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Displaying items by tag: Nigerian youth


lvn facebook



My answer is an emphatic NO! How can we possibly be dead when we just got started? Wink wink…


Let me use this opportunity to say a very Happy New Year to you, albeit belated. I must confess I have been quite impressed with & grateful for the outpouring of interest & concern from readers, friends & distant people from all walks of life who keep sending mails & messages asking if we are still here. I am proud to announce that we actually didn’t go anywhere; we are still here.


You see, when money doesn’t actually drive your passion for something, it’s difficult for it to just die off like a French rose. LeVitateNaija is part & parcel of my very DNA & I long every single day to get back to the business of doing what I love to do the most: impacting lives. Till date, not a Kobo has come in as revenue from this vision. Not a single Kobo. Yet, I have spent millions of Naira on this site so far to keep the vision going (site development, content development, salaries of staff, allowances of members, hosting, adverts, logistics, sponsorships, support infrastructure, etc.). At a point, the monthly bill for maintaining the site was approximately N250, 000! Incredible you may be whispering to yourself. Well, what if I told you that we once had a staff on the LVN payroll at N150,000 per month, would you quickly believe the gist?


Anyway, I am going to assure you all of one thing: as long as I still take in oxygen, LVN will live on. And my hope is that LVN will inspire a lot of young people who will keep this fire burning long after I must have left the surface of the earth. That’s the goal of LVN; to impact lives positively & create a virtual community of people who will provide a support system for the collective good of all.


So, LVN is NOT dead! We simply went on hibernation. Sadly, the hibernation took longer than I had planned. Everything happened so quickly that I had to make some frantic decisions at short notice. A key member of the team was going to be unavailable at some point & we couldn’t fill the position quickly enough to manage the potential shocks. Plus I also wanted to make out time to rethink the whole LVN strategy as I thought we were gradually drifting away from our main vision. We spent too much time reporting bland news & couldn’t really develop the sort of unique content I had had in mind when I set out on this journey. Then, I got so busy at work that I just couldn’t come back to reboot the site until now…


I am glad to see us come back gradually. As I type this, I am still glued to my desk at work at 8.54pm on a Friday night. But hey, I just had this hunch that sent hot adrenaline pumping through my veins & I quickly realised there was something out there I had been missing. LVN & its readers/followers of course! Incredibly, it has taken me less than 12mins to type out this note! It’s unbelievable how much one can do in a very short period of time when the fire is burning right under one’s belly. LVN will be back, peeps. My heart tells me that strongly. We will not come back with a BIG BANG; but we will slowly get back to the business of striking some chord of positive impact in your lives.


Thanks indeed for your support this far. There will be no LVN without you. Thank you.


Isaac Audu-Usman

 Founder & Owner, LeVitateNaija



The People's Democratic Party has alleged that the All Progressives Congress has made plans to rig the Kogi elections with the help of the military. 

The PDP has released the following statement:

"Available intelligence shows that the deployment to Kogi state, of the Army Colonel, who is a known APC sympathizer is part of the fallout of last week's secret meeting coordinated by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), where orders were issued to clamp-down on PDP members and supporters to pave way for some pliable INEC officials to manipulate the election in favour of the APC.

Compromised troops have already been detailed to Dekina Local Government Area, the largest PDP stronghold in the state and home of Governor Idris Wada, where they have been instructed to create panic, strong-arm PDP supporters, frighten and scare away voters, ostensibly to deprive the our party of its expected large votes from the area.

We are also aware of how the head of Security of APC candidate's Campaign Organization, a retired Army General, is coordinating the movement of partisan security operatives into other key local governments, including Igalamela, Ofu, Ankpa and Idah, to harass and frighten PDP supporters and provide a leeway for the APC to manipulate the election.

The PDP also has information of the copious involvement of a retired police officer, who is working with some men of the Directorate of Security Services (DSS) in providing illegal arms, vehicles and cover for APC thugs who have been positioned to attack PDP supporters during the election.

We find it absolutely shocking that President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government, a huge beneficiary of free, fair and credible election conducted by the PDP, would so early in the day, seek to corrupt the electoral system and willfully attempt to subvert the will of the people."


By: Chika Jones

An indigene of Ibeno community in Akwa Ibom, Professor Ebong Eshett has pleaded with Exxon Mobil to grant scholarships to students from the community.

He said the support was needed to help the youth in the community receive formal education.

According to him, the company had provided N10 million in scholarship funding, where 110 persons benefited.

He stressed that such gestures should continue so as to help youths.

He also said that due to the exploitation of oil by the Exxon-Mobil in the community there has been frequent spillage of oil which has caused the lives of aquatic animals.

The activies of the fishermen in the area have been put to a stop and thousands of youth roam the streets without jobs.





By: Kindness Okoli







Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh, has called up 24 players for next
month’s international friendlies with Congo and Cameroon.

Enyeama missed out on Nigeria’s last two fixtures against Tanzania and
Niger Republic, supersport.com reports.

The Lille OSC goalkeeper was bereaved following the death of his mother and
asked to be excused from both games.

He will now return to captain the three-time African champions in the
fixtures against Congo and Cameroon in Belgium.


