing systems and casualisation of labour. Yet he urged Nigerians to show faith and patience.

The NLC President, Mr. Ayuba Wabba, also called on Nigerians to support the President in delivering improved governance.
By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The Nigerian Military, in a statement yesterday by its spokesman, Col. Kukuasheka Usman, has disclosed that another Boko Haram fuel dump at Abbaganaram in Maiduguri, Borno state had been successfully raid by the army on Thursday.

The statement read in part: “the fuel depot was used to stockpile petroleum products and lubricants by Boko Haram terrorists and their equally heartless collaborators for onward movement to the terrorists’ camps in Sambisa forest

“Over time we have been exhorting the public especially residents of the north eastern part of the country, which has been mostly affected by the acts of the Boko Haram terrorists, to cooperate fully with the military and the security agencies.

"It is gratifying to note that such calls are being heeded by an overwhelming majority of people as exemplified in the courageous and patriotic efforts of the good citizens who exposed this fuel dump in their midst.

“It is important that people should see the fight against the security menace of Boko Haram terrorism as a collective responsibility.

“The public is kindly requested to be more vigilant and assist with useful information that would assist in preventing Boko Haram terrorists from carrying out their nefarious acts against the society.”

However, in another statement Usman disclosed that 80 Boko Haram members had surrendered to Nigerian army in Bama, Borno State, yesterday.

He therefore encouraged other members of the sect to surrender.





By: Temitope Bamidele

As Nigerians celebrated the country’s 55th independence anniversary yesterday, suspected Boko Haram  members stormed three communities in Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State, killing 11 people and destroying several houses.

The attack was said to take place at the late hours on Thursday in Bitiku, Kubu and Kirchinga villages of Madagali LGA.

Confirming the attack, the ex-Chairman of Madagali, Maina Ularamu, said: “The insurgents attacked a group of traders returning from Gulak market and killed four of them before proceeding to Kirchinga where they slaughtered seven persons including three women.”

Also confirming the attack, the member representing Michika/Madagali Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Adamu Kamale, accused the Federal government, saying: “We need more security personnel, as our villages share borders with Sambisa forest.

“The federal government has been doing nothing in the past four months to secure our people, as security is degenerating by the day. The security forces are compounding our predicament, because what they are saying in the pages of newspapers is contrary to what is happening on the ground.”




By: Temitope Bamidele


Governor Umaru Al-Makura of Nasarawa State has approved the appointment of Amb. Sulieman Umaru-Azos as new Secretary to the State Government (SSG).

This was contained in a statement issued by Ahmed Tukur, the Special Assistant to the Governor on Media and Publicity.

It stated that Al-Makura had also approved the appointment of Joseph Musa-Ancho as the new Head of the State Civil Service.

“Both appointments are with immediate effect,’’ it stated.

The Governor, therefore, thanked Zainab Muhammed, the former SSG and Dominic Bako, former Head of Civil Service for serving the state and wished them well in their future endeavours.





By: Kindness Okoli

For violating the state road traffic laws, 1,576 motorcycles have been seized by the Lagos state Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences unit within the last few month.

814 bikes were impounded in September, 146 were seized in June, 278 in July and 484 in August.

The Chairman of the Task Force, Olubukola Abe, has said that the agency was determined to clear all forms of environmental nuisance responsible for traffic bottlenecks in the metropolis.




By: Kindness Okoli

The Kwara State Government cancelled all forms of fanfare as well as Metropolitan Square parade to mark the 55th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria.

According to the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Alhaji Isiaka Gold, the cancellation was due to unstable and unfavorable security reasons which could pose a threat to peace, lives and properties in the state. Earlier on, the government had received  information that killer squads had been imported into the state to disrupt the independence celebration.

Some residents said the government might have cancelled it to avoid reccurrence of mob action where worshipers stoned dignitaries at the Ilorin Eid praying ground.





By: Kindness Okoli

The public relation manager of Max Air airline, Alhaji Ibrahim Dahiru, has confirmed that 4,000 Nigerian pilgrims who performed the 2015 Hajj have been returned.

They were transported back to the country in seven trips while the eighth flight was preparing to take off tonight.

According to Dahiru, the airline has made four trips to Sultan Abubakar III International Airport, Sokoto, with Zamfara pilgrims.

He also said the airline made one flight each for Katsina and Gombe states pilgrims while the second flight for each of the two states was on its way to Nigeria from the holy land.

Support was gotten from the various pilgrims welfare boards, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria and other stakeholders.




By: Kindness Okoli

Cross River State workers are set to embark on an indefinite strike action on Friday embark to show their grievance at the government's inability to pay their salaries and allowances.

However, the Cross River state government has earlier claimed that the federal government bailout giving to the state has been used to set off the state's acquired loans.

Commenting on the development, Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade John Ushie, said: “The strike is organized by the joint council, but as affiliates we are giving them the covering fire, so we just came out from a meeting with the government of Cross River State. We met with the deputy governor and it was smooth and it was going well in the way of negotiations and he pleaded we should meet with the governor.

“We waited for a long time and when he came and met us he expressed disappointment because he said he has done a lot for Cross River and thought the workers would appreciate that but we did not. We let him understand that it was not true that workers don’t appreciate that he has paid salaries and paid net, because salaries are based on gross. But this other ones remaining are statutory. So if they are statutory and they are made from salaries, there is a need to remit that.

