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Displaying items by tag: shot dead

us police car


A suspended member of the Uniform Division of the Secret Service, Arthur Baldwin, has been shot dead in Southwest Washington on Tuesday, hours after making a court appearance in a domestic dispute case. Three men are being investigated in connection with the shooting and the Police are offering a $25,000 reward for information on the killing.


Also, the Spokeswoman of the agency, Nicole Mainor, on Wednesday, expressed condolence to the family of the deceased, saying:"The Secret Service is aware of this information, we express our condolences to the family of our employee."


Baldwin was placed on administrative leave earlier this year after a domestic dispute which he was charged with first-degree attempted burglary and destruction of property after kicking down a door during a fight with his former girlfriend.


By Temitope Bamidele



escaped lion


The lion reported to have escaped from the Jos Plateau Wildlife Park has been shot dead. 


This was confirmed by the  Plateau State Tourism Corporation in Jos. The lion was killed at the Wildlife park as it approached the elephant area. 


By Kindness Okoli


tahir elcie


A prominent pro-Kurdish lawyer, Tahir Elci, who is the Chairman of the Diyarbakir Bar Association had been shot dead on Saturday in Turkey's Southeastern city of Diyarbakir. Tahir Elci was shot in the crossfire between Kurdish rebels and security forces while making a press statement in Diyarbakir.


The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirming the death of Elci, said: "This incident shows how Turkey is right in its determination in the fight against terrorism." 


Report has it that two other policemen died in the firefight and a number of journalists were injured.


By Temitope Bamidele




The national opposition leader, Henry Ramos, via Twitter has confirmed the assassination of the Head of the Democratic Action Party, Luis Diaz.


The tweet said: "He's just been assassinated by gunshot," during a meeting with locals in the town of Altagracia de Orituco in Central Venezuela.


The Democratic Action is a part of the opposition Democratic Unity coalition to contest in the Venezuelan December 6 election for a new National Assembly.


By Temitope Bamidele

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