By: Kindness Okoli


(Photo credit: africanbusinessmagazine.com) 


If you are like me & you have multiple bank accounts, then chances are that you got something similar to this from one of your banks in August:








Quite frankly, the first question that came to my head when I first learnt of this development was: what exactly is this Emefiele guy smoking? I have personally struggled with many of the policies the CBN has implemented since he took over from people’s favourite, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, in June 2014. From increasing the monetary policy rate (which has kept bank lending rates sky-high), to the way it has micro-managed the foreign exchange conundrum by all manner of ill-advised & poorly thought-through mechanisms that have left the Naira on a slippery slope. Not to mention how small, legitimate businesses have been starved of opportunities to source for much-needed foreign exchange to transact internationally. Don’t mind me; that is just the Finance side of me speaking. I don’t intend to make this technical at all…



Back to Godwin Emefiele & his highly controversial policies. For the average Nigerian, the pick of the bunch surely will always be the re-introduction of the notorious ATM charges that his predecessor had banished to the realms of the abyss. You may be forgiven if you sometimes wonder if the dude has the interests of the country as a whole at heart or he is serving the narrow interests of some powerful, invisible groups in the ivory tower of elephant tusk…



Your guess is as good as mine:



 CBN Letter on foreign deposits


(Source: http://www.cenbank.org/Out/2015/TED/TED.FEM.FPC.GEN.01.015.pdf) 




Did you notice an obvious contradiction (especially the texts highlighted in yellow)? On the one hand, Fidelity Bank said the ban was from the CBN & it was merely following its directive. On the other hand, the CBN said it was simply acting after duly considering the recent statements made by the Deposit Money Banks (DMBs). Don’t be deceived by the ‘DMB’ terminology; DMBs are mainly the same commercial banks that you bank with! So, if the commercial banks say they were acting on a specific directive issued by the CBN & the CBN at the same time claims it was acting on statements made by the same commercial banks, then the question is: WHO IS LYING?




Before we answer that question, one thing is crystal-clear: at least one group is telling a lie. And if indeed a lie was ever told by either the CBN or the commercial banks, then be rest assured that you have been lied to for sure. Now, how well do you know the ‘Oga at the Top’ at the Central Bank? He was there from inception when Zenith Bank was founded back in 1990 but worked under the shadow of the overbearing Jim Ovia for almost 20 years. I once worked at Zenith & I can tell you for free that it was all about Jim from top to bottom. Trust me, if it hadn’t been for Lamido Sanusi’s mandatory maximum 10-year tenure for CEO of commercial banks in Nigeria, Emefiele might never have succeeded BIG JIM; just as Tony Elumelu might never have stepped down at UBA. And if you had been shrewd enough to understand the political mathematics during Jonathan’s administration, you would have guessed very easily why Emefiele got the top job in the Nigerian Banking industry the moment Sanusi became a pariah, given the closeness between BIG JIM & GEJ




Again, if the commercial banks claimed it was the CBN & the CBN issued a statement saying it was the commercial banks, then who indeed initiated this infamous policy that is sending seismic shocks across businesses & homes in Nigeria?



(To be continued…)



By: Isaac Audu-Usman


(NB: All opinions expressed are those of the author (s) & not of LeVitateNaija.)



I thought I had found the right person for me...someone I could spend forever with. It was so beautiful & euphoric that I thought this was it. It was like all the stars in the universe had conspired to smile at me at the same time. I was basking in the very joy & bliss of knowing that, indeed, true love wasn't  banished to just the fairy-tales on the pages of novels or the scripts of Hollywood movies. But after a year of dating, I had to break up with him. I couldn’t believe that what had started so well could end so fast...and so painfully.


Many of us have been through such a similar experience...either as the villain or the victim. For one thing, a breakup could be painful even for the person who initiated it. You may think for a minute this person was in your life and you had beautiful plans for the future and then the next minute, they are gone.

However, a breakup no matter how painful could, sometimes, be a good thing. If you aren't happy with someone you are dating, you probably won't be happy when you are married to them anyway.  In a situation like that, breaking up could just be the best for all parties involved.


A breakup doesn't necessarily make you a failure and not all courtships end in a marriage. If you or your partner has serious misgivings, the  best decision may well be to move on. If that happens, the fact that the relationship failed doesn't in any way mean that you have failed or that you're a failure in life. Far from that. You can move on. There are always better days ahead... HOW???


1.ACKNOWLEDGE THE PAIN NO MATTER HOW EXCRUCIATING IT MAY BE: Sometimes, the best way out of pain is to go through it, not finding a frantic escape route out of it. Acknowledging the bitter reality of what you are feeling is usually the first step to healing. Admission, not denial. Not withdrawal either; just pure admission that the pain is there & it is tearing you into shreds. It is okay to cry (yes peeps, it is!)...let it all out and more often than not, you will feel better afterwards.


2. ASSOCIATE WITH PEOPLE WHO TRULY & HONESTLY CARE ABOUT YOU: This may not be easy, but soon you'll realize how spending time with close friends &  loved ones can help build you up, especially when you're trying to get through a very tough period of your life. You tend to have a better frame of mind and gradually forget what has happened, as you are magically distracted instead by positive & fun-filled activities that keep your mind away from the traumatic feelings that lurk around following a painful breakup.