“So check off dues should go to the union, loans from bank go the bank ... We also let them know things are difficult for workers.
Workers are getting loans from banks. That is how they are managing to survive, because the salaries we collect today in the service cannot take us.

“Therefore these workers access loans from the bank and for the fact that the state government has refused to remit loans that were deducted from them to the banks, the bank has refused to give them loans. Many of them have come to my office to cry. So we appeal to the government to release what is due the workers. That is not government money. It is the money of the workers. That is what we are asking for. It is not something new.

“We as workers of Cross River State appreciate the government. We are ready to cooperate as Labour, but that we are ready to cooperate does not erase the fact that what is supposed to be done right is not done and we keep quiet. It is not an issue of getting offended that we did not appreciate him, the truth is that there is a disconnect, no communication. We have sought audience severally with the governor to no avail. Since he assumed office this is the first time we are meeting. And if it was not because of the strike action, we would not have been able to meet with him.”






By: Temitope Bamidele


The Nigerian Military through its Director, Defence Information, Col. Rabe Abubakar, has confirmed that the dreaded Boko Haram sect has poisoned sources of drinking water in Maiduguri, Borno State.

Abubakar also added that though animals lost have been recorded, no human lives have been lost; saying: “The alarm is true. Relevant agencies will act on it. Ours is to provide security.

“This brings me to the issue of weakness. They are weak. Since they have been dislodged from their strongholds, they are engaging in all sorts of practice.

“Since the factories where they produce IEDs have been discovered and their commands decimated, what they do now is to go into other areas.

“No human lives have been lost but some animals suffered from it.

“Terrorists are using other methods to inflict hardship on citizens in areas they have been uprooted.

“We are calling on the citizens to know this and report unusual movement by giving us information.

“The media also, has to create the awareness against this kind of menace so that people will know.”




By: Temitope Bamidele


In a statement signed by Group Captain Wap Maigida, on behalf of the Acting Director, Defence Information, Col. Rabe Abubakar, for the Defence Headquarters, it stated the inauguration of a committee to cater for the granting of amnesty to willing members of the Boko Haram group.

The amnesty programme is said to be meant for three categories of Boko Haram members: those who were forcibly admitted into the terrorist group; those who have surrendered and renounced membership of the group and those who are willing to do so.



Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele

Below is the full text of President Muhammadu Buhari's address speech to Nigerians, in commemoration of the country's 55th Independence anniversary:

OCTOBER 1 is a day for joy and celebrations for us Nigerians whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in because it is the day, 55 years ago; we liberated ourselves from the shackles of colonialism and began our long march to nationhood and to greatness.

No temporary problems or passing challenges should stop us from honoring this day. Let us remind ourselves of the gifts God has given us. Our Creator has bequeathed to us Numbers – Nigeria is the ninth most populated country on the planet. We have in addition:

• Arable land
• Water
• Forests
• Oil and gas
• Coastline
• Solid minerals

We have all the attributes of a great nation. We are not there yet because the one commodity we have been unable to exploit to the fullest is unity of purpose. This would have enabled us to achieve not only more orderly political evolution and integration but also continuity and economic progress.

Countries far less endowed have made greater economic progress by greater coherence and unity of purpose.

Nonetheless, that we have remained together is an achievement we should all appreciate and try to consolidate.

We have witnessed this year a sea change in our democratic development. The fact that an opposition party replaced an entrenched government in a free and fair election is indicative of the deeper roots of our democratic system. Whatever one’s views are, Nigerians must thank former President Jonathan for not digging-in in the face of defeat and thereby saving the country untold consequences.

As I said in my inaugural speech, I bear no ill will against anyone on past events. Nobody should fear anything from me. We are not after anyone. People should only fear the consequences of their actions. I hereby invite everyone, whatever his or her political view to join me in working for the nation.

My countrymen and women, every new government inherits problems. Ours was no different. But what Nigerians want are solutions, quick solutions not a recitation of problems inherited. Accordingly, after consultations with the Vice President, senior party leaders and other senior stakeholders, I quickly got down to work on the immediate, medium-term and long-term problems which we must solve if we are to maintain the confidence which Nigerians so generously bestowed on us in the March elections and since then.

As you know, I toured the neighboring countries, marshal a coalition of armed forces of the five nations to confront and defeat Boko Haram. I met also the G-7 leaders and other friendly presidents in an effort to build an international coalition against Boko Haram. Our gallant armed forces under new leadership have taken the battle to the insurgents, and severely weakened their logistical and infrastructural capabilities.

Boko Haram are being scattered and are on the run. That they are resorting to shameless attacks on soft targets such as IDP camps is indicative of their cowardice and desperation. I have instructed security and local authorities to tighten vigilance in vulnerable places.

On power, government officials have held a series of long sessions over several weeks about the best way to improve the nation’s power supply in the safest and most cost effective way. In the meantime, improvement in the power supply is moderately encouraging. By the same token, supply of petrol and kerosene to the public has improved throughout the country. All the early signs are that within months the whole country would begin to feel a change for the better.

Preliminary steps have been taken to sanitise NNPC and improve its operations so that the inefficiency and corruption could be reduced to a minimum. Those of our refineries which can be serviced and brought back into partial production would be enabled to resume operations so that the whole sordid business of exporting crude and importing finished products in dubious transactions could be stopped.

