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Displaying items by tag: dead


lvn facebook



My answer is an emphatic NO! How can we possibly be dead when we just got started? Wink wink…


Let me use this opportunity to say a very Happy New Year to you, albeit belated. I must confess I have been quite impressed with & grateful for the outpouring of interest & concern from readers, friends & distant people from all walks of life who keep sending mails & messages asking if we are still here. I am proud to announce that we actually didn’t go anywhere; we are still here.


You see, when money doesn’t actually drive your passion for something, it’s difficult for it to just die off like a French rose. LeVitateNaija is part & parcel of my very DNA & I long every single day to get back to the business of doing what I love to do the most: impacting lives. Till date, not a Kobo has come in as revenue from this vision. Not a single Kobo. Yet, I have spent millions of Naira on this site so far to keep the vision going (site development, content development, salaries of staff, allowances of members, hosting, adverts, logistics, sponsorships, support infrastructure, etc.). At a point, the monthly bill for maintaining the site was approximately N250, 000! Incredible you may be whispering to yourself. Well, what if I told you that we once had a staff on the LVN payroll at N150,000 per month, would you quickly believe the gist?


Anyway, I am going to assure you all of one thing: as long as I still take in oxygen, LVN will live on. And my hope is that LVN will inspire a lot of young people who will keep this fire burning long after I must have left the surface of the earth. That’s the goal of LVN; to impact lives positively & create a virtual community of people who will provide a support system for the collective good of all.


So, LVN is NOT dead! We simply went on hibernation. Sadly, the hibernation took longer than I had planned. Everything happened so quickly that I had to make some frantic decisions at short notice. A key member of the team was going to be unavailable at some point & we couldn’t fill the position quickly enough to manage the potential shocks. Plus I also wanted to make out time to rethink the whole LVN strategy as I thought we were gradually drifting away from our main vision. We spent too much time reporting bland news & couldn’t really develop the sort of unique content I had had in mind when I set out on this journey. Then, I got so busy at work that I just couldn’t come back to reboot the site until now…


I am glad to see us come back gradually. As I type this, I am still glued to my desk at work at 8.54pm on a Friday night. But hey, I just had this hunch that sent hot adrenaline pumping through my veins & I quickly realised there was something out there I had been missing. LVN & its readers/followers of course! Incredibly, it has taken me less than 12mins to type out this note! It’s unbelievable how much one can do in a very short period of time when the fire is burning right under one’s belly. LVN will be back, peeps. My heart tells me that strongly. We will not come back with a BIG BANG; but we will slowly get back to the business of striking some chord of positive impact in your lives.


Thanks indeed for your support this far. There will be no LVN without you. Thank you.


Isaac Audu-Usman

 Founder & Owner, LeVitateNaija


Emir of Keffi


The Emir of Keffi, Alhaji Muhammadu Chindo Yamusa II, is dead. The emir is said to have passed away in his sleep today, December 4, 2015, at his Palace. 


This was disclosed via a statement released by his brother, Alhaji Abubakar Gada Mohammed, Dan Galadiman Keffi.


According to Mohammed, the monarch had suffered a brief illness before his death. In accordance to Muslim rites, he will be buried later today.


By Kindness Okoli




The APC Governorship candidate for Kogi State, Abubakar Audu, has reportedly died of a heart attack. According to a report from Sahara Reporters, the candidate died of an undisclosed medical reason, just after INEC declared his victory at the election inconclusive. Most people are still in shock and in doubt and calls placed to his family to confirm this report have not yielded results.


By Chika Jones

cameroon bombing


A suspected Boko Haram suicide bombing attack has left 10 persons dead in a far North region of Cameroon. 


Boko Haram has mounted numerous attacks in Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria this year and is turning the border region near Lake Chad into a war zone. According to a senior Cameroonian army commander, more than a dozen of people have been injured in the attack. The suicide bomber is also dead.


By Kindness Okoli


Jixi city


21 people have been confirmed dead after a blaze at a mine in North-Eastern China. One person is still missing. The fire began on Friday at the coal mine run by a State-owned company in Jixi City, Heilongjiang province. 22 people were trapped underground. The cause of the fire is yet unknown. 