3. LEARN FROM WHAT HAPPENED : Examine yourself and look for areas you need to grow. Are there things you would like to do differently in your next relationship? Life is tough. It's tough because there is no script out there that best prepares you for what lies ahead. So, you have got to pick up the pieces each time life's test throws you into a state of psychological disaster. It's is the exact lessons you pick up from those very bitter & painful situations that help mold your own script that unwittingly forms the compass that guides you through life. So, the more you fall, the more lessons you pick up along the way, & the richer or more robust your own script becomes to better prepare you for the storms that lie ahead. These storms are sometimes inexorable or inevitable & those are the little things that make life truly beautiful & wonderful.


While it is true that ending a relationship might be difficult,  you can grow and learn from it. Start your healing process today.


By: Kindness Okoli


Edited By: Isaac Audu-Usman


sexual harrassment


Sexual Harassment can be said to be an unwanted sexual attention or behaviour which negatively affects the work or learning environment. In some cases, this occurs when a person in a position of power uses that influence to force a subordinate into providing sexual favours. The imbalance of power creates a situation in which the subordinate cannot freely say no. In many instances, the behaviour of sexual nature creates an intimidating atmosphere in the learning environment which ultimately disrupts a person’s ability to learn. These kinds of sexual behaviours may be in form of: Sexual touching and/or suggestive looks, gestures and sounds.  


In (Nigerian) universities today, sexual harassment has somewhat become a norm.  It happens daily and its impact is growing at an alarming rate! The social issue has become a part of the undisciplined minds of both the perpetrators of the act and the victims. These victims succumb to this act for many reasons like:                                                                                                       

- They have no one to help them out of the situation.      

 - The student can be threatened with carry-overs and eventually an extra year.                                    

 - They succumb to peer pressure – 'everyone is doing it' and so on.                                                           

- Many students do not have the courage to say no and are victimised when they do.


This is KELENA'S story: a victim of sexual harassment.

“I got inappropriate sexual advances from the first week of resumption as a diploma student in the university,” Kelena said.

Kelena narrates her first encounter with her first harasser: ' After a wonderful lecture, I thought what a wonderful way to end the week. I sat on the first front row of the class and the lecturer was still discussing with a student as everyone started leaving the class. When I was about to leave, it was just the lecturer, the student and I that were left in the class.


The lecturer suddenly asked - ‘Did you enjoy the class?’ I turned back with a smile and quickly replied, ‘Yes, Doctor! He continued to engage me in a discussion as we descended the stairs. He asked other questions and eventually asked me to follow him to his office where we had a little chat. He started being flirty but I ignored these signs because I was just really excited! I was talking to my lecturer and I already told myself I could meet him for recaps after lectures and he could be my school father.... I was only 16! After our talk, he let me go and told me I could visit anytime I wanted. I was even more excited.    


But the next encounter left me numb. While in his office, he came close to me, squeezed my breasts roughly and went to lock his door. I had become petrified. At that moment, I was scared to my pants but I knew I had to think fast! A thought struck me immediately.


‘Doctor it looks like I’m going to be here for long,’ I’d said with a bold and smiling face. I still wonder how I had pulled that off with all the fear in me. Then I’d told him, I wanted to tell my friend waiting for me outside, not to wait for me anymore. He’d laughed as I approached the door, hitting my butt. ‘Good girl!’ he’d said. That was how I’d escaped.


Immediately, I left his office, I heaved a deep sigh of relief. I was perplexed because I never believed such could ever happen to me in my second week in the university and especially because I was always modestly dressed. I ran to an isolated place to cry, I did not tell anyone because I was ashamed. I stayed away from him as much as possible. I hardly attended his lectures and even when I did, I occupied the back seats (a position I hated). Luckily, I passed that lecturer’s course. That situation passed by but in my second year, I got more advances from lecturers as well.  Again, I rebuffed them.


In my third year, I had a friend whom we attended lectures together. During this year, we both got advances from lecturers. It got to a point that my friend, Natalie had lied to her harasser that she was a lesbian and I was her partner. Of course, this story spread like wild fire and we were safe for the rest of the academic year.


I was unaware that I was still about to face my most difficult challenge yet. In the final year in university, it’s only natural that you come in closer contact with your project supervisor, course adviser, and other lecturers. So by default, you have to constantly visit these people’s offices for different purposes. 


In my case, 90% of these people that were to guide me to graduation were male. I became even more modest in dressing when going to their offices, avoided eye contact, ensured I did not go to their offices at late hours and observed many precautionary measures to avoid giving out a wrong signal.  


Sadly, all my hard work did not pay off as two lecturers kept pestering me for sex; my supervisor and another lecturer from an entirely different department. It was easy to stay away from the one not in my department but it was impossible to stay away from my supervisor. I thought it was business as usual with my supervisor (I could keep stalling till I had nothing to do with him anymore), but it was not....


Read Part 2 here...

By Chidera Okehi

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