In addition to NNPC, I have ordered for a complete audit of our other revenue generating agencies mainly CBN, FIRS, Customs, NCC, for better service delivery to the nation. Prudent housekeeping is needed now more than ever in view of the sharp decline in world market oil prices. It is a challenge we have to face squarely. But what counts is not so much what accrues but how we manage our resources that is important.

We have seen in the last few years how huge resources were mismanaged, squandered and wasted. The new APC government is embarking on a clean up, introducing prudence and probity in public financing.

At an early stage, the Federal Government addressed the issue of salary arrears in many states, a situation capable of degenerating into social unrest. The APC government stepped in to provide short-term support to the owing states and enabled them to pay off the backlog and restore the livelihood of millions of Nigerians.

Fellow Nigerians, there have been a lot of anxiety and impatience over the apparent delay in announcement of ministers. There is no cause to be anxious. Our government set out to do things methodically and properly. We received the handing over notes from the outgoing government only four days before taking over. Consequently, the Joda Transition Committee submitted its report on the re-organisation of Federal Government structure after studying the hand over notes. It would have been haphazard to announce ministers when the government had not finalised the number of ministries to optimally carry the burden of governance.

Anyway, the wait is over. The first set of names for ministerial nominees for confirmation has been sent to the senate. Subsequent lists will be forwarded in due course.

Impatience is not a virtue. Order is more vital than speed. Careful and deliberate decisions after consultations get far better results. And better results for our country is what the APC government for CHANGE is all about.

I would like to end my address this morning on our agenda for CHANGE. Change does not just happen. You and I and all of us must appreciate that we all have our part to play if we want to bring change about. We must change our lawless habits, our attitude to public office and public trust. We must change our unruly behavior in schools, hospitals, market places, motor parks, on the roads, in homes and offices. To bring about change, we must change ourselves by being law-abiding citizens.

Happy Independence celebrations. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.






By: Temitope Bamidele

Ondo Civil Servants begin Strike

Civil servants in Ondo State have embarked on a two day strike over unpaid salaries, starting from Wednesday 30th of September. 

However, the state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Kayode Akinmade, condemned the action of the labour leaders as he said since the government had started the payment of salaries, there should be no need of directing the workers to embark on the strike.

He said, “There should be no need for strike, the governor had directed that two-month salaries should be paid, the workers should have exercised patience, the delay may be as a result of bank process.

“They should understand that the two months cannot be paid at the same time, it has to take some time before the second month enter but I am sure that before the end of today (Wednesday) all of them would have received alert of the two months.

“So I see no reason the workers should go on strike if they are not politically motivated.”

As at this morning however, the strike was still on.
By: Chika Onwuasoanya
The latest updates on the ministerial list is that it contains 21 names. The list has been received by Senate President Bukola Saraki, and he has set nextweek Tuesday as the date it will be read, that is October 6th
Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Alhaji Yusuph Olaniyonu made this clear when speaking to journalists.
He said, "The Senate president received the ministerial list around 5:00pm this evening but no action would be taken on it until next week Tuesday. The envelope is still sealed.”
However sources say that a former Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola; and a former Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, made the list.

Also said to be on the list are Kayode Fayemi, a former governor of Ekiti State; a former Governor of Anambra State, Chris Ngige; and a one-time Governor of Abia State, Ogbonaya Onu. Malami Abubakar, SAN, a former National Legal Adviser to the defunct Congress for Progressives Change; Aisha Alhassan, a former governorship candidate of the APC in Taraba State; and Amina Mohammed, a special adviser to the Secretary-General of the United nations, Ban Ki-Moon, also made the ministerial list.

Same for a former finance commissioner in Ogun State, Kunle Adeosun.The Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Ibe Kachikwu, is said to be on the list too.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


Unilever Boss Optimistic About Investing In Lagos

Mr Yaw Nsarko is the managing director of Unilever Group, and during a courtesy visit to the Governor of Lagos State with the top level management of the company, he said that he was confident of the investment drive of the Lagos State Government.

He said, “Though the governor has only just assumed office, I can say that he is committed to creating an enabling environment for business going by the conversation he’s been having with people and investors like myself because I am not just the only leader of private sector business that he speaks to.

“He has shown that commitment and it’s up to all of us to now work in collaborative ways and partnership so that we can achieve the Governor’s vision.”

 He added, “So if you look at the way we develop our brands, we always try to see how we can increase  the social impact, for example we have fortified Knorr bullion cube with iron therefore contributing to the elimination  of the problem of anemia in the state.”
By: Chika Onwuasoanya


Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, today, confirmed receiving President Muhammadu Buhari's ministerial list.

This was made known by Saraki via his Twitter handle, @bukolasaraki, which read: "About an hour ago, I received the list of President’s Muhammadu Buhari’s ministerial nominees from the Chief of Staff to Mr. President, Abbah Kyari and the Special Adviser to Mr. President on National Assembly (Senate), Senator Ita Enang.”


Credit: The Nation

By: Temitope Bamidele


Ondo state civil servants have begun their 2-day warning strike on Wednesday in protest for the demand of the payment of their two months salary arrears.

This was after a Tuesday directive of the state's organised labour to workers to stay at home if the two months salaries promised by the state government were not paid before the close of the day's work.