38 of the miners were underground when the fire started. 16 of them managed to escape. According to authorities, the fire has been kept under control.


By Kindness Okoli


Qaeda attack


At least 15 Yemeni soldiers and 14 militants have been killed in an attack by al Qaeda on a military post in the Eastern region of Hadramawt. 


The attack began with a suicide bomber detonating an explosive in his car at the military post, between the towns of Shibam and al-Qatn, followed by an assault by 25-30 militants. 


There were sounds of gunshots with distant voices shouting. This followed with a big plume of smoke from the blast. Clashes in the area are still ongoing.


By Kindness Okoli




About 25 people were killed on Wednesday in a Boko Haram attack in a village in Southern Niger and a clash between the Army and the Islamist militants. 


Fighters from the Nigerian militant group killed five civilians in their initial attack on the village located in the West African nation's Bosso district. Niger soldiers drove back the militants, killing about 20 of them. 


A long-awaited 8,700-troop-strong regional task force is set to begin joint operations soon against the Islamist fighters when the region's rainy season ends.


By Kindness Okoli


nigeria police abia


The Lagos State Police Command on Tuesday confirmed the death of a policeman who was found dead in his Volkswagen car in Ikeja at 7.30 a.m.


The policeman was identified as Cpl. Agi Elias, with force No. 386982. The car, had the  Registration number of 489 AY, and was parked at the entrance gate of High Barracks, Ikeja, today, Nov. 10, 2015 by 07:30am. Before his death, he was attached to Safer Highway Patrol, Lagos but on Corporal to Sergeant promotion course at Police Training School (PTS), Ikeja.


Tablets and some poisonous substances littered around his corpse, while still inside his car were discovered after preliminary investigations. His body has been deposited in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital.


Further investigations are ongoing to ascertain the real cause of his death.


By Kindness Okoli




florida flooding


At least two people have been confirmed dead and another two missing after storms thundered through parts of Texas Friday, dumping more than a foot of rain on some areas and causing flash floods that trapped school buses and other vehicles. 


Below are the police reports :

The body of a driver who went missing in the floods was found in Travis County. Another body was found at Joint Base, San Antonio Camp Bullis in Bexar County after a driver was swept away in flood waters on Camp Bullis Road at around 6:15 a.m.," base spokesman Oscar Balladares said.


The driver's identity was not released, but Balladares said he was a contract employee. Also, two people are missing in the Austin area: an elderly woman last seen at her home and a 37-year-old man last seen in his car on the state highway, according to the Travis County Sheriff's Department.


By Kindness Okoli



The former Deputy Governor of Cross River in the second republic, Chief Matthias Offoboche (OON), is dead. He died on October 25. The death of the Octogenarian was confirmed on Tuesday by the wife of the deceased and former Director of Public Prosecution in Cross River, Mrs Juliana Offoboche, who refused to give details of the cause of Offoboche's death.

She said: “Yes, it is true. He often gave us some premonition of his death. He would urge us to hurry up to complete any task he wanted done by jokingly telling us: `hurry up, I may not be here. But he did not die in London last week as speculated. Who took him there? Did they take him there? I am presently in his house in Abuja, devastated."

By  Temitope Bamidele




A Palestinian woman was shot dead by the Border police on Sunday while trying to stab an Israeli police. This incidents occurred in the Southern West Bank city of Hebron. 




The woman was reported to be acting suspiciously when she approached the Border police forces. When requested to identify herself, she suddenly drew a knife and approached the forces yelling. The forces shot at her. She was later pronounced dead. No police officer was injured during the incident. 

Hebron has been the site of several attacks against Israeli security forces and settlers in the recent wave of violence.


By Kindness Okoli


The Olu of Warri Joins His Ancestors

Olu of Warri


The Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwase II is dead.  The traditional ruler died on Saturday,  5th of September,  2015. 

The Olu of Warri was until his death, the traditional ruler of the Itshekiri Kingdom.  He reportedly died at a private hospital in Lagos...

By: Chika Onwuasoanya

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