Though, it was learn that some of the civil servants received credit alerts for a month salary on Tuesday night, the strike still held on Wednesday.

Consequently, the state government has described the strike action as an indictment to the government on the path of the workers.

The state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Kayode Akinmade, condemning the strike actions said: “There should be no need for strike. The Governor (Olusegun Mimiko) had directed that two months salaries should be paid; the workers should have exercised patience. The delay may be as a result of bank process.

“They should understand that the two months can not be paid at the same time; it has to take some time before the second month (credit alert) would be received, but I am sure that before the end of today (Wednesday), all of them would have received alerts for the two months.

“So, I see no reason why the workers should go on strike if they are not politically motivated.”



Photo Credit: The Guardian

By: Temitope Bamidele


President Muhammadu Buhari will on Thursday, October 1, 2015, make a nationwide broadcast as part of the programme of activities to mark Nigeria’s 55th Independence Anniversary.

The broadcast will take place at 7:00 a.m.

Femi Adesina, Buhari’s media aide, has said in a statement that all electronic media stations are kindly requested to join the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) for the broadcast.




By: Kindness Okoli


Falae was released four days after he was abducted from his farm. The Afenifere Renewal Group has expressed their lack of confidence in the Nigerian Police Force for not being able to rescue Chief Olu Falae, the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

Knowing that the Directorate of Security Service is located in all local government areas of this country, the ARG deems it unimaginable and an insult on the Yoruba nation that such kidnap can take place within the ambit of Ondo State where Chief Falae is not only a well known personality but also one of the prominent leaders.

They also observed that many of the high profile kidnappings that occurred in Yoruba land were perpetrated by persons who are not of Yoruba extraction.

The ARG therefore urges President Buhari to give the issue of internal security the same priority as those of corruption and economy.

Chief Olu Falae was wished a quick recovery from his experience in the hands of the kidnappers.




By: Kindness Okoli

Nigeria’s Consul General to South Africa, Ambassador Uche Ajulu-Okeke, has urged Nigerians to use the nation`s 55th independence anniversary as a period for sober reflection on the country`s future.

She said that this year`s Independence Day required low key celebration to enable Nigerians reflect on the current challenges facing the country. She added that this year's event should be used to plan on how to redirect the country to the path of growth and development in order to assume continental leadership.

On the other hand, Buhari was urged to appoint capable hands that would move the country forward saying that the Nigerians in South Africa were hopeful of a new country under the leadership of Buhari.




By: Kindness Okoli

Mrs Sinmiat Omowumi Ogunbanjo, has been battered by her husband, Jimmy Omotalabo Ogunbanjo, after she rejected custody of a baby delivered by her husband’s mistress in Ogun State, Western Nigeria. This happened on Sallah day at their residence, New Site, Ikangba, Imodi road, Ijebu Ode in Ogun State.

The whole trouble started when her husband who works with the Abeokuta Federal Road Safety Commission returned home with a 2-year-old baby. Jimmy told Omowumi that he impregnated his mistress in Abeokuta who delivered the baby he came with.

He told her that he picked up the baby from his mistress and brought the child to her to nurse because the mistress could not take proper care of the baby. Omowumi got very angry and asked him to return the baby to the mother because she was not ready to nurse or take custody of the baby. Her mother in law even pleaded on behalf of the child but she refused to accept the child.

This resulted in an exchange of words and in the process Jimmy and other members of the family present allegedly battered Omowumi and threw her out of her matrimonial home. She was seriously injured.

Omowumi was disappointed when she reported the case to the police who said it was a family matter. She finally contacted a lawyer named Barrister, Olufemi Ajiboso who petitioned the Ogun State Commissioner of Police and the management of FRSC Ogun State Command, her husband’s employer.

They have kick started investigations.





By: Kindness Okoli


A 20-year-old youth identified as Godspower Otache has been rescued by the police at Ikotun division. He was kept in captivity for several months by a couple in Lagos State, western part of Nigeria.

The couple were identified as Dio Ochepo and his wife, Ene Ochepo. They have been arrested by the police.

According to police, the man and his wife went to their home town in Benue State and took Godspower Otache to Lagos under the false pretence of assisting him because he came from a poor home.

They promised his parents that they would assist them to train the victim and send him to school to be educated, but the reverse was the case.

On getting to Lagos, the couple allegedly turned him into a slave. The couple constantly tortured him, he was not allowed to go to school or move out of their apartment. He allegedly worked from morning till night without proper feeding. The residents noticed the ill-treatment and reported to the police.

The man and his wife were charged with human trafficking before a Magistrate court sitting in Ejigbo. They pleaded not guilty of the crime. They were granted bail with two sureties, on the condition that the sureties are level 10 civil servants. They were remanded in prison custody pending when they would perfect their bail.

The matter was adjourned till 5th October, 2015.




By: Kindness Okoli


On Tuesday, thugs invaded the Ogun State Election Petitions Tribunal sitting in Isabo, Abeokuta and flogged politicians who were present at the court premises. The thugs were armed with canes as they attacked notable Chieftain of PDP.

The whole problem started when Senator Ibikunle Amosun of the All Progressives Congress was certified the state governor for the second time. As the court premises turned in a battlefield, lawyer, journalist and other party members had to wait inside the court room.

Security agencies were called which included men of the Department of State Services and the Nigeria Police led by a Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bello Makwashi to calm the situation that lasted for an hour.

Those flogged include supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party, including a former Chairman of Yewa North Local Government, Olusoji Eweje, Sesan Orelaja, and a former women leader of the Labour Party, Mrs. Omolola Soyombo.

The state PDP chairman, Bayo Dayo, and the National Auditor of the party, Alhaji Wole Adeyanju, narrowly escaped being whipped by the hoodlums.




By: Kindness Okoli


The 3rd Division Troop Of the Nigerian Army has arrested a suspected Boko Haram terrorists group kingpin identified as Alhaji Tijani Usman Damagum.

According to the acting Director of Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Usman, the Boko Haram kingpin who was tracked down and arrested at Damagum town, is a high profile member of the insurgent group who has led various attacks by the insurgent group. Some items were recovered from him which included an AK-47 rifle.

The suspect is currently undergoing interrogation and will soon be arraigned to court.





By: Temitope Bamidele

An Ogun-state based blogger, Emmanuel Ojo has been arraigned by the state's police command before the state's magistrate court for an allegedly falsehood report against the wife of Ogun State governor, Mrs Olufunso Amosun.

The accused pleaded not guilty to all the eight-count charge against him in case number MA/430C/2015.

However, the blogger was granted bail of One Million Naira with two sureties living within the jurisdiction of the court with landed properties.

Ojo was said to have contravened section 516 of criminal code cap 24 vol. 2 Laws of Ogun State of Nigeria for the publication of a false news with an intent to malign and cause hatred against the wife of the Governor.





By: Temitope Bamidele


Following President Muhammadu Buhari's order to NAHCON to account for every Nigerian pilgrim in Saudi for the last Hajj, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has disclosed that the Nigerian death toll at last Thursday's Hajj stampede has risen to 64 as more bodies were found.

The commission’s Public Affairs Director, Uba Mana, added that 244 Nigerian pilgrims were missing while 71 Nigerians were said to be injured.

He said out of the 64 dead pilgrims, 46 were transported to Saudi Arabia via state pilgrims’ welfare agencies while the 18 other were  via private tour operators; adding that 12 of the 71 injured were got to Saudi Arabia via tour operators while the remaining 59 were through state pilgrims’ welfare agencies.

Mana also listed the states of the deceased as: Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Ekiti, Jigawa, FCT, Cross River, Gombe, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Kaduna, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Ogun, Ondo, Plateau, Rivers Sokoto, Yobe, Taraba, and Zamfara.



Credit: The Nation

By: Temitope Bamidele


The All Progressives Congress (Lagos State Chapter) has kicked against the state's chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party over the PDP's request to reject the list of commissioner-nominees forwarded to the House of Assembly for screening and approval.

In a statement, the issued by the APC spokesperson, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, described PDP’s reason that the nominees had links with a national leader of the APC as reckless.

The statement added: “Now for the avoidance of doubt, the nominated candidates are cerebral and very competent personalities who can hold their heads high anywhere in the world and answer their fathers’ names if the need arises.

“They have climbed through the ladder of leadership from various departments in Lagos State to get to where they are today. They have been tested and therefore can be trusted to add values to Lagos State.

“These gentlemen and women are no pushovers in their chosen professions and they are capable of assisting the governor to take Lagos to the next level.”




Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele


331 members of staff have been considered for promotion for 2013 and 2014.

The Institution’s administrative and technical committee disclosed this in a statement. It said the promotion ‎cases considered were presented by the Establishment for the Consolidated University Non-Academic Salary Structure (CONUNASS) Grade Levels 7, 8 and 9 positions.

260 administrative and technical staff have been recommended and approved by the committee for promotion to CONUNASS 7, 8, and 9.




By: Kindness Okoli

The Nigerian People's Forum has released the following statement with regard to the embattled Senate President, Bukola Saraki,
“It is most unfortunate that the factionalised labour unions who have not been able to resolve their internal crisis have suddenly found the voice of a faction to comment on this sensitive matter.

“The Nigerian public should only recognise the President of the NLC and other executives who were duly elected in office: Ayuba Waba. Any other factional leader has no legal authority to issue any statement. They are entitled to their personal opinion but the public should not be misled as the opinion of the NLC and Nigerian workers.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

Police Inspector Sentenced To Death By Hanging

A police inspector in Rivers State, Nigeria had been sentenced to death by hanging.

Inspector Timothy Samuel reportedly shot and killed Onyekachi Nwasouba in November 2010.

The victim was a pure water seller.

Justice Enebeli of the Rivers State High Court, handed down the judgement.

This is one in several cases of police brutality.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


The All Progressives Congress (APC) National Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, on Monday, said the party trusts the President’s judgment, therefore the President (who is expected to submit his list of ministerial nominees to the Senate for confirmation latest tomorrow) is free to choose his own ministers.

Addressing the media after a National Working Committee meeting on Monday in Abuja, the party chairman said: ”We know that the President will do what he needs to do. What happened or did not happen between us and the President is a matter for the party as a family. It is a family affair, but he will do what he needs to do, when he needs to do it. You can trust him on that.”





By: Temitope Bamidele

After the departure of Babatunde Fowler as Chairman of the Lagos Inland Revenue Service to head the Federal Inland Revenue Service, the Lagos State House of Assembly has approved Folarin Olukayode Ogunsanwo, a tax administrator of 24-years of service in the State, as the new Chairman of the Lagos Inland Revenue Service (LIRS).

Ogunsanwo who is 48-year-old, is an indigene of Ibonwon, Epe and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State. He was also a Regional Manager and Coordinator in LIRS until his new appointment.




By: Temitope Bamidele


In a statement issued yesterday on behalf of the Ondo State government by the state commissioner for Information, Kayode Akinmade, it stated that the civil servants in Ondo State will begin receiving their two-month salary arrears on Tuesday, today.



Credit: The Nation

By: Temitope Bamidele

The once abducted former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Chief Olu Falae, on Monday, has admitted that the payment of “certain amount of money” as ransom before he was set free on Thursday by his abductors.

Falae who did not disclose the ransom amount paid said this during the visitation of former Chief of Defence Staff, General Alani Akinrinade, at his Oba Ile, Akure, Ondo State residence on Monday.

His statement, however, is a contradiction to the claim of the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, who claimed no ransom was paid before the elderly statesman was freed.

He said, “There were six of them with three or four guns and every half an hour or so they will say, ‘Baba we are going to kill you; if you don’t give us money we are going to kill you.’

On Wednesday one of them came and said, ‘look we are going to leave here on Thursday morning. Since we cannot leave you here alone, if we don’t get what we want, we are going to kill you.

“And they said they gave me until 3pm, and if at 3pm they don’t get the money, they would execute me. I thank God that at 21 minutes to 3pm, one of them came and said, ‘the money don complete.’

“When the hoodlums came, they slashed me with their cutlasses; they said I was not cooperating. They dragged me barefooted into the bush. After dragging me around for about two hours, they stopped somewhere and asked me to phone my wife and tell her that I had been kidnapped and taken out of Ondo State and that was a lie.

“It was about 2.30pm on Monday that we started walking with very few stops until 2am the following morning. I suspect that I must have covered a minimum of 15 kilometres. That morning, I did not eat anything. So all day I had no food, no water and I walked close to 15km. How I survived, I cannot really remember. At some point one of them gave me rubber slippers. We walked until about 2am. At some point they called for an okada (motorcycle). At about 2.30am the okada man took me way down; I had no clue where we were going. Finally they dumped me somewhere, where I was until I was released on Thursday.

“In that place, we all slept on the floor on leaves. Unfortunately, the rain came in the night and I was thoroughly drenched. One of them brought a small umbrella to cover my head, but the rest of my body was not covered. They offered me bread, but I told them I could not eat it. I asked for a bottle of coke, which was what I drank everyday to have the requisite strength to survive and to continue on the march, because they were permanently moving. They were changing locations at two to three times a day. I suspect because they did not want the police to succeed in tracing them.

“The day they said I should go, one of them stitched my buba, which was in tatters. When I came out of the bush, I was able to find an okada rider, who took me to Owo. The place was about 10km from Owo town. The place was between Owo and Ifon. I walked most of the distance from my farm to that place. Miraculously I was not tired, I was not hungry and I was not afraid of them at all. Each time they said, ‘Baba we will kill you,’ I will tell them, ‘no, insha Allah, you will not kill me.’

“It was when I got back home that I became completely exhausted. But I am now 80 per cent fit and I know that in the next few days, I will be up again.

“Something urgent has to be done on the part of the government. This type of things should not be allowed to happen again. As for me, I am a very humble person, but by virtue of what God has made me and the status God has given me, it is an insult to our race that a man like me could be abducted by a bunch of hoodlums. By the way, one of them said, ‘Baba, if after you leave us you talk nonsense I will come and catch you again.’ That is the kind of insult I received.”

He added that, “The cattle rearers have been giving me a hard time for the past two or three years. Because I have a dam on the farm, they like to bring their cattle there to drink water. The cattles would then eat other people’s crops, There was a time they ate up my maize farm – two hectares. We took pictures and recorded it on video and we invited the police. They cattle rearers were asked to pay compensation; they begged and paid half of what we claimed and we accepted it.

“That was about two months ago. Whether it was one of them who went to bring his brothers to come and deal ‘with this wicked man,’ I don’t know. It is plausible. My view is that this is my home. I have not gone to farm in any other person’s territory. This is my home where I was born. I have every right to farm here and live in peace here. So, this is totally unacceptable.

“I once told the Commissioner of Police that if he could not protect us and protect my farm, I would protect myself. There will be self help if the government fails to protect its citizens. It would have been unfortunate if that were to happen.”



Credit: Punch

By: Temitope Bamidele

Dr Bola Oyeledun, the Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Integrated Health Programme (CIHP), has raised alarm over the high rate of new HIV infections in Nigeria. The new infections were recorded mostly among youths of between the ages of 20 and 29.

Oyeledun said that if the youths are properly enlightened especially about the prevention and treatment, that a zero tolerance of this infection could be attained in the country.

Oyeledun however commended stakeholders in the state for the positive job they are doing in scaling down the infection, urging the leadership of the Centre for Integrated Health Programme CIHP in the state not to relent in ensuring the drastic reduction of the disease.




By: Kindness Okoli

The Lagos State Government in Western Nigeria, has warned boat operators in the state’s waterways against over-speeding in order to safeguard their lives and that of the passengers onboard.

This warning came as a result of the Baiyeku Boat mishap which claimed the lives of five people last Saturday.

According to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs, Mr Jafar Sanuth, over-speeding puts the lives of passengers on water in danger, adding that they should also desist from overloading their boats.

He advised them to cautious of safety precautions, especially the use of life jackets and regular maintenance of their boats.

He further advised boat operators to have manifest of all the passengers traveling in their boats for identification and record purposes.

The Baale of the Community, Chief Saheed Ajibode, thanked the state government officials for acting promptly in coming to the aid of the people and rescuing 17 passengers.





By: Kindness Okoli


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has cancelled the Bayelsa State governorship primary, stating that the election failed to meet the party's acceptable standard of free and fair election.

The APC however refused to speak on the contribution of the party to the list of ministers, assuring Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari will do what he needs to do “at the right time.”

This was disclosed by the party's National Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, while addressing journalists at a meeting in Abuja, The APC chairman said: “The main issue that occupied us today at the NWC meeting has to do with the Bayelsa governorship primary. We want to make it very clear that as a party, the APC guides very jealously its record of free and fair primary.

“The NWC sees it as a duty to provide a level playing ground for all those who aspire to offices in this party. Unfortunately, in Bayelsa State, we had serious security challenges and so, the process could not meet the standard which this party has set for itself.

“So, we have no alternative than to stop the process by ensuring that the chairman of the panel was effectively moved out of the venue with the help of security agencies. We decided thereafter that there should be a proper fresh primary.

“So today, the party decided and we have written to INEC appropriately that the party has decided to conduct fresh primary for the Bayelsa governorship election beginning on Tuesday. So, the process for fresh primary will begin on Tuesday.

“We are getting in touch with the Inspector General of Police and other security agencies to please assist us by ensuring effective security.”
By: Temitope Bamidele

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has disclosed that despite its losing N230billion annually from marketing and refining operations, and owing over $6billion in cash call arrears, the corporation was not broke.

The corporation's Group Managing Director, NNPC, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, during a question and answer session with newsmen in Lagos said, “No, I don’t think we are broke. We can never be broke because our assets base is so strong. You know that about 60 per cent of 1.2million barrels of oil a day, plus another almost 100 per cent ownership of NPDC assets; oil on ground not even allocated and gas resources, we really could never be broke.

"It is a cash flow issue as opposed to asset resource. We are not broke, we’re going to manage our cash flow better, we are going to see what falls in to enable us to inject money into the economy and do the things that we need to do. We are going to be more efficient.”




By: Temitope Bamidele

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state, on Monday, has disclosed that the state has only received N9.6 billion out of the over N29 billion it applied for in the Federal Government’s bail-out funds for states. This consequently clarified the wide-spread insinuations that the state government did not want to pay pensions arrears and gratuities of retirees.

In the statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, he said, “You people know that I don’t hide anything from you when allocations come. We applied for N29 billion from the bail-out fund. It is to cover the August and September 2014 salary arrears left by the Fayemi government, leave bonus, pensions, gratuities and others. But for reasons we don’t know yet, the federal government only approved N9.6 billion for salaries leaving other issues.

“The 16 local governments applied for N5.6 billion and we did all the necessary papers and presented them to the appropriate authorities, but only N991 million was approved. We were later told by the Central Bank of Nigeria that about 14 states had similar problem with the small amount approved for local governments.

“I have since written to them to rectify the situation and I hope they will do that quickly. It is only the federal government that can explain why they only approved one item, salary, out of the many items we presented to them on the workers’ issue.

“We have nothing to hide and people should appeal to the federal government to release the money in full. We know it is a loan that we will repay with nine per cent interest."

He also added that, "Last month we had a shortfall of N500 million and this month we have a shortfall of N600 million. The economy is dwindling and in bad shape and the federal government must do something about it urgently.”




By: Temitope Bamidele

October 23 has been chosen by the Federal High Court in Lagos for ruling in an application seeking to revoke an interim order restraining the enforcement of a presidential directive that oil and gas cargoes should be handled in Onne, Warri and Calabar.

Justice John Tsoho, who gave the interim order, also ordered that the status quo should be maintained till the hearing and determination of the main suit.

The defendants in the suit include the President of Nigeria, the National Assembly, Federal Ministry of Transport and the Attorney General of the federation. However, Integrated Logistics Services Nigeria Ltd (INTELS) — an oil and gas firm – had brought an application urging the court to join the company as a defendant in the suit.

INTELS alongside Associated Maritime Services (AMS) were also urging the court to discharge the interim injunction.

INTELS had told the court that the issues for determination by the plaintiff touched directly on their business and financial interest particularly their interest in the oil and gas free zones in Onne, Warri and Calabar ports.

But the Lagos Deep Off shore Logistics Company, LADOL, had opposed the two applications for discharge of the order and the joinder application.

Justice Tsoho, however, adjourned the case till October 23 for ruling.





By: Kindness Okoli

Over 500 migrants have been rescued from the Mediterranean over the weekend.

140 out of the 500 rescued were mainly from Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone. They were transported by the German navy frigate Werra as part of the European external action service, EU Nevfor Med.

The EU Navfor Med is a military operation launched at the end of June to identify, capture and dispose of vessels and rescue migrants undertaking risky journeys in a desperate bid to try and get to Europe from war-ravaged Syria and other trouble spots.

The international organization for migration, said over 500,000 people have come to Europe taking the dangerous route.

More than 2,800 persons have died as a result of this since January.




By: Kindness Okoli

FG Declares Thursday Public Holiday

Thursday, October 1st 2015 has been declared a public holiday by the Federal Government. 

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Abubakar Magaji, made the declaration on behalf of the FG in a statement signed by the ministry’s Director of Press, Yusuf Isiaka, on Monday.




By: Chika Onwuasoanya

An 88-year-old man has been arrested and charged before Igbosere Magistrates’ Court with fraud in Lagos State, western Nigeria for allegedly defrauding more than 15 victims of over N100m in land scam in Lekki Resettlement Schemes in Eti-Osa Local Government Area.

The suspect, identified as Pa Adeola Ajidahun, was arrested after he allegedly defrauded Kehinde Ola of N30m under the false pretence of selling some plots of land at the same resettlement in Lagos.

He convinced Ola that the Lagos State government allocated some plots of land to him to sell in the area. He created fake documents to convince Ola and later took him to the area in Lekki with his agent, Felix Olu Fadare, and showed him the parcels of land.

Ola who didn't suspect a thing, paid for the land unknown to him that the land belonged to a family residing in that area. Ola was not the only victim the suspect has defrauded.

During the investigation, the police discovered that he had defrauded many other victims and was using an estate agent identified as Felix Olu Fadare, who is now at large, to defraud victims.

Ajidahun was charged with conspiracy, obtaining under false pretence and stealing under the Criminal Code.

Though he was released on bail, no relation of his came as surety for him. The case has been adjourned to October.





By: Kindness Okoli

As earlier reported that the Hajj Pilgrimage controlling body, NAHCON, has released the number of Nigerians that were lost in the sad Hajj tragedy, another disturbing detail has come to light.

The Sokoto State Pilgrims Welfare Agency has confirmed the deaths of the immediate Caretaker Chairman of Illela Local Government Area of the state, Alhaji Bello Gidan-Hamma, his mother, stepmother and two wives in the stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia.

Nigeria's leading Islamic body, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) has released the following statement, “With humility and total submission to Allah the exalted, the Jama’atu Nasril Islam, under the leadership of His Eminence, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, Sultan of Sokoto, and the President-General, condoles with with the Muslim Ummah over the Jamarat stampede, which led to the loss of several lives of pilgrims in one of the sites of worship in Saudi Arabia.

“This is one tragedy too many. JNI shares the pains and worries the families of the affected victims are passing through and urge them to patiently persevere and put their trust in Allah.

“Despite this and other painful trials, our faith in Allah is unshaken. Therefore, we call on each and every Muslim to remain focused and firm in his or her belief and engage in acts that will bring them closer to Allah.

“It is, indeed gratifying that the Saudi authorities have been doing everything humanly possible to make the Hajj as smooth as it should be, but we still call on them to investigate the Jamarat stampede in order to avert future a occurrence.”





By: Chika Onwuasoanya


Nine persons have been killed after a suspected Boko Haram insurgents’ attack that took place in Mailari village in Konduga Local Government Area (LGA) of Borno.

The attack left 10 people injured but they are currently receiving treatment at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.

The Commissioner of Borno police command, Aderemi Opadoku, has said that investigations are in progress. Meanwhile security agencies have been sent to prevent further occupancy.




By: Kindness Okoli

Dr Tunji Braithwaite is a politician who was very influential in the second republic and the founder of the Nigeria Advance party (NAP), the platform on which he contested for presidency in 1983.
He has now taken a swipe at President Buhari's fight against corruption, saying, "We have heard a lot of noise being made about attacking corruption. What has he done about attacking corruption four months after he was sworn in? The fact that we are having better electricity supply and the refineries are working cannot be what he has done.

"His body language, may be. But what we got all this time is military news. To me, he wants to make sure that military opportunists, military looters, who are still very much around in the control and administration of this country directly or through their proxies are adequately handled.

"How many people have been charged for corruption? Nobody. One military fellow, Sambo Dasuki, the former NSA has been taken to a Magistrates’ Court. Put your two and two together if you are a thinker. 

"That is what I am saying. Saraki’s arraignment before the CCT will die a natural death. The charges that I heard read against Saraki were criminal, why take him to the CCT, which is like a bull dog without teeth? The CCT has not got criminal power."
By: Chika Onwuasoanya
The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has finally put rumors to rest after they announced the actual number of Nigerians that died during the fatal stampede that  occurred among pilgrims in Hajj. 

Alhaji Abdullahi Muktar Mohammed the Chairman of NAHCON, said that 54 Nigerians died in the stampede, also 42 out of the 54 that died were from states pilgrims welfare board including two NAHCON officials, while others were among those on the pilgrimage by private tour operators.

He also listed 15 states of Bauchi, Borno, Zamfara, Cross River, Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Nasarawa, Niger, Ogun, Ondo, Sokoto, Taraba and Yobe as those that lost pilgrims to the stampede.





By: Chika Onwuasoanya

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun has summoned an emergency meeting of the National Working Committee for today.

Source has it that the meeting's agenda include the discussion on President Buhari's proposed ministerial list  (which might be submitted to the Senate tomorrow or on Wednesday) as well as the multiple crises rocking the party's leadership.